Mages Are Too Op Chapter 160

Chapter 160 White Amber

Chapter 160 White Amber

This exotic beast shop was large, with square-shaped cages stacked up on the left and right, containing small or medium-sized pets of different shapes and colors.

Although there were many animals, there was no odor in this shop, only a peculiar medicinal fragrance.

Roland reckoned that it was this medicinal fragrance that covered up the body odor of those exotic animals.

Moreover, these cages were very clean, so presumably, someone had been taking care of them from time to time.

When Roland entered the shop, he discovered many strange exotic beasts.

Rabbits with long horns, lizards with a tuft of fire feathers on their foreheads, six-legged birds that looked like a platypus, and so on.

Vivian pointed at the vast array of exotic beasts in the shop and said, "Deputy Chairman, take whichever one you like, Ill give it to you."

The attendants in the shop had already recognized Vivian and stood to the side casually waiting for her orders.

Roland walked around the shop. He essentially had no interest in what kind of pet he would contract, but simply wanted to find a kind of magic pet that the players on the forum hadnt contracted yet while learning about their abilities and skills.

"You can help me choose."

Roland looked around and found that there were indeed a wide variety of exotic beasts, and almost all of them were types that the players on the forum hadnt contracted. Spellcasters only had one chance to contract a magic pet, so it was all the same to him whichever one was chosen.

He didnt think it mattered which one it was.

But Vivian didnt see it that way. Contracting a magic pet was a rather important, if not sacred, thing for NPC mages like herself.

What kind of magic pet they chose, and what kind of abilities the pet would have, they would usually not let outsiders know.

And yet, Roland had left such an important matter for Vivian to decide.

What did this mean?

He trusted her very much.

Vivians eyes became watery all of a sudden. She suddenly thought of something very important and took the initiative to take Rolands hand again. "These exotic beasts are so-so, lets go to my house, Ill give you the White Amber."

White Amber?

Vivian led him from the street to the manor, which wasnt that far away, about a thirty-minute walk.

Vivians home was in a wealthy area in the north of the city. Although it wasnt large, it was still a rather luxurious villa.

The entrance of the villa was also guarded by several private guards whose physiques looked average. When they saw Vivian, they opened the door on their own accord, then looked at Roland whom Vivian was pulling along with a surprised look.

It was the first time their lady had ever brought a man back.

When they entered the small building, an old man who looked like a butler immediately welcomed them and smiled quite happily. "Miss, dont tire yourself. Hello, Mr. Roland."

Roland was stunned for a moment. He hadnt even introduced himself yet, and the other party already knew his identity?

Seemingly having read Rolands mind, the butler said matter-of-factly, "If the lady brings home a male friend, then it must be Sir Roland."

Hmm Thinking of the key that was lying quietly in his Backpack, Roland also understood what the reason was.

As Vivians cheeks flushed red, she glared at the butler, then asked, "Where are my father and mother?"

"They went to the Corseys."

"Wheres my big brother and second brother?"

"Out on a hunting trip."

Vivian was relieved and said, "Send some fruit wine to my room later, and make it Green Rain Fruit flavored."

Having been Rolands "secretary" for almost a little over half a year, Vivian naturally knew what flavor of fruit wine Roland loved the most.

She then dragged Roland up to the fourth floor and into a room filled with the scent of pear blossoms.

The room was decorated girlishly, and the color palette was mainly light pink.

Roland felt a little awkwardthis was a girls room after all.

But Vivian didnt think much about it. She directly picked up a small white animal from the pale pink bed and placed it in front of Roland like a treasure offering.

"Look, this is White Amber!"

It was a small animal that Roland had never seen before, about the size of an adult domestic cat, and its pure white, snowy fur looked quite beautiful. It looked a bit like a puppy, but its ears were long like rabbit ears, except they hung down and stuck to the sides of its head.

It also had a long tail, like a foxs.

It looked cute and pretty.

Roland looked at it for a while and asked, "This is your pet, right?"

"Yeah." Vivian nodded vigorously. "The White Amber is a relatively rare species in the Elf Forest that possesses many special abilities, such as natural healing, swift movement, as well as the ability to summon vines and the like."

Roland said in surprise, "This already as a type of magical beast, doesnt it?"

"Thats right. White Amber was bought by my father for my companionship when I was a child, and then when I grew up, he wanted me to contract with it."

Roland shook his head. "I cant take that."

"I want you to contract it." There was a hint of pleading in Vivians expression. "White Amber is old, and if it doesnt become a magic pet within two or three years, it will die. But theres no way I can become an Elite-level mage in five years."

This little things eyes suddenly opened slowly. Its irises were beautiful, a pale gold like clean, flawless amber-no wonder it was given the name White Amber.

Vivian smiled bitterly as she finished her sentence.

Roland understood what Vivian meant.

After any animal became a magic pet, their lifespan was theoretically unlimited, but only in theory, of course. Their lifespan was limited by the survival of their owner.

If their owner died, they would follow suit.

Of course, they could also be killed by their enemies.

So it was only a theoretically infinite lifespan, as the vast majority of mages would eventually die.

Except for the magic genius Mystra, who had yet to become a god back then.

If Roland contracted this White Amber, it would be able to continue living.

Roland looked at Vivians slightly tilted face, a pleading expression showing in her eyes.

"All right." Roland agreed indifferently.

To him, it didnt matter which kind of magic pet he contracted, and the fact that this would help Vivian was a good thing in itself.

"Then wait for me for a moment."

Roland took out the book on Summon Magic Pet and sat down on a chair beside him, and began to study the spell models in the book.

Summon Magic Pet was a level-two spell, and under normal circumstances, it was recommended that one only start learning it after level five, which was the Elite level. After all, contracting a magical beast was very dangerous, and if one was not careful, ones mental power would recoilif the recoil was light, one would end up lying on their back for a short period of time, and if if the recoil was heavy, ones head would explode.

But that was relative; Roland, as a player, had no such affliction.

Moreover, his comprehension wasnt bad. The spell couldnt be more difficult than Language Proficiency that was the same level, and most importantly, Roland had been studying magic all this time, and he already had a certain understanding of how it worked.

One could make progress if one tried, and most of the models of magic were traceable.

After Roland sat idly in Vivians room for nearly an hour reading a book, he stood up.

"We can start."

Vivian placed the small thing in her arms on the carpet covered with animal skins.

The little thing seemed surprised to leave her warm embrace and looked up and around.

Roland crouched down and put his right hand on the right side of his forehead for a while, then pulled out a blue, translucent gelatinous object.

And then this thing, held in his hands, became the size of a ping-pong ball.