Mages Are Too Op Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Omen

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The atmosphere was rather gloomy.

Fan Six Hundred Million looked at him for a moment before smiling helplessly. "It looks like I was too presumptuous. Sorry."

She then stood up and walked away, swaying her hips as she left.

The bard left with Fan Six Hundred Million. As he went, he glared fiercely at Betta.

Once the two were gone, Betta asked curiously, "Why didnt you reject her more tactfully? Perhaps you could become friends with her."

"Its meaningless. We are destined to be people from two different worlds." Roland smiled and asked, "You said in the guild that you were leaving. Whats going on?"

1Betta happily said, "Ive risen to Level 5."

Roland was stunned. "So fast?"

"Ive been doing a lot of missions recently." As he spoke, Betta seemed a little excited. "There are three branches of the Divine Noble, but no matter which branch it is, they can contract five Knights of the Round Table as their subordinates. Their overall strength will be boosted, and they must be game NPCs. Players wont do."

1"It feels like a contract summon?" Roland asked.

Betta pondered for a while, then nodded and said, "Thats true. However, my Knights of the Round Table can each contract another five lesser knights. After that, the lesser knight can also contract five other knight apprentices."

3"Wait!" Roland was stunned. His expression turned odd. "Why do I feel like your Class is like a multi-level marketer?"

Betta spread his hands smugly and smiled. "Thats what I call the correct way to unlock a hidden Class."

There were indeed many ways to play this game. Roland smiled bitterly and said, "What youre telling me makes me want to delete my account and train to become a Divine Noble. I can be rich and also have a large number of subordinates. Doing the math, a complete Divine Noble can have 155 subordinates. And all of them are enhanced professionals?"

5"Based on what Ive seen for now, thats the case." Betta drank a mouthful of fruit wine.

Roland scratched his head. "So you are leaving Delpon City to search for your Knights of the Round Table?"

Betta nodded. "Yes, Ill be searching for those with better growth stats and those with better personalities to become my knights. I cant just randomly choose them."

1The logic was not wrong.

Although Roland was a little worried about the fact that Betta was still young and would be easily fooled, it was not a big loss to be deceived in-game. It would not be a bad thing to let him do it alone.

So Roland asked, "When do you set off?"

"Tomorrow." Betta thought for a while and said, "Ill buy a horse carriage and bring Lisa along. As for my house, Ill give it to you, Brother Roland."

"Ill take care of it for you." Roland did not want to take advantage of him. "Its very comfortable living in the Magic Tower, and convenient."

"Its up to you to decide." Betta didnt mind.

They were both people who did not care about money. That house could be sold for a few gold coins, but neither of them took it seriously.

Of course if it were an outsider, they would definitely ensure maximum profit.

The two clinked glasses and drank some fruit wine. As time passed, the unconscious patrons gradually woke up.

The group of people clamored about looking for that unbelievably beautiful dancer, claiming that they would marry her. However, as they spoke, they pissed off one another and a brawl quickly took place. The scene turned to chaos.

1However, no matter how chaotic it was, those people maintained their rationality and did not dare to "play around" in the direction of Roland and Betta.

Betta drank until he was dizzy. Then, he was taken away by his maidservant, Lisa.

Just as Roland was about to pay, Gru walked over.

He respectfully placed a few pieces of parchment in front of Roland and said, "This is the information we found during this period of time. I cant guarantee that everything is correct, but weve done our best."

1"Ill head to the secret chamber from last time."

Two minutes later, Roland sat in a chair in the secret chamber and looked at the parchment in his hand.

The more he read, the more he frowned. Finally, he asked, "Theres nothing wrong with the information regarding the Belly Snake gang, right?"

With his back slightly bent, Gru smiled bitterly and said, "The Belly Snake gang is our opponent. We know them better than they do. Ive personally reviewed this intelligence report, so it cant be wrong."

The Belly Snake gang had kidnapped Lisas family, and they were later wiped out by Bard.

"I really didnt expect it," Roland murmured softly.

1Then, he shook his hand and a flame rose on his fingertips, burning the parchment into ashes.

"Get ready and send over a dozen children. Ill pick one or two of the most talented ones, perhaps two or three to be magic apprentices." Roland stood up. "This is what we agreed on."

Gru let out a long sigh of relief. He had been worried that Roland would not be satisfied with the information, but now he found his heart back in its spot. He immediately smiled and said, "Please rest assured, Sir. We will definitely arrange everything within three days."

1Roland thought about it and said, "In addition, our teaching is a little strict and there might be slight punishments. I hope you dont mind."

Upon hearing that, Grus eyes flashed with a cold glint. "Sir, dont say that. If the children arent being attentive, you can hit them. You can use all your might. It doesnt matter even if you kill them."

1Gru meant it.

In this world, the chances of getting the guidance of an official Mage was very slim. If such a good opportunity was presented before his eyes, why would such an idiot be kept alive if they were not to cherish it and let the opportunity slip away?

Be a leech?

Looking at the fierce expression on Grus face, Roland sighed.

He remembered that when he was in primary school, his father had brought him to school. When he saw the form teacher, he said, "Teacher, Ill have to trouble you with my child. If hes naughty, go ahead and hit him. As long as he isnt killed, even if his legs are broken, it doesnt matter. Hell be fine after two or three months."

3Roland still remembered his fathers serious expression. It didnt look anything like a threat or a joke.

Most of the older generation believed that it was only right for the teachers to punish disobedient students.

2The times were different now. A teachers reprimand could be put online for netizens to judge.

1After returning to the Magic Tower from Gray Sand, Roland leaned against the chair and recalled the content of the few goatskin parchments. Many of the puzzles that had initially stumped him were resolved.

He had already locked onto some suspects. It was time to verify his speculations.

But the more things unraveled, the more low-profile Roland was. He did not mention the disappearance of the young girl, as if the case had already been closed.

Then, he devoted himself fully to magic experimentation.

Time passed quickly and another two months went by.

3Roland walked out of the magic lab with disheveled hair. It was very difficult to create derivative spells from the Teleportation Spell. He had made zero progress and hadnt eaten for two days.

2If not for the fact that the body of a professional was stronger than the average persons, he wouldnt have been able to take it.


Just as he was wolfing down his food, Vivian suddenly came up and said, "Deputy Chairman, theres a powerful orc-like monster outside. He wants to meet you."

1Hawk was here!

2It was time to pull in the net.