Mages Are Too Op Chapter 136

Chapter 136 All Life Is Equal

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Aldos maidservants were of the highest average quality amongst all the big shots in Delpon. Moreover, these maidservants were extremely loyal to him.

At this moment, Aldo was embracing maidservants on the left and right, and one of the two maidservants was feeding him wine and one was delicately feeding him fruit.

Aldo still had that haggard appearancecaught between life and deathas he did before. When he saw that Roland seemed a little anxious, he slowly said, "Dont be in a hurry to learn anti-stealth. The Small Wishing Spell is not only expensive, but its a level-four spell. You shouldnt be able to learn it yet. But Manifestation Dust Shimmer can be learned, its just that Kemir is a proud man, a pure-blooded noble, and doesnt treat commoners or new nobles too kindly. I guess you Golden Sons would not be liked by him either."

1Upon hearing this, Roland temporarily put an end to the idea of learning anti-stealth magic.

"I dont know why you seem to be in such a hurry, but youre a Golden Son, theres no need to fear death, right?" Aldo teased with a smile.

Roland shrugged and then left from Aldos manor.

Indeed, as Aldo had said, Roland logically had no need to bother with the bandit class.

But Roland had a feeling that the greatest threat to him was not some Spell Breaker, but rather the professions like bandits, assassins, and hitmen that could be invisible.

Although everyone was a player, it was precisely the community of players that was more correct on cardinal issues of right and wrong but would be jumpier on small matters. There was no telling what they would do. It wasnt like PK between players really resulted in death, so Roland reckoned that in a little while, PK would become the norm.

In addition, there would always be people who resented those in the limelight.

Roland was now considered to be one of the more prominent among the players, known as the number one Mage.

1Now there were already people openly talking about how to target him on the forums, and secretly well, he didnt know how many people wanted to step on him to get to the top.

1This was why Roland felt it was necessary to take precautions.

Back at the Magic Tower, Vivian was quite happy to see him. She made pastries, brewed fruit wine, and massaged his back and shoulders.

3Then, Vivian sat down and started chatting with Roland.

She talked about the recent events at the Magic Tower, the funny things that had happened to the two new little ones, and what happened when Clauss family came to claim the body.

"Clauss fathers hair is all white. Claus was the familys only hope, but"

At this point, Vivians happy expression darkened and she sighed slightly.

"You think Im unreasonable, right?" Roland asked bluntly as he observed Vivians expression.

Claus was a noble, Vivian was also a noble, and except for the two new kids, the others were all part of the fallen nobility. Their families decline was already a forgone conclusion, so the path of Mages was the best way for them to progress upward.

Nobles were always a bit proud, and although Roland didnt have much contact with them, he could tell that they didnt look too kindly on commoners.

1There might even be a lot of people who felt that while Claus was wrong, killing him outright was excessive.

Vivian shook her head. "No one else knows, but I wouldnt think so. I can tell that youre most sentimental, Deputy Chairman."

As she said this, the young girls eyes seemed to reveal a spring-like flow of light.

Vivian then left.

Roland ate some food and then rested in the study.

Before he knew it, hed been playing this game for half a year now.

He had also stayed for almost four months in the Magic Tower.

Indistinctly, this place seemed to have become a new home.

There was always a sense of peace of mind when he stayed in the study.

After resting for a while, Roland began to derive Spell Puppet.

Since he couldnt learn the anti-stealth skills for the time being, it would suffice to make the puppet have an anti-stealth mode.

He started right away, but as soon as he set his hands on the task, he was stunned.

What was the principle of a stealth spell?

1Optical invisibility? Visual illusions? Becoming transparent on ones own, a transient change in biological genetics?

HmmRoland immediately used the guild system to @ his close friend Husserat.

Roland: What is the principle of the stealth of bandits?

Husserat: How would I know? It just works.

Roland: You should study it.

Husserat: Get lost! Youre giving me a hard time, as a tertiary diploma mill graduate and a loser who played LoL for four years of college.

3Roland: Then you come over here and let me study it?

Husserat: !!!!

Li Lin: !!!

Schuck: (Stunned) Roland, when did you start having these tastes?

1Roland was speechless for a moment. He left a despicable emoji in the guild and then gave up on the idea of getting the puppet to learn the anti-stealth ability for now.

1However, this opened his imagination. If he couldnt create an anti-stealth model puppet, then he could create a scout type puppet first.

Reduced body size, improved perception, increased speed, and so on!

2Thinking about it this way, Roland immediately became motivated again.

Making large robots and puppet dolls and whatnot was a mans innate hobbies.

Roland then wholeheartedly devoted himself to the making of the puppet doll.

The days passed quickly.

Because the news in this world spread somewhat slowly, it took nearly ten days before the mayor, John Senior, received the news that a group of black-robed people had killed the city of Morys mayor, Bettel.

The sunshine outside the window was excellent, but John Seniors heart was a little cold.

John Junior, who was going to go to other cities in two days to search for female Golden Sons and was packing up his luggage, now looked a little bewildered when he was called to his fathers study.

"See for yourself." A piece of parchment was thrown in front of John Junior.

After reading it, John Junior thought for a moment and said, "It must have been done by the Golden Sons. Dozens of people, all professionals, such a force, an average lord couldnt possibly possess something like that, not even us. The royal family is just barely capable of it."

John Senior nodded. "But were just freely evaluating the evidence, theres no way to prove that they did it, so theres no way to condemn them."

1"These Golden Sons are slippery," John Junior said irritably, "so daring as to do such dreadful things, and yet they conceal the truth of the matter. Shall I call them cowards, or shall I call them brave and resourceful?"

"You still havent seen the deeper picture." There was some disappointment in John Seniors eyes. "If they dared to kill Bettel of Mory, theyll dare to kill us one day, so long as they find an excuse to."

John Junior was a little puzzled.

"No matter how small the city of Mory is, Bettel is still a mayor. This means that the Golden Sons dont see us as nobles." John Senior slapped the table heavily. "In their eyes, there is no difference between a commoner and a noble. Theres no difference between us and commonersits just that we have more money and more people. In their eyes, we might even be a legitimate gang."

4John Junior suddenly felt a little cold.