Mages Are Too Op Chapter 156

Chapter 156 At Odds

Chapter 156 At Odds

What was in the middle of the screen was indeed a painting, but not a literal painting. This was a particular kind of intuitive recognition he had.

The spell models that Roland recently saw and learned were all points and lines. This model, however, was a square formation.

The long, square blocks were piled together, and the squares also had colors, appearing garish and green and looking chaotic, but with a unique design.

It was like an abstract and vintage kind of painting

Then Roland also found himself unable to understand it.

Could this thing be an architectural cutaway? But it doesnt look like one either.

After looking at it for a while, he sent a message to ONeal: "I cant understand it either, can I make a copy? When I get into the game, Ill go ask Aldo about it, maybe hell know something."

"It was meant for you, do as you wish."

After a casual conversation with ONeal, they both went offline.

Roland, meanwhile, helped the family with some chores, and when evening fell, he borrowed an ashtray from his father. After he had washed it clean, he cut out a little of the aromatic incense and lit it up.

Afterward, he sat down cross-legged on his bed and began to meditate.

Probably because of the aromatic incense, his meditation went exceptionally well this time, and when he felt his legs go numb and opened his eyes, he found that it was already midnight.

"Oh, s***!" Roland jumped up from his bed, changed into his pajamas, and lay inside the game cabin.

Maybe it was because the meditation effect was so good just now that he wasnt sleepy anymore. It took nearly an hour of hard tossing and turning in the game cabin before he was able to sleep.

When he entered the game, he saw Vivian in his study, looking at him with a look of having seen a ghost, and then her expression immediately became calm.

Roland calculated that he hadnt entered the game for three hours, which meant that nine hours had passed since the last time this world had temporarily stopped.

In other words, there were about nine hours where he was not in the Magic Tower.

No wonder Vivian had such a look on her face.

Roland smiled at her apologetically. "Did I scare you?"

Vivian nodded repeatedly. "Deputy Chairman, you suddenly disappeared. No one saw you for several hours, and the guards said you didnt leave the Magic Tower. You scared us. We looked for you everywhere and couldnt find you. We thought you had been swallowed up by some spatial aperture-after all, you have been practicing spatial magic lately."

At this moment, Vivians dainty face was a little pale, and it was obvious that she was really freaked out.

"Well, I went back to my original dimension." Roland was suddenly a little curious. "Oh, thats right, I just appeared out of nowhere, right? How did I appear?"

Vivian thought about it and said, "Its just a cloud of green light that emerged out of nowhere, and then it turned into you."

Hmm is that the effect of logging into the game?

Vivian looked at Roland, suddenly propped her hands on the desk, and said, "Deputy Chairman, if next time you have to go back to your original dimension for a long time, please tell me and dont make me worry."

ne WO

Looking at the imposingly "fierce" Vivian, Roland subconsciously looked at her collar again, and then shifted away after two seconds.

Due to the acuteness particular to females, Vivian was startled for a moment. She immediately blushed, then straightened her body, and glared at Roland angrily before she walked out of the study.

Roland let out a sigh of relief and then walked out of the Magic Tower.

The two Magic Tower guards saw him and were relieved.

They were really afraid that the deputy chairman had inexplicably disappeared.

Roland arrived at the docks and found Hawk in the largest house.

At this time, Link, and Jett were already here.

They all greeted Roland when they saw him come in. Hawk called out, "Youre an hour late."

"Sorry, something delayed me from getting into the game cabin until midnight." Roland found a chair, sat down, and asked, "Why did you suddenly ask to assemble here?"

Hawk sat down as well, looked around at the others, and said, "Next, well have to discuss how were going to work in Delpon. Were all players, so naturally, we should be allies, and there are some things that must be aired out early, otherwise, it may be a bit late to communicate later when a conflict of interest arises."

"Cant the three of you just talk about this?" Roland waved his hand. "I dont have any forces."

Hawk chuckled. "You dont think you have any forces? The Magic Tower is your force now. Ive heard that Aldo doesnt give a damn now, and youre in charge of all the apprentices in the entire Magic Tower."

The other two laughed softly.

Roland frowned.

"Anyway, the Magic Tower has a lot of influence," Hawk said seriously. "I want to do something in Delpon-I want to achieve some ambitions here that cant be achieved in the real world, so Im hoping for a more benign environment. And we players are naturally more likely to cause trouble, so I feel the need, right now, to make things clear."

Thinking of dividing forces so soon?

Roland looked at Hawk for a moment, then smiled inwardly. He knew that this was quite normalwhere there were people, there were interests, and the "interests" in Delpon were pretty significant right now.

Whether it was Hawk, or Link, or Jett, each one of them would definitely have demands.

Roland himself also had demands. He only needed gold coins so he didnt seem so urgent.

"It seems that you guys already agreed on a deal before I arrived." Roland shook his head. "I still have the same conditions as before; Ill take a share of the citys taxes. As for the other territories and organizations, I wont ask any questions. Of course, the Magic Tower will still be the same as before, and I also hope that whatever happens to you guys, you wont get the Magic Tower involved."

These words were a direct way to pierce the thin layer of paper window between the four.

Hawk sighed. "Since you have no objections, then its settled."

Roland stood up and said with a smile, "I have some things to do, so Ill be going first."

As he watched Roland leave, Link looked a bit disappointed. "We were clearly comrades who fought side by side yesterday, and this is what weve become today."

"It cant be helped. We have to be responsible for the entire guild." Hawk also had a pained look on his face. "The guild leader is already planning to move the entire guild over herewe definitely have to have our own established territory."

Jett stood up and said with a smile, "Ill be leaving then, I hope well always be friends and wont meet in arms."

Hawk and Link both nodded.

Roland left the docks and walked down the avenue, looking lost.

He could understand what Hawk, Link, and even Jet were thinking, but just because he could understand it didnt mean he wouldnt be in a depressed mood.

Yesterday, everyone had been good friends, tight as a taut rope, and now it was obvious that they were defensive and suspicious because of their interests.

Interests were something that no one could hide from not even them-and Roland felt he couldnt either.

He walked slowly and arrived at Aldos manor.

After seeing Aldo, Roland placed the new model that he had traced in front of Aldo. "Chairman, do you know what this is?"

Aldo took it and looked at it for a moment and said with a strange expression, "Where did you get this thing?"

"You know it?" Roland was delighted.

Aldo nodded. "A magic array!"