Mages Are Too Op Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Soap Opera

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John Junior was actually smart enough to sense early on that he and the Golden Sons were not on the same page, but more often than not he just thought that it was just a problem of sociability.

He wasnt used to that kind of hypocrisy from the Golden Sons.

It was true that commoners should be loved a little bit, but there was a limit. If a commoner was harmed, then the Golden Sons would kill the noble responsible. This was too overboard.

Originally, he had assumed that the Golden Sons were just using this tactic to remove dissent.

But now his fathers words had opened a window for him.

The Golden Sons treated them like ordinary people.

No wonder he always felt something was wrong.

There was cold sweat on Little Johns forehead now.

When John Senior saw that his son seemed to have figured it out, he said, "Whats even more impressive is that the Golden Sons acted impeccably this time. They impersonated the Gray Eyes resistance and removed themselves from the scene. The person who came up with this idea should have read the situation and known that all they need to do now is hunker down until they have the power to topple the entire noble class."

"They dont see that far ahead, do they?" John Junior found this a little incredulous.

"Never underestimate your opponents and dont pin your victory on their folly." John Senior snorted. "You invited the four of them to come together last time, but nothing came of it, right?"

John Junior nodded.

"Now then, go invite them again, in my name." John Senior laughed softly. "Ill see these four Golden Sons for myself, and see how they measure up."

1At the Magic Tower, Roland spent most of the day designing the new scout puppets and was just about to test them when the game time was up.

He woke from his immersive cabin and casually browsed the forums before heading to the saber arts club.

Just after stepping off the public bike, he saw Qi Shaoqiu leaning against the entrance with a pair of dead-fish eyes half open and a JiaTianxia1cigarette in his mouth, acting like a lonely expert.

"Brother Qiu, why are you here and not eating breakfast?"

After almost two months together, Roland, Qi Shaoqiu, and Night Tide Sands had become very familiar with each other. Qi Shaoqiu was three years older than Roland and was his teacher, so Roland was forced to call him Brother Qiu.

1Qi Shaoqiu nudged his mouth in the direction of the large shed and said, "Look who it is."

When Roland looked over, he noticed that Jin Wenwen was in the large shed chatting with Night Tide Sands.

Jin Wenwens expression was somewhat smug, seemingly smiling, while Night Tide Sands expression was cold and even a bit displeased.

"Whats she doing here?" Roland felt a little troubled. "Didnt you say that she wouldnt come over?"

"She came brazenly, what can I do?" Qi Shaoqiu threw up his hands. "Im open for business. I cant just kick people out for no reason."

"Then Ill go home first today?" Roland asked as he turned his head.

"Its no use since she showed up here to wait for you. If she cant get to you, she wont leave. Waiting today, waiting tomorrow Even if I dont give her a chance to come in, she can still wait at the door." Qi Shaoqiu sighed helplessly. "Can you possibly not come every day? Why dont you just meet with her, lay it out plainly for her, and let her give up."

Roland thought about it and felt that this was the right way.

While these two were talking, Jin Wenwen saw Roland, then smiled proudly.

At the same time, she came over.

"Youre really good at hiding." Jin Wenwen walked up to Roland and said with a smile, "Forcing me to come to this place."

Roland was about to speak.

"Speaking as if my place is some kind of inhospitable environment, you dont have to come if you dont like it," said Qi Shaoqiu in a very sociable manner, holding his cigarette and blowing out a smoke ring.

Jin Wenwen turned her head to look at him and frowned. "Look at you, three years and still nothing has changed. Im talking to someone else, why are you interrupting?"

"Im living a good life, why should I change?" Qi Shaoqiu snorted. "This is my territory, Roland is my student, so Im obligated to protect him from some troublesome woman."

"Oh, so now you feel responsible, why werent you so manly back then?"

"Its not my child, why would I want to raise it!" Qi Shaoqiu sneered.

SheeshUpon hearing this, Roland gasped in astonishment. There was so much information in Qi Shaoqius words that he had already started to imagine some eight oclock soap operas.

1"Scum." Jin Wenwen snorted. "If you dont want to be responsible, just say so, dont use the baby as an excuse."

"The amniocentesis was done three times, and all three times it was fake?"

Jin Wenwen turned her head with a gloomy look and stared at Qi Shaoqiu fiercely, then turned her head to look at Roland. "Come with me, I have something I want to talk to you about."

Roland was about to speak again.

At this moment, Night Tight Sands, who had already walked over, spoke up. "Roland, come over for breakfast."

Jin Wenwen turned her head to look at Night Tide Sands. "You siblings are working together to bully me, right?"

Night Tide Sands looked at her coldly. "If youve got business, wait until Roland finishes his breakfast. Its easy to get stomach problems if youre on an empty stomach for too long in the morning."

This reason was too realistic, causing Jin Wenwen to be very displeased as she stared at Night Tide Sands in annoyance.

However, Night Tide Sands was completely oblivious and instead turned her head to look at Roland, her tone intensifying a bit. "What are you waiting for, come quickly or else breakfast is just going to get cold."

Roland smiled. "Okay."

Then he followed Night Tide sands to breakfast.

Jin Wenwen stayed back, staring hard at Night Tide Sands with slightly red eyes.

Roland was sitting in the kitchen, eating a hearty breakfast while watching the two outside through the window.

Jin Wenwen glared furiously at Qi Shaoqiu.

And Qi Shaoqiu was leaning against the doorpost, smoking a cheap cigarette, twisting away, ignoring Jin Wenqiu, his attitude relaxed and natural.

Roland was quite curiousthere was obviously a story between those two.

Night Tide Sands sat opposite Roland, looked at him for a while, then said, "Big Brother used to have a good relationship with Jin Wenwen. Three years ago, when they were talking about marriage, Jin Wenwen got pregnant and Big Brother was happy, but a friend told him that he saw Jin Wenwen and some man go in and out of a hotel several times and that Big Brother should reconsider. He and that friend had a very ironclad relationship and he probably wouldnt talk nonsense. So Big Brother went and had Jin Wenwen do amniocentesis for a DNA test. At first Jin Wenwen was reluctant and said that Big Brother didnt trust her, but he was adamant. After three consecutive tests, all three tests came back; it wasnt Big Brothers offspring.

3"Then they broke up, and Jin Wenwen aborted the baby."

Night Tide Sands spoke quickly and simply, but Rolands mind already played the contents of a super long TV series.

No wonder Qi Shaoqiu usually looked like a spiritless person who had seen through the vanity of lifeso it turns out there was such a story behind this.

If I were to encounter something like this oh, its better to never encounter it.

"So you hate her a lot?"

"She is my brothers demon." Night Tide Sands showed a rare expression of anger. "Ever since that incident, Big Brothers saber arts havent improved."