Mages Are Too Op Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Chaos

Chapter 146 Chaos

One move to deal with all situations. If I can blow up the city gates in one shot with an extremely effective large fireball, why do I have to think of so many roundabout ways to breach the city walls?

The mages were called the kings of war for this reason.

With enough strength, mages could always find various ways to tear an opening in the enemys defenses.

In skirmishes, archers and thieves were the mages nemeses.

However, it was unlikely that archers and thieves could do anything to target mages on the battlefield who were under heavy protection, and it would be difficult for them to bypass the protective net of the army.

The dumbest and easiest way to fight against mages was to build walls using magic-resistant building materials, but they were expensive and not used in non-border cities or strategically important cities.

The other method was to find another powerful spellcaster, or a group of spellcasters, and interfere with each others spell effects to reduce the power of the spell after it formed.

If you cant beat him, join him This was the best way to go.

The only problem was that spellcasters were really rare. Whether they were warlocks or mages, the more powerful they were, the less they bothered to get involved in mundane matters. They preferred to stay in their Magic Towers and study magic.

And now, an Archmage was actually born amongst the Golden Sons?

John Senior immediately thought of someoneRoland!

At this moment, it had also occurred to John Junior as he turned his attention to his father.

Both father and son wore fierce expressions.

John Senior roared, "All of you go back to the city and kill all the enemies in the city first!"

He was truly enraged. He had thought that the other side didnt have many troops and had dug the trenches planning to defend to their deaths.

However, he hadnt thought that it was just a cover, and the other side had actually sneaked around back and attacked.

This feeling of being on the receiving end of a successful sneak attack by someone he despised was quite irritating. John Senior was also aware that he had taken the enemy lightly and committed a cardinal sin in war.

More importantly, there wasnt even a hint about when Roland became an Archmage.

No wonder the city of Mory had been sieged so easily.

There was also a lot of inexplicable news coming from Morys side, much of which was deliberately hidden. If he knew that Roland was an Archmage, John Senior knew that he would definitely not have acted rashly.

But no matter what, he now had to go back to the city first.

He looked at the broken city gates from afar, his expression chilling.

Soldiers were immediately mobilized.

They turned around and began to retreat.

But just at this moment, a group of bare-chested men carrying two or three stone pikes jumped out of the entrenchment.

They let out strange battle cries and charged forward, and with the force of their sprint, they hurled their stone pikes.

After throwing one, they threw another, and when they had finished throwing the spears in their hands, they immediately ran back to the trenches, as if to get new ones.

These two hundred or so famished men threw a large number of stone pikes in just ten seconds or so.

The ones in charge of the rear were naturally the shield soldiers who were at the frontline not long ago, and although they raised their shields in time, a large number of stone pikes came down followed by chaotic crashing sounds. There were still some unfortunate people who were hit in the head by the stone pikes, and even though they were protected by iron helmets, the violent impact still knocked them unconscious.

At this moment, the archers who were at the rear, now considered the front, reacted and were trying to fire a wave of arrows. In the end, as the enemy screamed oddly, all of the arrows were fired toward the trenches.

The arrows rained down, but they didnt seem to hit a single person.

A certain officer in charge of the command spat angrily, "These cowardly untouchables."

Although John Senior had been hurrying toward the city gate, he took the time to look behind him.

He suddenly realized that this kind of warfare, where one retreated when the enemy advanced and when the enemy retreated one would harass, was very familiar.

Then on second thought, his face turned somewhat sullen.

Actually using his own best battle method against him?

These da**ed Golden Sons.

He immediately reined in his horse and said to the officer beside him, "You take two hundred infantry and one hundred archers to guard those damned rats. If they come after us again, dont think about staying in the army in the future."


The officer gave a knights salute and immediately turned back with a group of soldiers.

And once again, John Senior spurred his horse to the front. He was followed by several young officers who were also on horseback.

They were naturally fast on horseback, but when they arrived at the city gate, they found that the entire gate had been blown away, and there was a roughly ten-meter wide gap in the city wall.

The stone bricks scattered around had been charred black, still emitting wisps of light smokeone could imagine how powerful the magic that had just blown down this city gate was.

"How did this happen!" John Junior looked at the castle gate, feeling this somewhat inconceivable. "How did Roland become an Archmage without us knowing anything about it? Even Aldo didnt tell us."

"Regardless, lets go back to the castle first." John Senior endured the anger in his heart and proceeded hurriedly.

The few men continued to spur their horses forward, and shortly after they bypassed the castle gates, another blinding flash of light shone in the distance, followed by the sound of a huge explosion.

They managed with difficulty to calm the frightened horses before they saw a cloud of black smoke drifting skyward from the direction of the castle.

"Roland!" John Senior finally couldnt hold back anymore and let out a furious shout.

At the same time, the castles front door was blown apart by Rolands derivative self-destructing fireball spell, and then he slumped down to the ground.

"Im done, I really cant move." A frighteningly pale Roland said to the people beside him, "Get me to safety."

Two soldiers immediately came over with an improvised stretcher, moved him on it, and carried him quickly away from the battlefield.

Link gestured with his hands, and the hundred or so soldiers behind him immediately dispersed and began pulling apart the thick twine coiled around their bodies and tying it to tree stumps on either side of the road, or wrapping it around rocks that had half their volume buried in the earth.

And then, they set up a small mechanism that used leverage, so that with a little force, they could pull the twine straight.

In a short time, more than twenty horse-tripping twines were set on the road.

Soon after, another group of soldiers got some sandy soil from the side and carefully covered the tripping twines on the road, so that from a slight distance, it was impossible to tell that there was rope buried there.

Then, these men quickly hid.

Meanwhile, soldiers left behind in the castle were all scared out of their wits by that self-destructing spell and hid in the inner city, not daring to come out.

Soon, there was the sound of heavy hoofbeats in the distance

This was John Seniors elite cavalry, and because of the trenches, they would not be needed in this battle.

Therefore, they stayed in the barracks at the rear of the castle.

Unexpectedly, two successive explosions first broke the gate, then the castle seemed to be under attack.

The officer who stayed behind was a trusted aide of John Senior, and his loyalty was obvious.

He immediately came to the rescue with all his cavalry.

Roland was carried to a small forest, then he lay down on the stretcher and turned on the livestream.

The idiotic netizens in the livestream room were showing off their so-called intelligence in various ways, speaking in extremely pleasant voices and mixing it with strange moaning sounds.

Roland then observed as John Seniors cavalry rushed over from afar, and watched the horse-tripping twines pop up from the sandy soil one by one.

Roland watched the masses tumbling over each other, the miserable shrieks of men mixed with the neighing of horses.

It was brutal and enjoyable.