Mages Are Too Op Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Under the gentle light from the monitor, Roland typed on his mechanical keyboard quickly. Soon, he finished his article and uploaded the videos. After he posted them, he was going to rest his fingers for a while, when his phone rang.

He glanced at the number on the screen and accepted the call. Without any formalities, he simply asked, "Hows it going?"

"Not bad. Im already promoted to Saint Samurai,"said a young man with a magnetic voice."What about you? According to the forum, the future of Mages doesnt look good."

4Roland replied, "Its fine. Ive already got my feet under me."

"Youre good,"said the young man sincerely."You dont need to work today, do you? Lets meet at the old spot. Ive called Raffle. This game is too complicated and astonishingly huge. Its hard to talk about it over the phone."

1"All right, Ill meet you there."

Roland hung up the phone and found a T-shirt in the closet. Then he said goodbye to his parents in the living room and left on a bike.

1Roland was in a southern city, and it was a hot summer. The sun was scorching, although it was only morning. Roland tried to ride in the shadow of trees and avoid the sun, but he started sweating heavily very soon.

5The air in this city was usually humid, and there were few heavy industries within, with trees everywhere. So, Rolands hometown had great air quality and a clear sky. However, Roland felt that there was a strange smell in the air. He wondered if it was his imagination.

8Ten minutes later, Roland came to a cold drink bar. The official hour of opening had not arrived yet, but the door was already open. Roland secured his bike and walked in.

The air conditioner was on in the cold drink bar. The moment he came in, Roland felt that he was revived from the heat. The decorations of the bar were mostly in warm yellow. He greeted the pretty woman at the counter and went straight to a booth on the second floor that had the plate of a panda on the door.

2Soft music was being played inside the booth. A young man was sitting on the yellow chair. He was handsome, with fair skin, dark eyes, red lips, and bright teeth. He was enjoying a bottle of Red Bull, a watermelon before him.

8Roland sat down on his opposite and chuckled. "Red Bull and watermelon Youre having such aphrodisiacs so early in the morning? Did you have too much sex last night?"

7The handsome young man was named Schuck. They were best buddies and neighbors and had been in the same school from elementary school to college. They were not brothers but closer than brothers. So, they were most direct with each other.

6Schuck put down the can in his hand and said helplessly, "I have no choice. Marriage is the tomb of love. Now, all the sex is compulsory. If I hadnt worked hard to feed her first, I wouldnt have been able to join the game in time."

4Handsome guys were always pursued by a lot of girls. Schuck was good-looking even compared to superstars. Besides, he was a decent man who didnt smoke or drink. Playing games was his only hobby. So, many girls were after him.

5Schucks wife was his classmate, and naturally, Rolands classmate too, from middle school. Her name was Chen Hongdan. Of all his pursuers, she was the most beautiful and audacious.

7She had been pursuing Schuck since middle school. She even threatened her family so she could be sent to Schucks class in high school. She also applied for the same college that Schuck went to and volunteered to do laundry for Schuck in college.

5After they graduated, they naturally got married.

1Schuck was the owner of this cold drink bar, but Chen Hongdan was actually running it. She loved her husband and did not want him to work hard.

7The panda booth was a special place reserved for him and his friends. It was never open to the public.

"Youre talking like married life is hard."

Roland knew that Schucks life was comfortable. The guy had an easy job. He was not earning plenty of money with his cold drink bar, but his life was definitely above average. Besides, his wife was very nice to him. Most men would envy him.

"According to the official announcement, Saint Samurai is one of the three OP classes. How were you promoted so fast?"

Schuck replied, equally puzzled, "At first, I thought it was hard. My character was a Bard. I ran to the Temple of Light and prayed before the statue of the goddess with Language Proficiency, and then I was promoted. I found it odd, too."

6"How does the class feel?" asked Roland curiously.

Schuck picked up a piece of melon and said, "I havent fought anyone yet, but the privileges are quite good. People in the Temple of Light were shocked when I became a Saint Samurai. They offered me weapons and armors and twenty gold coins, claiming that they would give me money regularly every month."

4Roland sighed helplessly. Their experiences were too different. He had worked hard yet couldnt really cast one complete spell, and his friend was already making money. Most upsetting of all, Schuck didnt really do anything. How lucky was he?

While Roland was bummed out, the booth opened, and two young men, one fat and the other slim, came in. They wiped their sweat and sat on the long chair without greeting Roland and Schuck. They didnt start talking until they had some watermelon.

1"Today is too hot. I feel that my fat is being squeezed out."

4It was the fatty, who was named Raffel, who said this. He was not too tall and had an amusingly round face.

5"Its because youre too fat. I dont sweat as much at all."

The slim guy replied to him. He was about 1.83 meters tall. Because he was too slim, he looked like a pole. He was called Brazil, because he loved watching the Brazilian national team play football and wore their uniform all the time.

4He went by the same name in the game.

2Roland looked out and asked, "Where are Li Lin and Husseret?"

1Schuck waved his hand and said, "Theyre working and wont be free until nighttime. Lets talk first. Tell me your locations in the game."

Raffel and Brazil both shook their heads, because they could not speak the local language. Raffel was a Shield Warrior, and Brazil was an Archer. Neither of them could cast a spell, so they did not know what the NPCs talked about. All they knew was that they were in different towns.

Schuck said, "I am in a city named Isnas. I dont know its specific location yet, but it should be a fairly large city with its scale."

Roland told his friends his location, Red Mountain Town. Then he remarked, "This game is outrageously huge. It seems that we are scattered. So, we might as well work on our own for now and make other plans later when we re more familiar with the game."

2Schuck nodded and said, "Thats all we can do for now."