Mages Are Too Op Chapter 154

Chapter 154 Try Me

Chapter 154 Try Me

Li Lin quickly walked up to Roland and said in quite a surprised manner, "Roland, why are you here?"

Roland looked at his head, crinkled his nose, and said, "No, ask about that later. Whats with you dyeing your hair blue?"

Now that Li Lin had dyed his hair blue, he looked extremely strange.

"Red and blue match," Li Lin said with a smile. "I recently got together with a girl and she dyed her hair red, so I dyed mine blue."

Roland was speechless. "Another one you found at a nightclub?"

"Right," Li lin said without a care. "As you know, I usually only like to hang out in places like that."

"But you should have been playing the game lately, so why are you at nightclubs again?"

"I just go to have a few drinks, sit around, and be home by ten oclock."

Roland sighed helplessly. At ten oclock, nightclubs arent even considered officially open, yet you still managed to get a girl like this?

At this moment, Li Lin took a look at the simple bamboo protective gear on Rolands body. "Youre practicing the saber here? Youre the one the coach said was very talented yesterday?"

"Im really the only student here; whether Im talented or not is another story."

Oh! Li Lin nodded and said to Qi Shaoqiu, "Coach, Ill pay my tuition now."

Qi Shaoqiu gazed back and forth between Li Lin and Roland for a moment and asked, "So you guys know each other. By the way, arent you going to think about it a bit more? After all, its thirty thousand yuan, and once its paid I wont give it back."

"My brother is learning here, you guys must teach well." Li Lin took out his phone and shook it.

"Straightforward!" Qi Shaoqiu gave a thumbs up, then shouted to the back of the kitchen, "Little sister, come here, time to collect the money."

Shortly after, Night Tide Sands came over from the kitchen.

She already had a rather cold personality, and her expression became even colder when she saw Li Lins blue hair.

However, Li Lins eyes lit up a bit, and he couldnt help but look at Night Tide Sands a few more times as if he were interested.

Expressionless, Night Tide Sands showed her QR code, and after Li Lin scanned it, she walked over to Roland, gently tugged on his shirt, and said, "Come help me move some stuff, I cant move it by myself."

"Okay." Roland immediately agreed and didnt think much of it.

The two of them left.

But when Li Lin looked at Night Tide Sands small gesture of lightly tugging Rolands sleeve just now, he contemplated this. The look of interest in his eyes quickly faded and soon disappeared without a trace.

He laughed lightly and muttered to himself, "I didnt think that this kid Roland would pick up a girl over here without a word."

Then he asked Qii Shaoqiu, "Coach, how long has Roland been studying here?"

"Its been four months."

Qi Shaoqiu wondered why Li Lin would ask this question, but thinking that the two of them were also friends, he thought it wouldnt hurt to say it.

"This guy, hes done a pretty good job of keeping secrets. He came here right when he saw a pretty girl," Li Lin muttered.


Qi Shaoqiu vaguely understood, and he was tempted to say that these two werent boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but thinking that his little sister did have feelings for Roland, he held back for fear of saying something that would ruin their relationship.

Not long after, Roland returned from behind the kitchen.

When Li Lin saw him come over, he smiled and said, "Why dont you spend more time with the pretty girl?"

Huh? When Roland was stunned for a moment. He knew that Li Lin had misunderstood and said, "Night Tide Sands and I are just friends."

"Just keep pretending." Li Lin had a look on his face that said "I see through you."

Sighing lightly, Roland asked in return, "Why did you think of coming here to learn saber arts?"

"I only learned a basic military sword technique in the game, and then I hit a bottleneck," Li Lin said helplessly. "Because the Barbarian profession is very discriminated against in the game, I wanted to learn better sword skills but no one taught me. So I reckoned Id learn a set in the real world, but I ended up going to a fencing hall and felt like those students were so awful. I said this to the owner of the club, who wasnt happy about it and insisted on fighting me, but I ended up beating them all up by myself, including their instructor."

Roland was caught between laughter and tears. "You havent changed your violent temper."

"I didnt actively cause trouble," Li Lin cried out rather aggrievedly. "Theyre awful and they wont allow others to say so, and they still wanted to beat me up to prove me wronghow could I not retaliate?"

At this time Qi Shaoqiu interjected, "So youre also playing that virtual online game. No wonder yesterday I saw that although your movements were swift and fierce, your fundamentals were unstable. Its reasonable to say that you have plenty of combat experience and the right posture, but your foundation is too poor. I wondered what the reason was this must be it."

Roland blinked. "So you and Brother Qiu exchanged notes yesterday afternoon?"

Li Lin was a little guilty. "He bragged so much about his saber arts, of course I had to try."

Roland snickered. "You lost, right?"

"I lost, but not by much." Li Lin defended himself.

Qi Shaoqiu laughed at the side, quite happy. "Thats because I was pulling punches, afraid that if I beat you badly youd be shamed into anger and wouldnt come as a student. Now that youve paid your tuition, Ill tell you the truth, youre actually this"

He finished his sentence and held up his little finger[1].

"I dont believe it." Li Lin jumped up in anger. "Lets fight again."

"Me competing with you is bullying you." Qi Shaoqiu put on his signature dead-fish eyes. "Roland can pin you down and hammer youif you dont believe me, try it!"

"Try me." Li Lin shouted to Roland, "Ive fought no less than a hundred life-and-death battles in the game, and I dont believe that I cant beat a Mage in melee combat!"

Then, Li Lin went to the storeroom to get a set of protective gear and a longsword.

Although this was the miaodao arts club, other wooden weapons were also available.

The two of them stood facing each other in the large shed.

Qi Shaoqiu shouted weakly beside them, "Start."

As soon as the word was said, Li Lins expression immediately became fierce and he banged his long sword randomly on his right side diagonally behind himthe repeated clacking of wood hitting cement-as he slowly walked forward.

At this time, Night Tide Sands also walked to the edge of the field. She frowned and said, "What an annoying way to fight."

"Thats the way the sword arts of the Western barbarians[2] is. It focuses on a preemptive show of strength and powerful strikes. Although it looks crude, with the quality of the swordsmans stature over there, its still quite troublesome. A heavy sword slash coming down with frightening strength One without a shield wouldnt dare to parry it, they can only dodge."

Night Tide Sands wasnt too happy to hear this. "You mean Roland will be in trouble?"

"How is that possible-Li Lin isnt even a Western barbarian. Although he has good physical qualities, Rolands physical qualities arent bad either, so theres no qualitative difference between them. But after Roland practiced for such a long period of time, and me sparring with him, hes already used to the fighting style of cold weapons."

Night Tide Sands let out a slight sigh of relief.

As Li Lin entered the field, the tapping of Li Lins sword on the floor was getting louder and louder, and he was swaying his upper body in time with the tapping.

Combined with his fierce appearance, he seemed quite imposing.

[1] insignificant, clumsy

[2] people living outside the borders of ancient China