Mages Are Too Op Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Clever Like Me

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Roland chatted for a while with other mage players in the group and learned about the current state of most mages.

For example, currently, the majority of mages were unassociated mages. There were very few like Roland who belonged to an organization, and unlike Roland, they didnt immediately sit in high-ranking positions. Most of them were idling in the position of magic apprentice, while a very small portion became official mages, their benefits decent, but incomparable to what Roland received.

Because they usually mastered only one or two spells, they were currently only slightly better than the magic apprentices, and an extremely few number of people reached the entry-level of an official mage.

In contrast, Rolands starting point was too high in comparison.

Roland was level four, almost nearing level five, and most importantly, although Roland only grasped a few spells on the surface, counting the derivative spells, he could use at least over twenty spells.

It was no wonder the other mage players would view him as the gang leader of mages.

After answering many questions thrown out by the group members, Roland closed the group chat, left his house, and rode a public bike to the saber arts club.

Today, the weather was not so good. The sky was covered in dense black clouds, seemingly about to pour heavily.

The air felt quite muggy.

By the time Roland arrived at the saber arts club, everyone had already eaten breakfast and their bowls were cleaned.

Roland was a little disappointed. He had tried his best to rush over on the bike, but he was still late. This was mainly because he had such a good time chatting with the group members and forgot about the time.

Currently, he was still practicing the basics of miaodao arts, such as how to move the saber and how to breathe while holding it.

These things looked very insignificant, but the more that they seemed so, the more Roland knew that what Qi Shaoqiu taught was genuine.

Although the boxing clubs techniques werent bad either and allowed him to establish a basic fighting strength in two to three months, in terms of depth, it was clearly not as strong as what Qi Shaoqiu was teaching.

Even just practicing these basic skills, moving the wooden saber that weighed 1.5kg to 2kg from left to right for a whole morning was quite exhausting. If he was hungry, he wouldnt be able to endure until the end of the training session.

Just as Roland was thinking about ordering takeout, Night Tide Sands, who was in the large shed for her routine watering and cleaning, saw him, put down her bucket, and walked over to him. She asked, "You didnt have breakfast, right?"

The sweet, faint osmanthus fragrance entered his nose.

"I didnt." Roland nodded as he pressed the delivery app on his phone. "I was caught up with something."

"There are still some leftovers from breakfast, so make do with it and dont waste your money."

Roland was somewhat surprised. "Theres breakfast left over?"

Looking frigid, Night Tide Sands nodded. "Come over."

The two of them went into the kitchen. Night Tide Sands took out a big plate from the cupboard. There were hot spring rolls, dumplings, and a bowl of dry noodles.

The spring rolls and dumplings were fine, but the dried noodles were white, without any oil or seasoning.

How do I eat this?Roland wasnt used to eating dried noodles.

Roland frowned. At this moment, Night Tide Sands took out a bowl of soup emitting the light aroma of Chinese medicine from a heat preservation pot and poured it onto the dried noodles.

In a flash, a bowl of delicious warm noodles came out.

"Eat slowly," Night Tide Sands said in a calm tone.

Roland obviously saw that Night Tight Sands had reserved this for him. He said with a smile, "Thank you."

"I wont save it for you next time. Remember to come early." Night Tight Sands left the kitchen after she said this.

This Is someone whos cold on the surface but soft on the inside? It doesnt seem very cute.

2However, she looked quite pretty, and also had class, somewhat different from ordinary girls.

Breakfast was still very delicious, whether it was spring rolls or dumplings, there was a kind of indescribable deliciousness once it was in his mouth. He could taste that they were made diligently.

After breakfast, Roland came to the large shed. Qi Shaoqiu had just reprimanded two teenagers who practiced the routines in a disorderly way, and then said to Roland, "You dont need to train right awaylet the food digest first."

Roland nodded and sat down on a bench off to the side.

Qi Shaoqiu also sat down. He took out a cigarette, held it in his mouth, and asked, "I heard that the other day you met Jin Wenwen at the entrance of Red Star?"

1Roland nodded, then asked curiously, "It seemed to me that Night Tide Sands knew her."

"She used to be my girlfriend. Night Tide Sands almost called her sister-in-law."

1Shock was all over Rolands face.

Qi Shaoqiu guessed that Roland would show such an expression, and he smiled radiantly. "Why, is it strange that someone like me and Jin Wenwen used to be boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Its a bit of a surprise, but it seems to be within reasonyoure both the same kind of people," Roland said after a moments thought.

The two of them were both martial arts practitioners who opened a training club, so it was quite normal for them to have connections.

"Shes a bit of a pushy and competitive person, and I didnt like admitting defeat either a few years ago, especially when faced with women." Qi Shaoqiu said quite calmly, "We dated for two years, quarreling and quarreling unhappily, so then we split up."

Roland looked into Qi Shaoqius eyes and found that they were still the dead fishs eyes with no luster, void of any emotion, and then he asked, "What do you want to know? To tell you the truth, I dont know her very well."

"I heard Night Tide Sands say Jin Wenwen is pestering you?"

"Thats half of it." Roland thought for a moment and said, "I have what she wants, but I dont want to give it to her, so I stopped going to the boxing club."

Qi Shaoqiu looked at Roland and said, "I know Jin Wenwen well, shes always trying to get what she wantsat least, she will not give up until shes tried every which way. My personal advice to you is to cease any relations with her, not because Im jealous, but because shes just one of those women whos hard to deal with."

Roland laughed. "If you hadnt added that last line, I really wouldve suspected that you were jealous.

"Get jealous of what?" Qi Shaoqius expression changed. "Im glad I broke up with her now. Really."

Looking at the blue sky in the distance, Roland said helplessly, "Im afraid that shell come here. After all, she has seen Night Tide Sands."

"She wont come, shes not brazen enough to."

Qi Shaoqiu said these last words and got up to instruct the four youngsters.

Roland was somewhat curious, but it was a private matter so he didnt ask any further.

After training all morning at the saber arts club, Roland rode a public bike home.

He turned a corner and found a womans sedan parked in a temporary parking space at the intersection. She leaned on the door of the car and waved contentedly when she saw Roland.

Pretending not to notice, Roland pedaled on by.

"Roland!" From behind, Jin Wenwen shouted in a tone of clearly suppressed anger.

Roland still ignored her.

Then, he pedaled on for another dozen meters and passed directly through a sidewalk.

After crossing to the other side of the road, Roland looked back and saw Jin Wenwen sitting in the drivers seat, looking at the sidewalk with a helplessly angry expression.

On the left and right side of the sidewalk, there was a car barrier, and Jin Wenwen couldnt drive over unless she dared to drive across the sidewalk.

Roland smiled at Jin Wenwen and pedaled the public bike into the traffic of the non-motorized vehicle lane.