Mages Are Too Op Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Dead

Roland continued to derive the Spell Puppet model in his study.

Two rays of light shot in from the window and left two spots on the gray stone wall.

Following that, one spot slowly spun clockwise while the other slowly spun counterclockwise.

Roland stood up when he saw the two spots of light.

This was the signal that he had arranged with Hawk, which meant the murderer had made a move.

Finally, after two months of waiting, the murderer could no longer hold back.

Roland quickly made his way down the stairs and bumped into Vivian, who was taking the two kids upstairs for a tour.

"Deputy Chairman, are you going out too?"

Vivian found it a little strange. Why was almost everyone leaving today? Most of the time, Mages were shut-ins. They stayed in the Magic Tower all day to research magic.

It was rare for three people to head out in less than an hour.

Mages always complained about lack of time, almost yearning for there to be 240 hours a day.

"Yes, Im going out for a walk. My brain is almost melting from doing magic experiments every day."

Vivian really wanted to offer to join him, but she dismissed this thought when she looked at the two children beside her.

Since Roland had handed the task to her, she couldnt possibly go out and have fun without completing it. Otherwise, not only would she not be able to fulfill the idea of shopping with Roland, she might even be labeled as irresponsible.

"Chairman, have fun then."

Roland smiled and waved at Vivian before leaving the Magic Tower.

Then, his expression changed and became very serious. There was even a hint of murderous intent.

He quickly arrived at an appointed location where two beggar-like people were waiting. When they saw Roland, they immediately lowered their heads and said, "Sir, our leader ordered us to escort you out of the city."

Roland nodded and did not say anything. He followed the two beggars out of the city center and quickly walked to the forest to the northwest of the city. To avoid attracting any attention, the murderer had even changed the location of the crime.

After entering the dense forest, they walked for about 100 meters.

In the dark forest, Roland saw Hawk and Link standing not too far away. There was another man sitting in front of themClaus.

There was also a girl from a farming family wearing disheveled clothes. She stood timidly to the side, looking terrified.

Upon hearing the sounds from behind, Hawk and Link turned around. When they saw Roland, the former smiled and said, "Next will be the internal affairs of your Magic Tower. We wont be involved."

Roland nodded.

Then, Hawk and Link left with the bewildered girl.

Only Roland and Claus were left in the forest.

Claus hung his head low, not daring to look at Roland.

Roland sighed and asked, "Why?"

Roland had always thought that as long as he found the murderer, he would kill him without any hesitation and not give him any chance to speak. After all, such a villain couldnt be spared from death.

But after discovering the murderer and finding out that he was someone familiar, Roland felt that he should listen to his defense.

It wasnt that he planned on letting the murderer go. He was just curious as to why Claus did this.

At this moment, Claus finally lifted his head and looked at Roland in shame. "Im sorry, Deputy Chairman. I didnt want to do this. I just cant help it."

"Why must you attack ordinary girls and even kill them? Thats too much."

Claus stood up. It was only then that Roland realized that his hand had been dislocated. His head was covered in sweat and his face was pale.

"Im a noble. How could I be seeking out those dirty women!" Clauss handsome face twisted.

"Then why did you kill them? I believe that with your status and looks, its not difficult to find a relatively clean lover," Roland said calmly.

Claus said calmly, "I am a noble."

Roland understood.

Some people valued such things when it came to differences in status.

When Roland was free, he had heard from Vivian that Claus was a member of a noble family which had waned. Normally, he couldnt tell, but this person had a strong sense of self-esteem and was very sensitive. He was afraid that others would look down on him.

Everything was hidden in his heart.

Such people easily went to extremes.

Roland did not understand such a persons mentality and did not want to understand. He looked at Claus and said calmly, "Do you have any last words?"

Claus turned even paler. "Deputy Chairman, are you kidding?"

"Do you think Im someone who would joke about such matters?" Roland looked at him, solemn.

"Its just a few cheap girls I can pay."

Roland looked at him quietly.

"Deputy Chairman, you cant be so cruel. Those girls are really lowly. Ive never done anything to noble maidens."

Roland continued to look at him quietly.

Clauss face turned pale.

He knew very well that the situation was very serious once a calm person like Roland fell silent.

Clauss legs went weak as he knelt down. "Deputy Chairman, look at all the efforts Ive put in to serve you"

At this point, a huge blue fist suddenly appeared in front of Roland and struck him with a gust of wind.

It was one of the derivative spellsHand of Magic, which Roland had taught. Claus had used it well.

Unfortunately, the huge blue Hand of Magic held the fist in its hand.

This was only a feint attack by Claus. He never believed that he was Rolands match.

The attack was merely to create a window of opportunity for his escape.

At the sight of the two Hands of Magic colliding into each other, Claus sprang up and ran deeper into the forest.

His movements slowed down just a few steps later.

In less than two seconds, he stood rooted to the ground.

He looked at the ground. At some point in time, the ground around him had been frozen by a large layer of frost.

His legs were frozen.

Ice Ring!

Claus looked at his legs and was shocked. Frost climbed up his legs at an extremely fast speed.

Very quickly, he lost the feeling in his legs. He twisted his upper body with difficulty and turned his head to look at Roland. He wanted to speak, but all the heat in his body was being siphoned away. He couldnt control his muscles any further.

Two seconds later, the frost reached his face. Half a second later, Claus turned into a snow-white ice sculpture.

At this moment, everything within a hundred meters of Roland became a world of frost.

Even the trees were covered in a layer of white frost.

Roland walked up to Claus and sighed softly.

Killing someone but he didnt have that feeling that he had actually killed someone. He felt like he had squeezed a small insect to death. Although he felt poignant, his heart wasnt in pain.

Was he ultimately treating this as a game?

Or was he born to be cold-blooded?

Roland was confused.