Mages Are Too Op Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Gap

"What business do you have for Silver Wings?" asked Hawk curiously.

Roland raised his cup at the rest of them and drank a mouthful of the wine, before he continued: "How many Mages are there in Silver Wings? Im talking about the dogged players who would not delete their characters halfway."

"Around ten." Hawk thought for a moment and continued, "You know that Mage is too hard a class. Not everybody is as gifted as you. We have a lot of spellcasters, but most of them are Warlocks and Priests."

Since the appearance of the Warriors was weakened, the number of Warlocks had soared. After all, Charm was the main stat for Warlocks, and Warlocks could automatically learn skills when they reached certain levels.

As a result, Warlocks were handsome and easy to play. Everybody liked that.

"Im planning to establish a study group," Roland said. "You can ask the Mages of your guild to come to our Magic Tower and study together with the magic apprentices."


Not just Hawk, but Link and Jett were confused too.

Hawk asked Roland in confusion, "Arent you already the best Mage? Cant you teach those magic apprentices?"

Roland replied in embarrassment, "I can teach them the theories, but when it comes to understanding and action, there is a gap between me and them."

After a long, stunned moment, Hawk said helplessly, "Got it. The basics in the eyes of the experts and the basics in the eyes of the ordinary people are different, arent they?"

Roland found it awkward too. "I really dont know how I should explain myself."

Indeed, Roland had explained every spell model detailed and clearly, but some of the simple actions for him were very hard in the eyes of the magic apprentices.

For example, an apprentice once asked, "Deputy Chairman, how can you export magic power from this point to another point quickly?"

"You just focus enough magic power on the start point and push it to your destination with more mental power," answered Roland.

But the magic apprentice was stunned. "But how can I know whether or not Ive gathered enough magic power?"

Roland said matter-of-factly, "You can easily tell with your instincts."

Then, the magic apprentice refused to talk to him again.

Looking at the apprentices state, Roland remembered an old joke.

An experienced worker was teaching a student, and the student asked, "Sir, how can you notice the flaw in the part were working on just with your hand?"

"You just put your hand on the part and close your eyes."

In the end, the student changed his career and became an equipment operator.

Although Roland believed in hard work, he had to admit that the gap between people in terms of talent could be desperately huge.

Recently, he had found that although the apprentices in the Magic Tower had learned the theories of Hand of Magic, they made little progress in putting the theories into practice At first, he thought that he didnt explain it well enough, but then he realized that it was because of their difference in basic talent.

The magic apprentices were in a swamp, and they couldnt see Roland even if they were to raise their heads. They couldnt understand Rolands perception of magic power.

From his high altitude in the sky, Roland couldnt see the swamp either. He couldnt understand how the apprentices felt when they couldnt utilize the magic power that was right before their eyes.

So, it occurred to Roland that he could invite the Mage players who were as gifted as the apprentices to the Magic Tower, so that they could learn and make progress together.

Hawk couldnt agree more with the proposal.

But out of the instincts of the deputy chairman of a guild, he asked, "Then what can we get from this?"

"The books in the Magic Tower are open to all players. Besides, the players can apply for magic resources." Roland smiled. "But not too many, of course. The resources of the Magic Tower are limited anyway."

Hawk pursued further: "How much moneys worth of resources will they get each month?"

Roland calculated the numbers and the revenues of the Magic Tower, before he said, "No more than thirty silver coins per month."

"Thats too little." Hawk smacked the table. He didnt feel that he used a lot of strength, but since he was a Warrior with great constitution, the table shook and the tableware jumped. "You earn ten gold coins per month, and you give only thirty silver coins to the players you hire. Thats pure capitalism. You should give them at least one gold coin."

"After your dock starts to make a profit, would you give the NPC helpers one gold coin as reward?" Roland sighed and said slowly, "Were all players, so wed better drop the meaningless talk. Thirty silver coins is already my greatest compromise for the sake of our friendship. If youre unwilling to take it, Ill make posts on the forum. Im sure that a lot of players who are not in guilds would be willing to join our Magic Tower."

Looking at the casualness on Rolands face, Hawk sensed confidence and vague estrangement from it.

Hawk was slightly disappointed, but he knew that it was his own fault.

For the interests of his guild, he had pushed Roland aside earlier, and for the interests of his guild, he felt that Rolands terms were not good enough this time.

Roland had shown his friendliness by offering to cooperate with them. His threat to work with someone else was completely understandable.

"Fine." Hawk was rather frustrated. "Lets do what you said."

Hawk didnt like it, but as the deputy chairman of his guild, he had to be responsible for the hundred members in his guild.

It was a matter of position, not one of morals or integrity.

Then, they chatted for a few more minutes, before they said goodbye to each other.

Roland returned to his study in the Magic Tower. He was not in a good mood even though Vivian had made delicious pastries for him.

After sitting for a while, he subconsciously opened the forum and decided to lift his spirit by reading the posts on the forum.

But very soon, he spotted a post that had been marked by the moderator so many times that the title of the post was almost black.

The title said, All Pretty Boys Should Be Killed!

There were more than ten thousand replies to the post.


Excited, Roland clicked the post.