Mages Are Too Op Chapter 111

Chapter 111 Everyone Is Selfish

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Spatial Specialization: Casting difficulty when using spatial magic will drop by one level. Mana consumption will decrease by 20% and effects will be increased by 20%.

2The three effects were all useful. The drop in casting difficulty meant that Roland would be able to learn high-level spatial magic earlier on. In battle, having a decreased casting difficulty meant a higher success rate of casting.

2There were too many factors to take into consideration during a battle. One easily failed casting magic spells that they werent too familiar with or had recently mastered. The enemy would also most likely disrupt the spellcaster. Thus, the difficulty of casting spells was rather important in battle. The lower the difficulty, the better.

This was also the reason why it was rare for mages to use advanced spells from the very beginning.

The reason why Roland immediately learned Spatial Specialization was because there was a spatial magic spell model in the Magic Towers library.

Teleportation Spell!

1This was a Level 3 spell, but with Spatial Specialization, it was only a Level 2 spell to Roland.

2The Teleportation Spell had long been recorded in his system gallery. After learning the Specialization Skill, he immediately began to learn the Teleportation Spell.

He had been coveting this spell for a long time.

A Teleportation Spell greatly improved a mages mobility in battle. For example, they could use the terrain to maneuver, making melee combat Class enemies cry.

Furthermore, it could also be used to travel.

In Rolands opinion, this was a magic skill that Mages must learn.

Roland looked at the model again and again and slowly memorized the 200 nodes. At the same time, he deduced the purpose of these nodes.

About two hours later, he began testing the connection between the nodes.

On the second floor, Vivian was using a small blue Hand of Magic to carefully pick up a glass filled with water.

This was a way for her to train. Naturally, it was taught by Roland.

All of the magic apprentices in Magic Towers treated Roland as their real instructor.

After all, the chairman was often nowhere to be seen. Moreover, the chairmans method of teaching was very crude. It was to throw a spell model right at them and get them to figure it out on their own. They were to understand and increase their affinity with magic to naturally learn it.

Roland, on the other hand, was different. He would explain the use of every node and the things that one should pay attention to when moving magic power to the corresponding node.

At the same time, he would teach them small tricks to learn magic. He would even teach them according to everyones progress and talent.

The difference in teaching standards was like night and day.

Most importantly, when Roland discovered that the Magic Tower was in danger, his first reaction was not to let these weak magic apprentices charge to the front line, but to get them away from danger.

While they were grateful, they also felt a little disappointed. But no matter what, in their eyes, Roland bore the image of a "subordinate-loving" man.

Under the effect of the Hand of Magic, the cup slowly floated to the ceiling. Then, it slowly landed back to its original position.

Vivian dispersed the Hand of Magic and heaved a sigh of relief. She took out a towel that she had prepared earlier and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

She looked at the sky outside. She estimated the time and was about to prepare dinner when she suddenly felt a peculiar magic wave coming from the top of the Tower.

All magic apprentices had a basic sense for magic, so Vivian was stunned for a few seconds. She immediately understood that this was a magic wave created by Rolands mental power.

The magic waves were different from before. This time, they were stronger, and the frequency of the fluctuation changed.

Vivians eyes lit up. She understood that this was a symbol of Roland becoming stronger. He was already an elite mage.

1She excitedly pushed open the door, eager to head up to congratulate Roland. However, when she came out, she discovered that almost all of the magic apprentices had left their rooms.

They were all blocking the staircase.

Everyone looked at Vivian. Vivian would be the best person among them to congratulate Deputy Chairman Roland.

This group of magic apprentices even hoped that Vivians congratulations would be more daring. It would be best if she spent the night there.

1Vivians face was a little red, but she gritted her teeth and mustered her courage to head up.

1The magic power fluctuation transmitted downward at a rather high frequency.

Moreover, the fluctuation became a different type of smell It was very profound and spacious.

Was this the magic power fluctuation of space?

All of the magic apprentices looked at each other before their eyes lit up.

Spatial magic was a system that was only second to prophetic spells. If defensive magic represented a mages survivability, and evoking magic represented the attack power of a mage, then spatial magic was the combination of the two.

Not only was it rather damaging, it also possessed an extremely powerful survivability in terms of battle strategy.

Mages had the most powerful escape magic, the most powerful concealment magic, and the most powerful travel-type magic. The legendary Mystras Magnificent Mansion was spatial magic.

1Once Deputy Chairman Roland was proficient in spatial magic, they would naturally be able to learn some things as well.

Vivian, who had intended to congratulate Roland, immediately dismissed this thought.

Once a Mage began conducting magic experiments, they didnt like to be disturbed.

The apprentices suppressed their excitement and returned to their rooms. Soon, only Claus and Vivian remained in the hall.

"Vivian, theres something I want to talk to you about," Claus suddenly said as he walked up to Vivian.

Vivian was surprised. "What is it?"

As Claus appeared very serious, Vivian was a little puzzled.

Claus pointed to the nearby table and chairs, and Vivian immediately understood what was going on. They walked over.

Vivian sat down first.

Claus sat opposite Vivian and said, "I can tell that the deputy chairman hasnt touched you yet."

1Vivian blushed, a little angry. "What do you mean by that, Claus?!"

"What I mean," Claus said seriously, "is the deputy chairman is a genius, a real genius. We dont have many things at our Magic Tower that can attract him. Although he looks like hes short of money, hes not a greedy person."

Vivian frowned. She didnt understand what Claus was getting at.

"People eventually leave. After Deputy Chairman creates a series of magic spells, hell definitely become famous in the entire association in the future. When that happens, the other cities will definitely invite him over." There was a hint of anxiety in Clauss voice. "Were only a branch. We dont have much money and we dont have a lot of resources. The only thing we can barely afford is you a very beautiful magic apprentice. Although the other Magic Towers also have female magic apprentices, there arent many who are prettier than you or have better personalities than you."

Vivian already understood what Claus meant.

Claus continued, "The deputy chairman is getting stronger. There will be a day when he will leave this place. However, you have not made any progress, so you have to be more proactive. Otherwise, what will happen if the deputy chairman leaves and doesnt take you with him?"


Vivian felt awkward.

"If you try to take the initiative now, you can use your body to distract Deputy Chairman Roland so that he can improve a little slower. This will extend the time before he leaves us. This way, we will also receive more guidance."

1Vivian was a little embarrassed, but the look in her eyes was very odd. "Claus, youre a little selfish."

Claus chuckled. "Who wouldnt be selfish, hoping to have such a good teacher teach us more? Arent you being selfish by taking the initiative to approach Deputy Chairman Roland?"

Vivian immediately fell silent.