Mages Are Too Op Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Were Not The Same

Chapter 149 We"re Not the Same

Although there were more soldiers under John Senior, they were attacked from the front and back, and their morale was greatly reduced.

And three of the Golden Son professionals took the lead, reaping the lives of their enemies.

In cold weapons warfare, without the spellcaster involved, a warrior or battle priest was a fierce general equivalent to a hundred people.

They took the lead and for every enemy they killed, their own partys morale rose while their enemys fell. This was the most important role of generals in battle.

Just about five minutes after Hawk joined the battle, the enemy was utterly crushed as their morale collapsed.

John Junior, who was seeing a real battlefield for the first time, was completely at a loss and didnt have the same attitude full of mettle as he had before.

His ears were filled with the screams of war, the muffled sounds of longswords cutting off limbs, or the clang of blunt weapons striking shields and knocking on armor.

He watched as the soldiers around him fell one by one. He was pale from fright and too scared to move, but no one came to trouble him.

He watched as his father led a small army to apparently try to force a breakthrough, but Hawk held him back.

Hawk was very strong, stronger than Link.

Links Cleave plus Whirlwind Slash could only spin five times.

But Hawk could spin ten times in a row, and his greatsword was even bigger and longer, moving as he spun, flying through sand, blood, and flesh.

What was even more outrageous was that although he only wore soft leather armor, the soldiers stabs couldnt even pierce his muscles.

After spinning he just swung and slashed normally. The greatsword had a wide range, so two or three soldiers would die in one strike, and after cutting down ten people, he would start to spin again.

John Junior just watched as Hawk spun like a whirlwind There were no more soldiers nearby who could stay standing.

Finally, he saw his father go up against Hawk and watched as his father along with his horse was cut in half by a charging swing from Hawk.

John Junior shuddered as he watched his father fall in a pool of blood in the distance; then he finally came to his senses and rushed over with all his strength.

In the process, there was still no enemy to stop him.

He ran to the top half of his fathers body and fell to his knees dazedly.

Benefiting from being a level-two professional, Lancer John Senior had a more resilient vitality, and even though the lower half of his body was no longer attached, he didnt die right away.

Lying in a pool of blood, he saw John Junior run over and shakily raised his right hand.

John Junior grabbed it and wept as he watched his fathers face slowly turn gray as his innards flowed out of his abdomen.

"Surrender patience" John Seniors eyes were slowly closing. "Bloodline legacy."

After saying these last words, John Senior closed his eyes completely.

John Junior was holding his fathers hand, and although he didnt cry, his body was trembling terribly.

The mayor was dead, and the battle naturally came to an end.

Jett came to John Juniors side and shook his head slightly as he looked at the heartbroken John Junior.

In the livestream chat, the players were also discussing.

"John Junior is a bit pitiful, his own father died right in front of his eyes."

"Hes not pitiful. Maybe hes laughing in his heart, because now that his father is dead, hell be the mayor."

"Upstairs, youre too inhumane."

"You talk about humanity with these feudalistic lords? If they had any humanity, there would not be so many beggars in the city, nor would they have thought of going to the docks with violence and driving Hawk and the others away."

"Agreed, he deserved to be punished. Cant just give everything away when others come knocking on your door."

"Human nature is something I dont understand. I just feel like these soldiers are so useless, nearly half of them died in less than half an hour of fighting."

"In war, the advantage of professionals is too great. I reckon if it is a properly configured party of five level-fives, they can fight against hundreds of regular troops head-on."

"Dont be too cocky, Hollevin is a newbie village and is relatively weaker among all the countries. There are many powerful countries out there, such as Fareins, where they have a much greater number of professionals in their armies than Hollevin. Theres also the desert kingdom, Urganda, where everyone is a soldier, and the number of professionals in their armies may be as high as ten percent. As for the Froststar Kingdom further out, I heard theres a clan of Frostwolves who are professionals at birth, mysterious and powerful. They worship the Winterwolf God, and the Winterwolf Saintess was said to be at the Legendary level when she ascended the throne."

"Upstairs, who are you? How come you know so much?"

"The ID of the person speaking is called Schuck isnt that the founder of the F6 guild!"

"Oh sh**, the only guild leader in the game right now. Its a big shot, my bad, my bad."

"You flatter me, the goddess sees that Im handsome and is just rewarding me with a meal."

"Tsk! These big shots all like to show off their good looks. Principal Huang also keeps saying hes handsome."

"Its better to be a show-off than to be lofty and look at people down the nose."

"Good point."

Even looking at this rather bloody and sad scene, the atmosphere in the livestream room was still idiotic. For most of the players, no matter how realistic this world was, their sense of identity and immersiveness was still not too deeply engaged.

John Junior hugged his fathers body, feeling that it had become cold.

His heart also became ice-cold.

The sounds of the battlefield were suddenly much quieter, and the battle cries had become very faint.

Most of the soldiers had thrown away their weapons and crouched down with their hands on their heads in surrender.

Only a small portion of the extremely loyal soldiers was still persistently holding on.

Hawk, dragging his greatsword, walked up to John Junior, looked down at him, and said, "What are you going to do next?"

John Junior looked up woodenly, a hint of sarcasm on his grief-stricken face. "Didnt you want to kill me? Why are you still asking so many questions?"

Hawk laughed, and because of his sturdy, beast-like body and the fierce look on his face, he looked rather malevolent. "Depending on your answer, well decide whether you live or die."

John Junior placed his fathers body carefully on the ground. He stood up slowly and said, "You ask."

Hawk looked around; there was no one still resisting stubbornly. "Would you be willing to be a puppet?"

John Junior looked around as well. The living soldiers were stupefied as they were herded together by the beggar army, while the streets were filled with human limbs and corpses. Some crippled soldiers were lying on the ground, moaning in pain, and the priest Jett was doing his best to save the dying, friend and foe alike.

While this was partly a noble side of humanity, it was more so because saving people could farm experience points.

Ninety percent of the soldiers in Delpon were here now John Junior withdrew his gaze and he looked at Hawk bitterly."Do I have the right to refuse?"


"At the cost of death?"

Hawk nodded.

Taking a deep breath, John Junior asked, "What are you going to do with the castle maids, my mother, and my sister? "

"If they want to go, they can go, if they want to stay, they can stay. We wont do anything to restrict them, provided, of course, that they dont provoke us and go on quietly being dames and damsels."

"Your soldiers would agree?" John Junior wore obvious sarcasm on his face. "No novelties after besieging the city, it would be strange if they dont mutiny."

Hawk sneered and said contemptuously, "Dont compare the army trained by us Golden Sons to the private army of you noble lords!"