Mages Are Too Op Chapter 118

Chapter 118 A Certain Player Is About To Make Waves

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Roland knew very well that Clauss death would cause a certain reaction in Delpon City.

But he was wrong. It wasnt a certain reaction, but a huge reaction. To some extent, it was even more unbelievable than Hawk and Links feat.

The reason was simple. Even though Claus was only a magic apprentice, he was still young with a high chance of becoming an official Mage in the future.

Secondly, Claus was also a member of the Magic Tower. No matter what, he was Rolands subordinate and, especially now that Aldo obviously didnt want to manage matters himself, he was a de facto administrator of the Tower.

Moreover, Claus, who was also good at interacting with outside factions, was considered a capable person. He should have been well-liked by Roland.

But to everyones surprise, Roland had actually killed Claus himself.

Just because Claus had killed over a dozen lowly girls?

1Almost everyone who had some power felt that Roland was crazy.

A promising future spellcaster, his right-hand man, had been frozen into an ice sculpture just because he had killed several cheap female peasants. There was no mercy.

2Such a decisive execution made all the nobles feel chilled.

They could understand the madness of Hawk and Link. After all, they were killing outsiders.

It was the first time they had seen someone like Roland take action on a promising subordinate.


John shared the same sentiments. He slammed the table in his study and, with awhoosh, he said in extreme exasperation, "I was wondering why beggars kept wandering outside my door a few months ago. So that punk was suspecting me. Dogsh*t, isnt he looking down on me? Am I the kind of person who would harbor designs on ugly peasant girls?"

2In front of him, Johns sister laughed as she rolled on the bench.

John was a proud person. He felt that it was needless to say that girls that deserved him were beautiful. They had to be noble as well. Just touching a lowly commoner made him feel like he was tainting his familys honor.

The girl who had finally stopped laughing straightened her body and said, "I think that the Golden Sons are quite interesting. They dont seem to treat us as nobles. Ive interacted with that Betta a few times, and I have a strange feeling. You can call him proud, but hes able to have a good time with the peasants. But if you dont call him proud, he shows no fear when speaking to me. He even dares mock my style of dressing."

"I also think that your outfit doesnt look good," John said helplessly. "Who wears a black long-sleeved gown matched with light green clothes underneath? It looks strange."

2"As long as I like it, its fine. Its not like youre the one wearing it."

2"All right, as you wish." John faced his sister with an exasperated attitude. "Are you really going to the capital?"

"Right. I plan on visiting the Aristotle family. After all, Joanna and I arranged this half a year ago."

John looked out of the window and said casually, "Its good to establish connections with the Aristotles. Their devil-training skills are very good. If we can get some magical knowledge from them, well make a killing."

"Its difficult."

"Yes, its very difficult." John let out a long sigh. "Betta seems to have gone to the capital too."

"How do you know?" the girl unconsciously asked.

When she saw her brothers strange gaze, she immediately covered her face in embarrassment.

So thats the case!

Damn it, these Golden Sons are really annoying. They either steal my limelight or view me as though Im a perverted beggar that cant be a chooser. Now, they are even stealing my cute baby sister.

3He even thought of the Golden Son named Betta appearing in front of him after half a year or so with his sister in his arms. With an annoying expression, he would say, "Your sister tastes like a donut."

6Damn it, I really want to beat him up.

1Seeing the strange expression on her brothers face, the girl ran off with her hands clasped over her face.

After letting out a sigh, John called for the butler and said, "Prepare four invitations for me and give them to the four Golden Sons in the city. You must speak to them with a respectful attitude. Tell them that we hope to invite them as guests in my castle tonight. This is a private banquet. Apart from the five of us, no one else will participate. We will discuss the safety of Delpon City."

1The butler immediately bowed and left.

At this moment, Roland was browsing the discussion forums. He had already uploaded the video of the girls disappearance on the forum yesterday, which had caused quite a stir.

And now, he was looking at a post by a gamer named Carl:

"Lets change this rotten and backward world."

1The gist of it was that the gamers should gather themselves and occupy an unclaimed territory. They would take in wandering slaves to form a small country. They could use the systems of modern society to abolish slavery and the aristocracy. Ideals such as equality were to become the mainstream.

4This thread was already the most popular thread, and it was even pinned by the forum moderator.

The players on this thread were divided into three factions.

The first group was in agreement. They liked this idea and were already excitedly discussing the first steps of the plan.

The second faction was naturally against the idea, and there were all sorts of strange reasons for their objection.

Some people just wanted to experience this primitive system, while others wanted to study it; therefore, they didnt want the system to disappear. There were also those who simply wanted to enjoy the life of being "lofty" in a system of slavery. After all, professional players had more standing among the people of this world, especially spellcasters.

Some people simply thought that the person who came up with this plan was power-hungry.

The third faction was made up of spectators. They said that if the players were stronger, they would help the NPCs. If the players were too weak, they would work together.

1The moment this faction spoke, they were immediately met with ridicule: Do you think you are the successor ofMohism1?

Roland frowned as he read most of the replies. Then he left behind five words in a huge, bold font.


2After closing the discussion forum, Roland went to the saber arts club. During breakfast, the Qi siblings sized him up, their expressions strange.

After breakfast, Qi Shaoqiu called Roland to the empty space behind the shed. He took out a cigarette and lit it.

The morning in the south was hot, but Qi Shaoqius words were cold. "You saw blood yesterday?"

1Roland was stunned. "What blood?"

"I can feel the murderous intent on you." Qi Shaoqius expression was serious. "Coupled with that warlike aura, you look fierce. Im not teaching you how to use a blade now because I do not want you to think too highly of yourself and end up battling evil. Tell me, what did you do yesterday?"

Killing intent I see.

Roland thought of Claus.

"I dont know what to say, but I can only tell you that I didnt do anything against the law."

Qi Shaoqiu looked at Roland and was silent for a while. Then, he smiled and said, "You didnt do anything against the law, but was able to produce a trace of murderous intent? I know whats going on. Its no wonder that chick, Jin Wenwen, is thinking of ways to stop you. In that case, Ill get my little sister to teach you Daoisms Nourishment of Life."