Mages Are Too Op Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Find Nothing Searching High And Low

Chapter 159 Find Nothing Searching High and Low

At the end of this post, there were already a large number of Warlocks, as well as Priest players, who said that they wanted to learn from this forerunner and also contract a maggot to use as their magic pet.

These players were of average talent, and although they were much better than most NPCs of the same level, they were in the lower-middle class of players.

"We dont have much combat power, were not talented in PK, but we can disgust the other players to death."

"Good point, good point, lets form a group."

"Not for victory, but for disgusting the top players who look down on us."

"Hehe, that sounds interesting, Ill join too."

Rolands eyebrows furrowed as he read. If this group of players who specialized in stirring up trouble really gathered, then this game was going to be chaos in the future.

In fact, his intuition was right. The "flying feces" fighting style that would later become quite famous, hated by all the female players and shunned by most male players had its beginnings at this moment.

The style of play was just making things as disgusting as they could be. At first, it was just physically disgusting and later developed into being mentally disgusting.

In the mid to late stages, Mages began to join them, hard at work researching a lot of strange and bizarre mental magic. Not only did the players suffer from it, but so did the NPCs, becoming an alternative force that really shouldnt be provoked.

Roland closed this rather interesting post and found a few other ones to read.

After about three hours, he had finished reading all the posts about insights on magic pets.

The experiences that the players had summed up were more practical than Aldos.

First of all, the success rate of contracting a magic pet had a lot to do with the size of the pet.

For felines, contracting an ordinary black cat was not difficult, but contracting an adult tiger was almost impossible, and one player paid three head explosions for it.

In the end, he stole a tiger cub that hadnt been weaned yet, and that was how he succeeded in contracting it.

After an animal was contracted into a magic pet, it would have roughly the intelligence of an eight-year-old-a wild boars was even higher, with the IQ of a twelve-year-old-and all magic pets were able to communicate with their owners telepathically using a mental channel.

Magic pets were not a hundred percent loyal to their masters. Both parties had to mesh with each other.

However, canines were extremely loyal, and felines were well, everyone knew their personality.

Most avian pets were annoying, talking in mental channels almost every minute of the day, chirping, and taunting their masters, but they were actually quite loyal.

This was why most magic pets had strong scouting abilities, and they could use the mental channels to report what they saw to their masters even if they were far away from them.

It sounded like Rolands scout-type puppets were useless.

However, this wasnt the case. There would always be only one magic pet, but scout-type Spell Puppets could be used five at a time, or even ten at a time, in the future.

Those who understood the importance of intelligence could never have too many eyes.

Given the many benefits of magic pets, the sooner one contracted a magic pet, the better.

Roland made a list of most of the animals that he had access to right now, their strengths and weaknesses written on the back, and made it into a table. He looked at it and contemplated for a while, then got up.

When he reached the second floor, he just happened to run into Vivian, who was getting ready to go out.

The young lady had changed out of her magic robe and into a long, white, pleated skirt, and her hair was also let down from its ponytail to drape around her face, having the mixed appeal of maturity and cuteness.

When she saw Roland, her eyes lit up, and she came up and asked, "Deputy Chairman, are you planning to go out too?"

Roland nodded.

"I also happen to want to go out on the street to buy some things, why dont you come along?" Vivian asked expectantly.

Looking at the young girls bright eyes, Roland couldnt say no, so he nodded.

Vivian smiled happily as she took the initiative to walk to Rolands side.

As she got closer, Roland seemed to be able to smell a light, comforting fragrance of pears.

The two of them left the Magic Tower and walked down the street.

Although Vivians dress was not flashy, the long, white satin dress was not something that ordinary commoners could afford to wear, and with Rolands magic robe, although the two of them were walking on the crowded street, in reality, no one dared to stand in a one-meter radius.

Vivian looked at the side of Rolands face as she walked and asked, "Deputy Chairman, what are you planning to do this time?"

"Im looking for an animal to contract as a magic pet and was just about to head over to the animal market."

Vivians eyes lit up. "Great, do you need me to give you some advice?"

Roland nodded. "Sure, help me with my reference."

Vivians eyes curved into crescent moons in happiness when she heard Roland say that.

The two of them came to the animal market, where there were quite a few unique animals for buyers to choose from, some choosing to take them as pets, while others came with the intention of seeing what delicious animals they could find.

Wooden and iron cages lined both sides of the street, each and every cage with a wild animal trapped inside.

Cats and dogs were quite common, but there were also plenty of birds and long snakes too, plus some rather unique animals.

For example, multicolored spiders, or brightly colored frogs.

The vast majority of these animals, Roland had seen players contract them on the forums.

He wanted to find a more special, unseen, or rarely seen animal to contract.

Of course, it would have to be more normal-a dung maggot or something like that, he would never consider.

The place where the animal market was located obviously didnt smell very good, with animal feces and urine in the cages and even fur and body odor mixed in.

This was why the place smelled so awful.

Vivian took out two handkerchiefs, one for Roland and the other for herself.

They slowly looked at the cages on both sides of the street, observing the animals inside.

After walking for a while, Vivian asked, "Deputy Chairman, what kind of pet do you want?"

"Something rare," Roland replied.

In fact, he had the idea of testing something new. In his opinion, the abilities of magic pets varied, and the players on the forum were unconventional and tried all sorts of strange things, but they were using the one chance they had to contract a magic pet to provide experience for those who came later.

Roland felt that he should also do his part for the list of magic pet abilities.

This was also the purpose of him coming to the animal market.

When Vivian heard this, she said, "Then theres no need to look here, the animals sold here are more common animals. If you want rare pets, you will have to go to a shop specially opened for nobles where exotic beasts are sold."

"Where is it?"

"The only exotic beast shop in town is at the end of the street."

Vivian covered her nose with a silk handkerchief in one hand, and with the other, she took Rolands hand confidently and pulled him forward.

"You should have just said so earlier," Vivian said with a smile. "The shop is owned by my family."

Roland was stunned for a moment, then relieved. Vivians family was a small noble family, having a business was normal.