Mages Are Too Op Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Being A Pretty Boy Starting From Today?


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Jin Wenwen brought Roland to a remote part of the saber arts club.

As it was almost autumn, osmanthus flowers were blooming. The smell was quite nice, and there was a faint fragrance of osmanthus everywhere.

With a white shirt on top, skinny jeans underneath, short ear-length hair, and a refined vibe, this kind of tomboy would indeed give some people quite a shock.

But not for Roland; he liked feminine girls.

Moreover, after listening to Night Tide Sands story, he had an extremely bad impression of Jin Wenwen, so he didnt think she looked at all outstanding.

"You sure can hide." Jin Wenwen took out a slim cigarette and skillfully lit it, inhaling and exhaling smoke rings before continuing, "I cant believe you made me chase you here."

Roland laughed at this. "But still, havent you come over here shamelessly?"

1Upon hearing this, Jin Wenwens brow furrowed deeply. "You seem to have a lot of complaints about me?"

"To put it another way, Miss Jin, if youre being stalked every day by a pervert trying to figure out where you live, how would you feel?"

These words were beating around the bush by calling her a stalker, the same nature as a pervert. Jin Wenwen was immediately so furious that the cigarette in her hand almost shook off, and it took her a while to suppress her anger and say, "Since you dont like to talk to me much, Ill keep it simple."

Roland raised his eyebrows, an expression of "If you have something to say, just say it."

Jin Wenwen took a deep breath. "You must have an immersive cabin at home."

"No." Roland shook his head.

"You cant fool me." Jin Wenwen smiled somewhat smugly. "I noticed as soon as I saw you just now that you were starting to develop a murderous aura. A few months ago, when I first saw you, you were so clean that you were no different from a baby. But now, you have a murderous aura, and its very strong. Its not something that can be formed by killing one or two peopleyouve killed a lot of people."

2Roland chuckled. "If I really killed a lot of people, I would have been arrested by public security already. Do you really think the public security officers are that incompetent?"

"Yeah, its obvious that youve killed a lot of people, but nothing happened. Then is there any other possibility besides a virtual game?" Jin Wenwen walked up to Roland and stared at him seriously. "Only in that game, you kill people at will and dont get caught up in real-world consequences."

1Roland yawned, looked at Jin Wenwen, who was very close to him, and said, "Thats just your guess. I still have to tell you I dont have one."

"It doesnt matter if you say there isnt, as long as I think there is." Jin Wenwens smile took on a dark quality. "Honestly, that immersive cabin left in your hands is a pure waste. Giving it to us martial artists is the best choice."

"Why do you call it a waste?"

"That kind of immersive cabin was made to be used by martial artists. It shouldnt fall into the hands of ordinary people like you."

2Roland laughed lightly. "What era is it now, there are still people who think they are nobler? Have you forgotten all about the history of ChengSheng1taught in junior high school? Dont tell me you were out boxing without even finishing middle school."

"You!" Jin Wenwen threw her ladys cigarette to the floor in a fit of rage and stepped on it hard, her legs long and straight as a pair of compasses. "Im not going to bull**** with you that muchhalf a million, let me have the immersive cabin."

1Roland shook his head. "I dont have one."

"Dont be stubborn. Dont blame me for using some dishonorable tactics if you really piss me off."

Roland was even more amused when he heard this. "Now that the fight against crime is so serious, its always in the limelight, yet you actually dare to threaten me, an ordinary good citizen. Believe me, Ill report you."

1It was different now compared to a decade or two ago. Triads and the like werent rampant at all.

Jin Wenwen took a deep breath. "Fine, you win. Then, Ill raise the price againone million."

"I said I dont have it, its not about the money." Roland looked at her mockingly. "Do you not understand what Im saying, or are you simply deaf?"

Jin Wenwen was almost driven crazy.

She said hatefully, "Fine! Youre good, brat."

Then, she twisted around and left.

Roland then returned to the large shed and saw Night Tide Sands and Qi Shaoqiu waiting for him.

As soon as Qi Shaoqiu saw him, he laughed. "I saw that Jin Wenwen was pissed off and left, that expression she had was like she ate sh**. Back then I broke up with her, her expression wasnt even that ugly. Awesome!"

1After that, he even patted Rolands shoulder excitedly.

Night Tide Sands, on the other hand, asked, "What did she say to you?"

"She insisted that I had an immersive cabin and said she wanted me to sell it to her for a million yuan. I said I didnt have one, and she didnt believe me and got mad and ran away," Roland said casually.

But the two of them obviously didnt believe thisthey knew Jin Wenwen very well. if it was as simple as Roland said, Jin Wenwen wouldnt be angered to such an extent. Roland must have said something obscene to piss her off.

"She still hasnt let go of her ambition to fight for the womens championship," Qi Shaoqiu lamented, as if recalling something.

Night Tide Sands put her hands behind her back and looked into the distance.

1"You guys are also martial artists, arent you curious as to whether I have it or not?" Roland asked somewhat curiously.

Qi Shaoqiu said indifferently, "So what if you do or dont? You will naturally tell us if you want to, and you wont say anything if you dont want to. Its futile to askinstead, it will just damage our relationship."

Night Tide Sands looked at Roland, and there seemed to be autumn water rippling in her pretty black pupils.

Roland sighed. "Actually, I do have it."

Everyone was familiar with each other, so there was no point in speaking falsehoods.

Qi Shaoqiu laughed lightly, showing some relief.

Night Tide Sands, on the other hand, took out her hands that were behind her back. An old vellum notebook that was decades old was held in her hands. "These are my experiences, the insights on how to train the Daoist Nourishment of Life are all in there. You can take it and read it, and then return it to me after reading it."

Roland accepted it. The notebook still had the girls body temperature. Roland was stunned for a moment, and then said solemnly, "Thank you."

Night Tide Sands smiled once again, which she rarely did. "No need to thank me."

1At noon, Roland returned home from the saber arts club, and after having lunch with his parents, he lay down on his bed and looked through Night Tide Sands notebook.

The first words that entered his sight wereDaoist Nourishment of Life Insights, in a beautiful and graceful writing style.

2Roland flipped through the pages one by one. The notebook contained Night Tide Sands hand-drawn diagrams of human meridians, qi circulation routes, and some of her insights.

After a cursory reading, Roland found that there was a major flaw in the insights and experiences.

As a girl, Night Tide Sands was too focused on the whitening effect of this technique.

Almost all the articles were full of things like circulating qi to what acupuncture points and how long to maintain it to make the skin whiter or firmer, and so on.

It was either that or the secret technique for darker hair.

Was this thing useless?

No, it was very useful.

But for Roland, what he would like to see more was an insight into improving his mental power.

And not this kind of thing

Was he going to train himself to be a pretty boy?

Hmm, doesnt seem like a bad idea.

1This thought suddenly flashed across Rolands mind.