Mages Are Too Op Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Can You Tell Me More About It?

Bard always had the feeling that the Golden Sons would do something big.

His feelings had proven correct. Those guys had already done something huge by killing two mayors inside less than three months, but because they abided by some sort of rules, they did not garner the attention of all the nobles in Hollevin even though they caused some impact.

Bard had talked to his father about this before, but his father was not interested at all and laughed at him for overthinking it.

But was he really overthinking?

Looking at the official mages, Bard began to feel that he was wrong and that his father had lost his keenness of mind due to senility.

The Mage players observed Bard while Bard observed them.

They gazed at each other for a long time, until Roland came downstairs.

When he saw Bard and the team of around twenty people behind him, he walked to Bard with a smile. "Its been a while, Mr. Bard."

Bard smiled too. "It indeed has. Ive brought the headquarters reward for you."

Roland was briefly stunned. He had thought that Bard had brought him terms and conditions. After all, according to Aldo, the headquarters of magic in Hollevin were always unreasonable and even predatory. Although Bard approved him for his new magic last time and promised him rewards, Roland did not take it seriously.

If Aldo was to be believed, his reward would probably be embezzled, and he would get nothing but some praise.

However, Bard had returned with a convoy.

"Thank you for bringing it to me." Roland smiled at the friendly newcomer. "Lets talk in my study."

"Theres no need to rush. We can catch up later." Bard pointed at the convoy behind him and said, "Please check the rewards from the headquarters first."

Bard then went on, "Its a rule, well have to ask for your signature later."

After a brief moment of surprise, Roland nodded.

Bard waved his hand, and the servants behind him immediately carried the heavy black boxes to them.

After the first box was opened, Bard said, "A hundred gold coins."

Roland was stunned again.

The gold coins were so dazzling under the sun that he could barely keep his eyes open. The two Mages also gasped hard. "Good lord. Thats more than 1.6 million yuan."

Both of them seemed envious.

Roland looked at Bard. "Isnt it too much? I think it should only be fifty gold coins."

"After I returned, the board in the headquarters reevaluated your spell and all agreed that it was an epic modification. It has the learning difficulty of a level-zero spell, the consumption of a level-one spell, and the effect of a top level-two spell," said Bard solemnly. "I think so, too, so the reward is doubled."

He stressed the "after I returned" part.

Roland understood his implication very well. He nodded and said, "Thank you for your help, Mr. Bard."

Bard was glad that Roland got it. He waved his hand, and another dozen boxes were delivered to them and opened, revealing resources of different colors to Roland.

"About five hundred gold coins worth of magic materials," Bard continued. "Theyre not for the Magic Tower, but for you."

Roland raised his eyebrow.

Magic materials were very expensive.

But those who were not spellcasters found it unreasonable that the roots and rocks everywhere to be seen on the road became much more valuable the moment they were associated with magic. Therefore, those people had been trying to lower the price of such materials.

But for the spellcasters, magic resources were much more useful than gold coins.

So, the price of magic resources could fluctuate greatly most of the time.

But despite the flux, those magic resources were definitely not cheap from any perspective.

Roland nodded. "Got it. Thank you again, Mr. Bard."

Bard kept smiling. "Youre too kind. Then, its the appointment from the headquarters. You will be the chairman of the Magic Tower in Delpon, and Aldo will wait for a new assignment at the capital."

Roland slightly frowned; he sensed from the order that someone was maliciously trying to turn him and Aldo against each other.

Seeing Rolands face, Bard walked close and said in a low voice, "I personally objected to the order, but I was too insignificant to change anything. It was Kurs from the Aristotle family who gave the order. He is a proud man."

After a shock, Roland looked at Bards sincere eyes and slightly nodded.

"And thats all the rewards." Bard was relieved to see that Roland didnt burst into fury. He summoned his deputy and said to Roland, "Please check the resources and sign here."

Roland glanced at the list and then the dozen boxes. Feeling that the number was probably right, he simply signed his name on it in Chinese.

Bard was briefly dazed to see the exotic square characters. Then he smiled. "Okay, business is done. Now, isnt it time for you to treat me to dinner as the host, Mr. Roland?"

"Of course."

Roland waved his hand, and a dozen magic apprentices from the Magic Tower took the boxes, while Roland led Bard and his team to Rolands manor.

Standing out of the manor, Bard asked in surprise, "Isnt this Aldos manor? What happened?"

"Settle your men first. Well talk in the study." Roland summoned his old butler and asked the man to take care of Bards people.

Several minutes later, Roland and Bard sat down in the study.

Roland told Bard that Aldo had left and said, "By the time I learned of it, Chairman Aldo was already gone."

Bard was slightly surprised, but then he sighed. "Its understandable. I wouldve left a long time ago if I were Aldo."

"You think it was unfair to Aldo too? Why didnt you try to help him?"

Bard thought for a moment and said, "Let me put it this way. Aldo was not worthy enough for me to help him. He was too meek to fight for his interests as a Mage. More importantly, he was weak. As one of the nobles, I couldnt have turned against my friends and acquaintances for a stranger, could I?"

Roland looked him in the eyes. "Then why did you fight for my interests? Do you think Im worthy?"

Bard sat straight. "Because I see potential in you. Apart from all that, I admire you for killing John Senior. I want to be your friend. Even though I cant get anything in return, at least I wouldnt die because of a minor accident like John Senior did."

Looking at Bards solemn face, Roland was briedly lost for words.

After all, killing someone was not exactly a glorious thing.

Bard then continued, "Now more and more Golden Sons are emerging in the capital, and we found a sculpture of you outside of the capital. It cant be broken, as if it was the sculpture of a god. Whats that about? Im very curious. Can you tell me more about it?"