Mages Are Too Op Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Playing Dumb

Chapter 140 Playing Dumb

Could one make a living by being handsome?

Of course! Roland had a classic example of this close to him. From a young age, Schuck had taught him in a series of surprising ways that when a man was handsome enough, just how much imperceptible good treatment one would encounter.

For making the same mistake, Schuck was rarely punished, and when there was something good, he was given priority, and as for girls fawning over Schuck to the point where he felt it troublesome. Going out with girls, it was always the girls who took the initiative to pay. Now that he was married, there was no need for him to work at all, as long as he paid his "male rations" in the evening.

Roland had envied and pondered before why he wasnt a handsome man.

Then he realized that there werent many people in the world who were as blessed as Schuck. Now even the game world admitted that Schucks attractiveness index had already exceeded the limits of the human race.

But now that there was an opportunity to be a pretty boy in front of Roland, should he seize it?

Of course, he would seize it people who thought that others who made a living off their looks were incompetent were just envious.

Although even if he turned into a pretty boy, he would definitely not be able to compare to Schuck, no one would mind if they themselves were more handsome or more beautiful.

Provided that they didnt use surgical means to change their face.

Roland turned off the lights in the room, then sat cross-legged, closing his eyes and entering a meditative state.

After all, in the notes, the most basic introductory teaching was thiscalm ones mind.

The light coming in through the window flickered on and off, and after about ten minutes, Roland opened his eyes abruptly, then grimaced as he used his hands to force his legs straight.

They were so numbalmost too numb to move.

He slapped his own legs hard to alleviate the symptoms, all the while frowning, struck by a great deal of frustration.

For someone who had never sat cross-legged, this position would easily cause the blood in the legs to flow poorly.

He rested for a while, and when his legs werent numb, he began to close his eyes and meditate again.

Only this time, it was even shorter than the last time.

He slapped his legs again and smiled bitterly.

Then, he got off the bed and walked for a while.

When his legs were completely numb-free, he sat down in front of his computer and opened a web page to look up information on how to meditate without resulting in numb legs.

The responses were virtually the same just sit like that a few more times.

Fine. Roland had given up on cross-legged meditation for the time being tonight.

After browsing the forums for a while, the time came and Roland entered the game punctually.

Every time he entered the game, Roland could feel the ubiquitous magical elements in the air, which gave him a sense of satisfaction.

And now, he was getting tired of staying in the real world.

The real world always gave him a feeling of emptiness and even a little restlessness.

He went to the magic lab and continued to derive the new characteristics of Spell Puppet.

Shortly after, Vivian came in. She placed an invitation in front of Roland and said, "John Junior sent it over."

Roland took the invitation and read it. It said that Roland and the other three Golden Sons were once again invited to the castle for a banquet, and it would still be a private one, only this time John Senior would also like to meet them.

Hehe, finally making a move?

John Senior hadnt made any moves targeting the players since he came back, but now it seemed that he couldnt sit still any longer.

It was good to meet the other side. Roland also wanted to see what kind of person the other side was, after all!

In the evening, Roland, along with Hawk and the others, went to the castle for the banquet.

The person who received them was still John Junior.

After not seeing each other for a while, John Junior was still as handsome as he was before. When he saw Roland and them, he bent slightly at the waist and said, "The four of you are finally here. Ive been waiting for a long time, please come in."

He volunteered to be an attendant and personally led the four of them into the castles banquet hall.

Several thick candles were placed in each of the four corners of the banquet hall. These candles were magical creations that burned for a long time and were extremely bright, and they didnt give off any odor or black smokeit was a luxury item, the price relatively expensive, and the average small noble dared not use it.

It was one thing to be able to afford it, but using such precious things without the corresponding status would easily lead to the other nobles secretly ridiculing one for not knowing their status.

This was already an unspoken rule.

Roland and them didnt recognize this. When they came in, they just felt that this candle was a bit brighter than usual, almost as good as household LED lights.

So they just took one more glance and then shifted their gazes.

Their actions were also seen by the Johns.

John Senior was sitting at the hosts seat, and when he saw Roland and them coming over, he didnt get up. He simply gently raised his glass and said, "Finally, the four of you are here."

When guests arrived and the host didnt stand up, it was just a matter of seeing that the visitor was not of high enough status to merit his standing up.

That in itself was a rather impolite thing to do.

Although Roland and the others didnt understand these hidden noble rules, the "lack of etiquette" was something that both worlds had in common, so Roland and the others all frowned slightly.

But they were fine with that and just started looking for a place to sit down.

This was also a gesture statement. It was considered rude for a guest to directly sit down when the host had not asked them to sit down, and it was a strong act of contempt for the owner unless the visitor was very close to the person, then an exception would be made.

This meant roughly the same in both worlds, and both John Senior and John Junior were a little surprised to see them sit themselves down.

Both father and son then hid their emotions well, their faces still wearing hospitable and gentle smiles.

When they sat down, Roland looked at John Senior.

John Seniors appearance was very similar to John Juniors, but the former looked much more mature and much stronger.

Roland looked at the other side for a moment and smiled. "The mayor invited us over, but is just sitting down and watching us without talking. Why is that?"

"I was wondering how I should open up to you." John Senior laughed aloud, his gaze sweeping over the other three before finally landing on Rolands face. "After all, what Im about to say, It might be a bit forceful."

"If its a bit forceful, then please dont say it, Mayor." Roland waved his hand dismissively. "So as not to hurt the feelings of both parties. After all, we have a pretty good relationship with John Junior, and if there is any conflict with you, it would be hard for John Junior to be caught in the middle. A friend on one side, a close relative on the other, pains on both sides."

Upon hearing this, John Junior felt as disgusted as if he had swallowed a fly.

He really didnt expect Roland to be so shameless.

So shameless as to say such words.

John Senior smirked inwardly. He was quite experienced and knowledgeable, and he had seen such a situation before.

He chuckled and said, "However, these words, even if they are forceful, even if they will cause some misunderstanding between us, they still have to be saidtheyre very important."

Roland sighed. "Since you insist, Mayor, then please speak."

"How about we talk while we eat?"

"No, lets get down to business first." Roland waved his hand and said, "Im not even in the mood to eat until Ive heard the main business."

Meanwhile, Hawk, Link, and Jett, all three of them were gorging on food. When they heard Rolands words, they smiled slightly and started to wolf down their portions.