Mages Are Too Op Chapter 164

Chapter 164 Counterattack

Chapter 164 Counterattack

"Guardian Druids?" asked Roland in confusion.

Knowing that he did not have much common knowledge about this world, Vivian explained to him carefully.

As it turned out, Druids were a special class of elves. They were a huge percentage of the population and enjoyed a high social status. However, because of their different ideologies, they were divided into the Balancers and the Guardians.

The Balancers focused on maintaining the balance of the elven forest. They killed wolves when there were too many wolves and they killed rabbits when there were too many rabbits. They werent interested in the outside world, but if any human being dared to set foot in the forest, they would turn into nightmares and hunt down the intruders. They were indifferent to their compatriots who left the forest and believed that they deserved anything that happened to them, and that they wouldnt be enslaved by human beings if they had never left the forest.

Therefore, they had no sympathy for the elven slaves.

However, the Guardians were different.

The Guardians believed that every elf was part of the forest, and that the stray elves were just like dandelion seeds in the wind. They also believed that it was their duty to protect all elves. Whenever they heard that an elf was captured as a slave, they would immediately take action to rescue their compatriot and kill the slaver as well as the buyer.

If nobody bought the slaves, nobody would be hurt. They believed that the buyers were as guilty as the sellers.

So, most of the time, the nobles would keep the elven slaves in secret even if they caught any.

Hearing what Vivian said, the elven slave chuckled proudly.

"That explains why Aldo locked her up here." Roland sighed. "Are the Guardian Druidsgood?"

Vivian nodded. "Its not about if theyre good. The Balancers and the Guardians are capable of similar spells despite their different ideologies. The real tricky thing is that all Druids can transform. They can take the shape of wolves, elephants, dragons, or humans easily. So, you have no idea how many Guardian Druids are roaming the world of humans."

Elves as humans Roland didnt find it odd. If the Druids could turn into wolves and leopards, which were significantly different from themselves, then it was even easier for them to turn into human beings. They only had to shorten their ears and change the color of their eyes.

Roland understood what Vivian meant.

The Druids among elves were reasonably strong, but more importantly, they were highly unpredictable.

Once the message that somebody had an elven slave was out, they would probably be surrounded by the Guardian Druids without them realizing it at all.

By the time the Guardian Druids revealed themselves, it would be time for the slave owners to die.

"Im not scared of Druids. After all, as a Golden Son, I cant be killed."

The elf stared at Roland in surprise, before she smiled disdainfully. She thought that the man was lying.

Were there really human beings that couldnt be killed? She didnt believe that the world had changed so greatly during the few months she was caged.

Vivian remembered this too. She was so concerned about Roland that she forgot his identity.

Roland looked at the slave. "However, I dont like trouble. Madam, lets continue our deal. Ill let you go as long as you write down three elven spell models for me."

Vivian looked at Roland with both surprise and delight. Although she had slight advantages in a certain aspect, the elf was much more attractive than her in looks, height, and aura. The elfs slim but somehow captivating body tempted even her, despite her being a girl.

However, Roland ignored the elfs charm and was willing to let her go. Did it mean Vivian couldnt help but have a lot of thoughts.

The elf looked at Roland with obvious distrust.

However, Roland merely looked back at her with a smile.

It seemed that Rolands attitude slightly reduced the elfs wariness. She said, "Do you really honor your promises?"

"No, you need to honor your promises." Roland nodded at Vivian.

Vivian stepped forward, and the elf immediately retreated, uneasiness returning to her face.

Vivian waved the bronze key in her hand.

The elf understood what they meant. She touched her neck, where there was a magic ring that constrained her and suppressed her natural magic power.

"I can give you freedom right now, so you are the one who needs to keep your word."

The elf took a deep breath. "Youre very unique, human."

Roland said narcissistically, "I think so too."

Vivian stepped forward again, and the elf didnt retreat again this time.

Vivian unlocked the elfs collar with the key, and Roland picked up the magic collar with Hand of Magic and put it in the Backpack.

Sensing that the magic power that had been suppressing her was dwindling and her natural power was regenerating, the elf stared at Roland with bright green eyes. "Human, my name is Serrari. I dont want to tell you my last name, because I dont want to embarrass my family. So Whats your name?"


"I need food and water. I need a safe space, preferably one with a big bed where I can take a good rest."

Roland looked at her. "Its very safe here. If youre unafraid of darkness, you can stay here, and we can offer water and food to you."

"Ive had enough of this dark, suffocating place," said Serrari angrily.

Vivian smiled. "If youre willing to trust me, I can arrange your accommodation for the next few days. Chairman Rolands manor is now empty. Dozens of elves can live there. That is, if they dont cause trouble."

"A magic apprentice." Serrari glanced at Vivian and then asked Roland with a mocking tone, "Youre very weak. Are you not afraid that I would run away after my magic is restored?"

Chuckling, Roland said confidently, "Thats why I said that you were the one who needed to keep your word. Elves are known to be the epitome of kindness, justice, loyalty, and determination. Give me a chance to appreciate your virtues."

Looking at Rolands face, Serrari clicked her tongue and said, "Cunning humans. Those who caught me and those who intend to release me are all so cunning."