Mages Are Too Op Chapter 135

Chapter 135 A Little Pressure

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Im not the ultimate boss, do I have to be targeted like this?

1Despite thinking so, Roland clicked into this thread and started reading it.

The original poster claimed to have found the hidden profession of Spell Breaker, which was a special profession specifically targeting magic professions.

As long it was a profession using magic or theurgy, it would be bad luck to encounter them.

And among spellcasters, Mages should be the strongest, but a while ago, he felt like a hero who learned the art of dragon-slaying but had no dragons to slay. After all, Mages were few and far between.

Bullying the Warlocks and Priests was no fun at all, and only by defeating powerful Mages could he feel somewhat worthy of existence.

After all, apart from having a bit of an advantage over magic professions, Spell Breakers were a bit weaker against Warriors and agility professions.

So whether Mages are strong or not, and how many of them there are, these questions were of existential significance to Spell Breakers.

Just when he felt that he might not be able to do anything of significance in the future, Roland appeared.

2He was happy. He wanted Roland to become stronger. This way he would have a higher sense of accomplishment by defeating the strongest Mage on the entire server.

At the same time, he also wished that more powerful Mages would appear, or else how could Spell Breakers appear important and powerful.

Ever since Roland became famous, he had been following Roland like a stalker.

1And all this time, he had an obsessive sense of superiority over Roland, believing that he should still have some advantage over the strongest Mage.

Until two days ago, when he saw Roland blowing down the city wall with a big fireball on the live stream.

His sense of superiority disappeared.

"Countering a profession only grants a relatively larger advantage. However, that advantage can be wiped out or even overtaken. Our magic resistance as Spell Breakers is indeed high, but that has its limits. That fireball, not to mention me, even my teacher wouldnt be able to resist it. Now the profession of Mage is quite polarized: ordinary Mages are frighteningly weak, many of them cant even let out a basic Inferior Fireball; whereas the strong ones, like Roland, seem to be as exaggerated as a boss."

1After complimenting Roland, the original poster went on to write, "We Spell Breakers can disrupt the magical elements within a certain range, and increase the casting difficulty for Mages by a level or two, but this disruption is meaningless with Rolands level of magic control. Ive said all this: its not that Roland is invincible, he has obvious weaknesses as well.

"First of all, casting a spell at full strength requires a long time of chanting to achieve enough power.

"The magic he blew down the city walls with took up to 13 seconds or so to prepare, which is pretty deadly in a fightwe have plenty of time to attack him.

1"If hes under heavy protection, itll be necessary to have sniper-type archers, from a hundred or two hundred meters away, strike him at long range, preferably attacking his eyes.

1"If lucky, it is possible to kill the spellcaster directly, and if unlucky, it can also serve to disrupt the spellcasters incantation.

"When the spellcasters lengthy incantation magic is restricted, they will definitely turn to a relatively less powerful instantaneous magic.

"This kind of magic is still very deadly, but it wont be strong enough to blow down the walls of the city, and this is where the magic-resistant equipment comes init can effectively resist the damage of instant cast magic.

"Thats why I personally believe that to deal with a boss player like Roland, you need to form a squad of at least five people, and the configuration must have a long-range expert and spellcasters or Spell Breakers who know Dimensional Anchor. After all, last I saw Roland had uploaded a model of the Teleportation Spell. In other words, hes getting into spatial magic. In order to prevent him from strategically maneuvering to kite us, the Dimensional Anchor must be brought along to block off a large area of spatial magic effects.

1"A Mage without spatial magic is no different from a lackadaisical person.

"This is just my humble opinion as a Spell Breaker, but finally, Id like to ask the development team whether making the Mage so strong fitted their ideology. Dont classes need to be balanced? Even I, a Spell Breaker, feel like I cant handle him, so how can the other players get an advantage over him?"

1Then the players who posted replies got into a fight about this.

"I really dont understand, why does a Mage player have a boss strategy too? Hes not SanjiDao1."

"This one is much fiercer than Sanji Dao. You didnt watch him bombing the city walls a few days ago. Hes a god."

1"Thirteen seconds of casting a single skill is only good for being a glass cannon. Once hes targeted, hes trash."

"Dont forget, Roland is so scary now when hes only level five. If you let him reach level 10, is it possible for him to rain down meteorites from where you cant see him?"

2"As I recall, some Mages seem to have skills in secondary stealth spells, skills similar to that of bandits."

"A Mages magic is only something you cant imagine, theres nothing they cant do. Whether its stealth, enhancement, or summoning, all of it is no problem. It just depends on whether they can learn or not."

"I think he just has a head-start advantage, and I dont believe hell always be able to sit in the position of the strongest Mage. Can those rich people watch him act so arrogantly?"

"Sorry, Principal Huang is a rich man and has a 250 IQ, but he only plays Warriors."

1"Hey, feel free to discuss, but dont drag me into it."

As soon as a golden ID, symbolic of wealth, replied, the entire thread was sidetracked.

"Principal Huang has made an appearance. Are you short on legaccessories1?"

"Principal Huang, can you give me your dogs unwanted Apple watch?"

1Roland closed the forums, feeling a bit of a headache because of how he had been targeted by these idiotic players.

But when he thought about it, he realized it was quite normal.

This game wouldnt prohibit PK between players. In other words, in the future, group battles and guild battles should be a common thing. It would be impossible for F6 to stay immune from this, and one day theyd come into conflict with other guilds.

And he was probably the professional with the most destructive power on the surface at this stage.

This was a great threat in a guild war.

Therefore it was indeed logical for those guild executives to use him as an imaginary enemy.

It seems like Ill have to be careful when I go out in the future. Maybe there will be bandit players or assassins secretly trying to conspire against me.

As long as he kept the information of his level a secret, the threat would be greatly reduced.

No I have to find a way to learn to think anti-stealth magic.This Spell Breakers post put a certain amount of pressure on Roland.

With this thought in mind, Roland asked the other Mage players in the penguin group, but they all said that they had never seen anti-stealth magic.

Four days later, Roland returned to the Magic Tower. He didnt rest and went straight to find Aldo.

After hearing Rolands intention, Aldo smiled. "There are many anti-stealth spells, but only two of them are more practical. One is the most basic, Manifest Dust Shimmer, and the other is the Small Wishing Spelljust wish I can see the invisible as a casting condition will do."

Roland asked urgently, "Where do you learn this?"

He had already rummaged through the library of the Magic Tower and knew that these two spells were not recorded there.

"Manifest Dust Shimmer is a Transmutation type of spell, you can learn it from an old Mage named Kemir at the capital. And as for the Small Wishing Spell, youll have to go to the Church of Destiny and donate money."

"How much donation money is required?" asked Roland. He remembered there was a church for the goddess of divination in the city.

"At least forty gold coins." Aldo smiled.

How expensive!Roland felt his headache intensify. He thought he was already rich, but the gold coins in his Backpack werent enough to learn a single spell.