Mages Are Too Op Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Im Not A Fool

Roland immediately knew what he was talking about.

To be honest, Roland was quite speechless at the game developers humor. At first, Roland thought it would be a common functional sculpture. However, the sculpture turned out to be an amusing one that was holding a ragged bowl.

For players, it was nothing strange that the buildings in a game couldnt be destroyed or moved.

However, for the NPCs in the game, it was rather weird, if not marvelous.

In their eyes, there was only one explanation for that.

It was a miracle.

In fact, Rolands sculpture was discovered three days after it was made. After all, the bowl near the sculpture looked like glittering gold.

At first, many people tried to take the bowl away, but they couldnt even move it away from the ground despite their attempts.

They tried digging into the soil around the sculpture, only to discover that the soil within ten meters of the sculpture would be restored even when it was affected by magic.

This caught the attention of many nobles and spellcasters. They read plenty of books and files but found no tales about the man that the sculpture was made after.

Finally, they discovered a Golden Son who threw a gold coin to the bowl near the sculpture, and the gold coin disappeared with a shimmer.

Then, they realized that the sculpture must have some use.

So, they stopped the Golden Son and elicited a piece of important information from him with food and girls.

As long as one threw a gold coin into the bowl, they would be given a special ability. Their Magic Power Regeneration would be increased, and they would gain more mental resistance.

At first, the nobles were not entirely convinced, but since many nobles had nothing better to do and they were spellcasters themselves, some of them threw a gold coin into the bowl as a test.

Then they really did get the ability. Their Magic Power Regeneration was boosted. As for mental resistance, they had no chance to test it yet.

All the nobles in the capital grew excited and threw their gold coins into the bowl.

But eventually, it was found out that only spellcasters could acquire the ability.

Then, led by the Association of Mages, the nobles set up perimeters and barriers near the sculpture, and only people they approved of could approach it.

They called the sculpture a sacrificial gift for the Goddess of Magic.

Bard told Roland what was new in the capital.

Roland was quite amazed. It explained why his income of gold coins had increased fast at first and then slowed down later.

"You do know something." Bard had been observing his face. Noticing Rolands weird look, he knew that Roland was related to this. "Can you tell me?"

Roland shook his head. "I dont know where to start."

Bard raised his eyebrow. He could tell that Roland really didnt want to speak of it.

He thought for a moment and said, "Lets talk about something else. A lot of Golden Sons are gathered here now. Are you going to consider this place as your base?"

Roland was surprised. "Why would you think that?"

"I couldnt help it." Bard sighed. "What would happen to Johns family?"

"Nothing, I suppose." Roland shook his head. "Theyre still the real masters of the city, but their commands are unlikely to reach the bottom level of it."

The bottom level? Bard was quite interested in the phrase.

Because of Language Proficiency, the phrase was properly translated and he understood it quite well.

Bard secretly remembered the phrase. He had a strong desire to study the Golden Sons and wouldnt let go of their vernacular. He then said, "In any case, I dont want you to hurt Johns family anymore. The situation now is quite good. They have a chance to regain their power, and you can also claim enough interests. If you take it a step further, the balance will collapse."

Roland nodded slightly.

Then, they chit-chatted for a while, before Bard left the house with an excuse.

He took a carriage to Johns house.

The gate of the castle was being repaired, and the castle itself was gloomy. There were sufficient guards and servants, but they were obviously timid and in low spirits.

Bard sighed and soon met his old friend, John Junior.

The hot beverage on the table between them was steaming. Johns chin was stubbly, not nearly as charming as before.

"Its been more than three months, John," said Bard calmly.

John Junior put on a regretful smile. "Yes, it has. The world has changed in three months, hasnt it?"

"Im sorry about what happened to John Senior," Bard said sincerely. "If you need my help, please tell me. Ill help you as long as I am able."

John Junior suddenly raised his head grimly and crazily. "What if I say I want all the Golden Sons to die? You can do that, surely."

Bard felt that his skin was stinging under John Juniors killing intent. He frowned and said, "Thats impossible. I cant do that."

"But your family can." John Junior stared Bard in the eyes. "As long as you cooperate with the other three families, it will be very simple to kill the Golden Sons in Delpon and suppress them back to level zero. You should know that the Golden Sons lose power after dying even though theyre immortal. If they die enough times, they would be no better than ordinary people."

Bard narrowed his eyes. "It was the noble families in the capital who spread the intelligence. Of course we know."

"If theyre the same as ordinary people, Im confident we can imprison them in the Temple of Life for good." John Junior whispered like a demon, "I know that you wont help me easily, but if you do, Im willing to give you two-thirds of the territory near Delpon City, including 27 towns, 38 villages, and four mines."

Hearing the terms, even Bard, who had been born and raised in a wealthy family, was greatly shocked. "Have you lost your mind? Your family will be handicapped without those properties."

John bashed the table so hard that all the tableware jumped and crashed, fluids splashing everywhere. His face tightened and eyes bloodshot, John Junior declared, "Can it be any worse than our life right now, which borders on imprisonment? It will be difficult for my family without the estates, but well lose everything if we dont have freedom."

After a brief silence, Bard said, "Your terms are very tempting."

John Junior was delighted. "Are you going to accept them?"

"A sculpture appeared outside of the capital," Bard said casually. "Its quite marvelous. It cant be broken or moved, but you can pick up a special ability by throwing a gold coin at it."

John found it odd. "It does sound marvelous, but does it have anything to do with our discussion?"

Bard looked at him with absolute tranquility. "That sculpture looks identical to Roland."

John Juniors pupils suddenly constricted.