Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Chapter 1184

Volume 1 Chapter 1184 First Concert

The concert would start soon, Haru had prepared the camera to record the concert and the girls were changing their clothes so he couldn't enter the clubroom. He felt slightly regret, but then he could use this chance to enjoy the scenery of all-girls high school.

Even though he had bought this school and also had come to this school before, he hadn't had a chance to tour around this school in the past, especially when he could see a number of healthy high school girls.

However, he wasn't in the mood to enjoy this beautiful scenery since he was more cornered about the concert which would be held soon on the outdoor sport field.

Haru was Muse's producer after all and of course, he wanted them to be successful and he also attached great importance to this concert.

So in the end, he stayed in the outdoor sports field all the time and also got to know some of Honoka's classmates. It seems that there were a lot of students who supported them which made him very happy.


It might be because there were a lot of girls around him so he attracted attention. He turned and saw a Kotori in a.d.u.l.t form.


"Huh? You're my daughter's acquaintance?" The woman seemed quite surprised.

"Yes, I'm your daughter's friend."

"I see... this is my first time hearing that she has a boyfriend." The woman looked at Haru from up and down. She raised her eyebrow and asked, "Is it only me or have we met before?"


Haru wondered whether Kotori's mother was trying to pick him up. "No, this is my first time meeting each other."


Kotori's mother observed Haru again since she really had a feeling that she had seen this young man somewhere. She was the principal of Otonogizaka and of course, she knew what had happened in this school since this school had been bought by someone. She thought that this school would be closed down, but because it was bought by someone, that plan was canceled, but she was told that she shouldn't disclose about that matter first.

From what she knew the one who bought this school was the richest man in this country.

Kotori's mother knew that person was very young and she had a feeling that this person was the one who bought this school.

(Kotori's mother is only the principal and not the owner of the school).

"Well, Director Minami, you're very persistent," Haru said with a helpless expression. He opened his hat and glasses slightly so this woman could see himself better before quickly closing it since he didn't want to be surrounded by a lot of people.

"You're...?!" Kotori's mother was surprised, but then she understood. She nodded and asked, "So why are you here, Kasugano-sama?"

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "You shouldn't call me that, I'm your daughter's friend after all."

"Then should I call you Kasugano-kun?" Kotori's mother asked.

"It's alright." Haru nodded and didn't mind being called Kasugano-kun by this attractive mother. If he wasn't wrong Kotori's mother should be a widow, and he had to admit that she was very beautiful.

"So is your relationship with my daughter really just a friend?" Kotori's mother asked. In her opinion, she didn't think it would be weird if her daughter was attracted to Haru. She was even blushing when she saw him. Her husband had passed away after all and she had been alone for a long time so the presence of a man in her family would be good.

"My girlfriend is also in the group," Haru said.

"Oh?" Kotori's mother was surprised and asked, "Who is it?"

Haru twitched his lips and asked, "Director Minami, are you free enough to ask about my private life? Don't you need to manage the Open Day of this school?"

Kotori's mother smiled and said, "It's alright. I'm the principal after all. I should be around staying beside you to introduce our school."


Haru was speechless, but he nodded. "Tell me about this school then."


Both of them talked to each other while waiting for the concert, and at this moment, Haru noticed the family from Muse's members, to be precise, it was the little sister of Eli and Honoka.

"Alisa! Yukiho!"

Alisa and Yukiho noticed a tall young man waving their hands toward them. They raised their eyebrows for a while then realized who this guy was.

"Haru-san!" Yukiho smiled and hurriedly moved toward him.

"Khorosho! Onii-chan!" But Alisa ran toward him and hugged him directly.

"Huh?" Yukino was startled when she saw how close Alisa and Haru were. "Haru-san, do you know Alisa?"

"Onii-chan, do you know Yukiho?" Alisa looked at Haru curiously.

"Both of your sisters are members of Muse, of course, I know both of you," Haru said.

Alisa and Yukiho thought for a while, and nodded, even though this explanation was quite weird for some reason since it seemed that Haru didn't explain his relationship with their sisters.

"Papa and Onee-chan are often talking about you, when are you going to our home?" Alisa asked.

Patting Alisa's head, Haru said, "Well, I'll play at your home in the future." He remembered that Ayase often invited him to his house, but he was quite busy after all so he hadn't had a chance to do it.

Yukiho looked at the interaction between Haru and Alisa and knew that her big sister would be in danger or rather she knew that her sister's chance to get the heart of Haru was very hard. 'As expected, it seems that I need to do it myself!'

"It'll be hard to watch from the back since there's no stools here. Just stand in the front row since I'm sure that Honoka, Eli, and everyone will be happy to see you," Haru said.

Yukiho and Alisa nodded and stood beside Haru.

Haru was very tall so both young girls felt very secure beside him and felt that they were being protected.

Kotori's mother looked at the interaction between Haru, Yukiho, and Alisa. She really wondered who Haru's girlfriend was among Muse.

As he was talking, all the members of Muse finally finished changing their clothes and came out, still wearing a short skirt as always.

Haru peeped under the skirt....

Fortunately, all of them wore safety pants.

For some reason, Haru sighed in relief.

As Honoka, who was the leader of Muse, finished her speech, the sound of music sounded, and the first concert of nine of them officially began!

(Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE - Muse).

"I definitely want to capture new dreams even more than I do now

If I boldly jump out, my life will be O.K.

My hopes are huge

Growing high and far

Let's embrace a dazzling tomorrow

Let's make all of our dreams come true


The nine girls in the center of the stage sang and danced, the surrounding audience was mesmerized, but Haru didn't have time to watch this scene because he held the video camera, controlled a drone, and took photos of their performance from various angles.

His forehead was full of sweat, watching the nine girls who were dazzling on the top of the stage.

It was at this moment that the performance had ended which made him sigh in relief and happy at the same time, but at this moment, not only him, but Minami's mother, Yukiho, and Alisa quickly forgot about everything and started to applaud since the performance of the nine girls in front of them was just amazing!