Mages Are Too Op Chapter 117

Chapter 117 I Killed Him

With the absolute difference in strength, little tricks and schemes were useless.

The main reason was that Claus was still too weak. He couldnt even withstand an Ice Ring spell. If it were Hawk and Link, it would only affect their positioning. It would be impossible to root them in place.

At most, it would slow them down.

He stood rooted to the ground in a daze. Roland summoned two Hands of Magic to lift up the ice sculpture and walked back.

He walked out of the dense forest, walked through the city gate, and finally returned to the Magic Towers square.

Along the way, everyone who saw this human-shaped ice sculpture scrambled to the side in fright. More timid women even covered their eyes, not daring to take another look.

No one came looking for trouble with Roland. Even the guards at the city gate did not dare to stop him when they saw the corpse. They just turned a blind eye and took two steps back.

Claus was quite famous in Delpon City. After all, he was in charge of many matters pertaining to the Magic Tower.

Seeing his frozen corpse being carried by Roland, many people were surprised and news started to spread between friends.

When Roland returned to the square, the important factions and organizations already knew that Magic Apprentice Claus was dead. It was suspected to be Rolands doing.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Magic Tower, the two guards looked at the floating Claus. They were shocked to see that he was obviously dead. Then, they lowered their heads.

They feigned ignorance and didnt dare ask.

Roland entered the Magic Tower and said, "Close the door. No one else is allowed to enter except the members of the Magic Tower."

The two guards immediately closed the heavy stone door and stood outside to guard it.

They dared not stay inside the Tower.

Roland continued to carry Clauss ice corpse up to the second floor and happened to see Vivian walking down with the two new magic apprentices.

Vivians face was first filled with joy when she saw Roland, but when she saw Claus, she was puzzled as to why he was being held in midair. Then, the color in her face drained as she covered her mouth with both hands.

She couldnt feel Clauss mental power at all. It was obvious that he was dead.

The two magic apprentices were from the gangs, so they were no strangers to death. After looking at Claus for a moment, they hid behind Vivian timidly.

Roland carefully put down Clauss corpse and straightened it.

Ice magic power didnt dissipate that easily. At this moment, Claus still maintained his last pose, so he could easily "stand" on the ground.

"Ring the golden bell and gather everyone."

Rolands tone was a little low and a little disappointed.

Vivian put down her hands and walked to the table to ring the bell.

A crisp chime rang out, and Vivian looked at Clauss corpse. She saw the struggle and fear on his face, and she felt a little hurt.

Though she wasnt on good terms with Claus, she still felt sad that such a close friend had died.

Soon, the magic apprentices came out of their rooms or from the magic labs.

They were shocked when they saw Clauss corpse. Some of them had already started cursing, commenting on the audacity of the culprits attack of a Magic Tower member.

Roland ignored them and just stood there quietly.

Soon, all the magic apprentices were gathered. They had been so angry that they wanted to seek revenge, but when they saw Roland standing there quietly, his expression calm as water, the clamoring slowly turned to silence.

Vivian led the two new apprentices to the ranks of the magic apprentices.

Rolands gaze swept across the magic apprentices. Everyone, including Jerry, who had visited his grandchildren, had returned.

"As you can see, Claus is dead."

Everyone didnt have much of a reaction.

Roland added, "I killed him."

A loud gasp sounded like an explosion. This drawing of breath undulated across the crowd as everyone broke out into whispers.

However, they quickly calmed down and looked at Roland, wanting to hear his explanation.

In the eyes of all the magic apprentices, Roland was a kind person who cared for his apprentices. If he really killed someone, he would have a legitimate reason.

"You should know that Ive been investigating the girls disappearances." Roland looked at everyone and paused.

Vivian looked at the ice sculpture of Claus before asking, "He was the murderer?"

"Its him." Roland nodded and said with some discomfort, "If possible, I didnt want it to be someone I knew."

Everyone was silent. Although Claus was not especially outstanding and talented, it wasnt something worth celebrating to see someone they knew die.

"Are you sure its him?" Vivian asked timidly.

In fact, she was not doubting Roland, but using this method to give Roland a chance to continue, creating an atmosphere and reason for him to continue speaking.

Thus, Roland told them everything he had found out, including Clauss plans to get a scapegoat. He even mentioned the embarrassing matter of how he almost fell into the trap.

"Hes a very smart person, but his brain wasnt put to work on the right path. If he could stop, Id have just been suspicious. I wouldnt touch him if I didnt have evidence." Roland sighed. "I brought Clauss corpse back to tell you that even if you dont wish to be a good person, dont be a bad one. A lot of Golden Sons, including me, prefer people like Claus who do things without a bottom line; we can kill them for a good reason. It wouldnt leave a stain on our consciences."

All of the magic apprentices broke out in cold sweat.

In particular, the two new magic apprentices looked at Roland with fear and admiration.

"Jerry, go inform Clauss family and get them to collect the body. If possible, ask their family head to come and talk to me."

Jerry answered immediately, "Understood. Ill get it done immediately, Deputy Chairman."

And at this moment, in a mountain a hundred kilometers away

Betta found spring water and stopped the carriage nearby. Then, he took out cutlery from his spatial backpack and took out the fresh black wolf steak to roast.

Meanwhile, his maid, Lisa, did other miscellaneous chores.

Betta was rubbing the spices happily when he suddenly froze. After about ten seconds, he turned to the maidservant behind him and said, "Lisa, the murderer who bullied you has been found."

Lisas face paled, and a look of fear appeared on her face. What happened that day was too terrifying for her. She remained silent for a while before asking, her eyes filled with hatred, "Who is it?"

She knew that her master had a special ability to communicate with other Golden Sons across distances.

"Magic Towers Magical Apprentice Claus."

As soon as this was said, Lisa sat on the ground in a daze. Roland was the deputy chairman. Since the murderer was from the Magic Tower, it was impossible for Roland to kill him. At least Lisa felt that way.

Furthermore, she did not want to force Roland to kill Claus. After all, she was a little maid who knew how to repay kindness and compromise.

However, Betta continued, "Roland has already frozen Claus into an ice sculpture. Hes dead now, so you can be at ease in the future."

After being stunned for two or three seconds, Lisas eyes lit up.

Her whole face beamed like it could emit light.