Mages Are Too Op Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Idiotic Netizens Intellect

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Currently, the game was in the alpha testing phase, so it was quite normal to have updates from time to time.

Those who wanted to play the game seriously would carefully read the updated content of the game. After all, you could acquire a lot of information that could definitely be used in the game.

Roland was no exception to this.

Clicking on the update announcement and looking at it for a while, Roland was rather pleasantly surprised.

The games updated content:

1: Added a "browser" to the game system interface. From now on, players can also watch videos, read novels, and communicate through chat rooms in the game.

22: Increased the activeness of the magical elements. The casting difficulty has been increased slightly, and the damage of spells has been increased moderately. Warlocks benefit greatly, while the normal mage has no benefits in the early stage but a greater increase in the middle and late stages.

33: We noticed that the warrior class has too great of a population, which has surpassed more than half the total number of players. Therefore, the benefits brought by the "constitution" attribute have been reduced, and at the same time, the learning requirements of some warriors unique powerful specialties have been added.

4: The Bandit classs unique specialty Stealth has been optimized to make it more hidden at a distance and slightly less hidden at closer proximity. Instead of being completely transparent, as it is now, only special skills can see through this specialty.

5: Considering that the current players leveling speed is too slow, weve appropriately increased the trigger rate of side quests.

16: Optimized the artificial intelligence of NPCs again: reduced their mechanical logicality, increased the influence of butterfly events in the sandbox environment, and increased the influence of personality on their actions.

2The sixth update was serious news.

The system announcement of Rolands innovation of a spell was all over the place yesterday, and by now the forums should still be talking about him. But as soon as the official announcement was made, the fact that Roland had created his own spell became old news.

No matter how small the updates, all of them would have a great impact on the game. Now there were six consecutive updates: it could be seen that the game producers were really tracking the data of players during this time, but they also really intended on improving the game.

1It was just strange to Roland that he always thought he was entering a real world, but the game producers could actually have an impact on this world!

1Who were they really?

Or did he guess wrong, and it was really just a game world?

1Opening the forums, Roland wanted to see what other players thought.

As Someone Who Repeated a Year in High School for College Entrance Exams, I Feel Like I Can Get Into Tsing-Hua.

This thread was extremely popular. The original poster claimed to be a repeat student in high school. He originally bought the immersive cabin only for better sleep quality at night; as for the virtual reality game, he didnt believe this thing at first.

1He never expected it to actually be real.

So then, he started playing the game happily. This immersive cabin not only made his sleep quality extremely good but also because the time ratio between the game world and the real world is 3:1, he could count it as a day of play and study. His mind and spirit received a great amount of rest and relaxation, such that he felt less psychological pressure, and his grades were steadily improving.

2However, he still had some regrets, because there were 24 hours in the game and he didnt always have things to do, so sometimes it was very boring. But once the browser function came out, he would be able to browse Wunian Gaokao SanianMoni1question poolthis meant that he had a heck of a lot of time! He truly would be able to break time in half and spend it!

Then, a group of working members of society left their comments below, laughing and cursing!

"Why didnt I have this when I took the college entrance exam?"

"The OP sees things from a shocking perspective. Im defeated."

1"My dream of Tsing-Hua University and Peking University!"

"Im crying out in indignation for the students who didnt get to buy the immersive cabins: this is unfair!"

"Thanks, OP, for your ideas. I will aesthetically process this thread and share it in the groups of uncles and aunties. Theyre even willing to spend several million for a trashy 10-square meter school district house. This kind of thing that can greatly improve studying and testing scores, it would be improper not to spend four to five million, right? I am sure that I can hype it to around 10 million yuan. Im telling you guys, I already have four immersive cabins stocked upIll be rich in no time!"

3Oh s**t.Roland was dumbstruck by this reply.

This way of making money was too f**king crafty.

Scrolling further down the page, as expected, a large group of netizens was shocked by this reply, expressing that they were kneeling in the presence of a god.

Roland clicked off the thread with a sense of admiration, and then randomly clicked into another popular thread.

I Can Finally Do a Live Stream.

Roland didnt see the title until he got into the thread. Then, he froze for a moment and looked at the poster again. It was Fan Six Hundred Million.

The general idea was that with the browser connected to the whole network, she would broadcast every second of her time in the game in the future. No matter whether it was the players inside the game or the players outside the game, they would be able to see her beautiful appearance in the game.

1Erm for someone whos almost forty, is it really suitable to act cute?

5Leaving this thread, Roland clicked into another popular thread.

How Much Will the Weakening of The Constitution Attribute Affect Warriors?

1This was a data association. After reviewing the current number warriors, class specializations, quest capabilities, attack and self-preservation abilities, group combat abilities, and other data, they came to a conclusion: warriors were too strong, much easier to get started with compared to other classes, easier to master, and had strong universality. The number of professionals was the best indication that the nerf from the game producer was quite normal.

2The constitution attributes were nerfed, but as long as they were still 90% of what they were, warriors would still be the greatest class. Besides, the constitution attribute was required by every single class. After all, constitution was life. Warriors were indeed nerfed, but other classes were too. At most, Warriors were nerfed by ten percent, while the other classes were nerfed by five percent.

It scratched only the surface.

The truly pitiful ones were the Mages. Clearly, Warlocks were strengthened with the increased activeness of magical elements, but for the Mages, their casting difficulty greatly increased again, and if this continued, the number of Mages would drop down to about two to three percent of the total player base.

1However, Mages were lucky to have a leader, which might have an effect on curbing turnover.

1However, there was no such gang leader in the Warrior group for the time being. Even Principal Huang, who was fully equipped with magic equipment, wasnt able to establish the image of a Warrior leader in the hearts of the players.

Roland sighed lightly as he saw this.

The increased activeness of magical elements ultimately meant strengthening Mages, but for players, a class with an overly difficult early stage was soulless.

Roland reckoned that after this update, the Mage community would see another wave of account deletions.

He clicked into the Mage section, and sure enough grief was all over the place.

After some thought, he opened the option to start a thread and wrote a title like this.

The Voice of One: The Mages Attribute Allocation Adaptation Under an Unfavorable Version of the Game.

1He spent two hours writing an impressive three thousand words on his insights and experiences. After checking for incorrectly written characters, he published the thread.

Then, he rubbed his face and was about to stand up and take a sip of water when the forum system issued ading. He clicked on the latest system notification and found that his thread had been pinned.

Hm, that fast. The forum administrators guarding me?