Mages Are Too Op Chapter 152

Chapter 152 Dirty Politics

Chapter 152 Dirty Politics

Looking at the helpless look on Rolands face, the nobles on the other side were all smiling.

It didnt affect their opinion of Roland; after all, the other Golden Sons acted in a manner befitting their status as brutes and a priest who dedicated his piety to God. They werent very smart, but wasnt that normal?

Therefore, the person they valued the most and were most apprehensive about was still Roland.

This young mage clearly looked to be at the Elite level, but in reality, he might be an Archmage.

The old womans name was Caroline. She looked at Roland and said in a slow tone characteristic of old people, "Indeed, we are all distant relatives of the John family, so what do you have in mind, Your Excellency?".

"If youre all related, Im just curious as to why you can sit down and talk to us peacefully instead of planning to avenge the mayor?"

Not only was Roland curious about this question, Hawk and the others were also quite curious.

"Because it was John Senior who made the first move, and besides, you didnt kill every last one of them. The John family is still currently the leadership of the city. They just lost a single person and some benefits."

So thats it as long as the inheritance of the John familys bloodline isnt at risk, is anything negotiable?

In fact, this was the reason why the incident at the city of Mory didnt cause too much of a ripple in the noble class.

Everyones hands were unclean, not to mention the fact that Bettel, the mayor of Mory, was a brutal man who had seduced a female Golden Son and actually threw her to her death from the third floor when he was done playing with her!

Anyone else who had enough power in this matter would not have spared him easily.

And the Golden Sons just happened to have the power.

They had killed John Senior and almost all his soldiers, but they still hadnt eliminated John Seniors bloodline.

Even after all this the position of mayor was now in John Juniors hands.

This kind of restraint was extremely in line with the characteristics of the great noble class that fought without breaking.

Everyone could fight for their interests, and some of their descendants could die, but they must never go to the extremes and strip someones title, or their lordship.

If someone dared to do so, he would definitely be ostracized by the other nobles. Then next time, his entire family would be killed, and no one would speak up for him.

Looking at Rolands expression of realization, the old woman smiled and said, "Next, we can talk about interesting things. For example the few mines outside the city, what are you going to do with them? If its not convenient for you to manage it, we, the Gawain Family, can do it on your behalf, as long as youre willing to pay us some management fees."

Roland laughed lightly and said, "We are not in a hurry to discuss this matter first, there is a more important matter at hand."

The nobles were somewhat surprised, and the old woman looked a little puzzled and said, "Your Excellency, please speak."

"How about letting us have the position of sheriff?" Roland smiled and said, "I dont care who the current incumbent is, but this position, we Golden Sons must have it."

"Why?" The old woman shook her head, expressing her puzzlement.

"We have our own reasons, which were not at liberty to say."

The five people across the room began to mutter amongst themselves, even giving each other glances.


Roland continued to add fuel to the fire and said, "We are determined to get this position, and for that, we can accordingly give up some other benefits."

The five people on the other side were astonished, and the old woman used her blue fan to cover her mouth. Her eyebrows quirked as she said, "How much interest can be conceded?"

"For example the mines, we can give up


The negotiations went more smoothly than expected. Link got the position of sheriff, Hawks docks would soon be officially open for business, and he acquired the old docks that were already present.

Jett got unlimited missionary rights in the entire city of Delpon.

As for Roland, he only wanted money a third of the citys monthly taxes would be distributed to Roland from now on.

Most importantly, they could guarantee that the mayors residence would declare to the public that John Senior died of an illness, rather than being killed by a weapon.

Naturally, the next step was for the hosts and guests to eat and drink for a while. Afterward, Roland and the others left the banquet hall.

The group of nobles and merchants were still waiting at the door, and when they saw Roland and the others come out, they didnt dare to ask any questions and just made way for the four to leave the manor.

After the four of them left, the old woman came out.

The nobles looked at her anxiously.

After looking around, the old woman said softly, "The deal is done. Everything will continue as usual tomorrow."

The nobles were delighted, but they were gentlemen and ladies and would not cheer as the lowly would, simply applauding.

And so thunderous applause sounded.

Roland and the others walked out of the manor.

Hawk walked in front of them, and as he walked, he laughed disdainfully and said, "Those guys talk quite nicely, but theyre not actually apprehensive about our power yet. If we were commoners, ordinary people, they would have already pinned as with the accusation of plotting a rebellion."

Tonights moonlight was quite nice, and Roland was in a pretty good mood. He smiled faintly and said, "Dont bother about so many things. Its all very normal to study strength, looks, and family. If there was an ugly girl in front of you and you were asked to marry her, would you do it? If its a beautiful girl, you might be willing to sit down and talk. In the same way, we have the power, so naturally, we can get them to sit down and talk things over. Dont think too much about the rest, its not good for you."

Hawk sighed. "Yes, justice without power is nothing."

At this time, Link, who was on the side, suddenly asked, "Roland, why do you only want gold coins? Isnt it good to cultivate some of your own forces and personnel?"

"Thats too much of a waste of energy. Magic is a very profound skill, and I dont have that much time to manage organizations and stuff like that." Roland sighed. "Besides, I saw a mages autobiography, and the first sentence on the first page said, A poor man is not qualified to become a high-level mage. Thats why I need to make more money first, to lay some foundation for the future of spending money like water."

"Wouldnt it be better if you simply switched to Warlock" Hawk turned back and laughed as he walked backward, but suddenly he froze. "Hey, wheres Jett?"

Roland said indifferently, "He just now left and got into a carriage with a noblewoman with a gourd-shaped figure."

Hawks eyes looked back and noticed a carriage there at the entrance to the manor, which seemed to be rocking gently.

"This guys quite lucky with the ladies." Hawk smacked his lips. "Im so envious."

Link looked at him askance.

Hawk subconsciously shivered and patted his arm. "Strange, why do I suddenly feel a bit cold?"

Roland laughed.

The three then parted at the fork of the road and Roland returned to the Magic Tower.

Vivian was resting on the table in his study, and when she heard him open the door, she immediately stood up and said joyfully, "Deputy Chairman, youre finally back. Ive made you some soup that will sober you upwait, Ill heat it up and bring it over."

Roland wanted to refuse, but thinking that it was her goodwill, he didnt say anything.

Not long after, Vivian came over with a bowl of porridge that smelled pretty good.

Roland took it, and as he drank it, he asked, "How have those two little ones been learning latelyhave they been naughty?"

"Theyre very obedient and theyre learning diligently." Vivian hesitated a little. "Its just that the others dont like the two of them very much."