Mages Are Too Op Chapter 172

Chapter 172 The Gorgeous Guy And The Dragon

It was a piece of shocking news in Delpon that Bard stayed in the Magic Tower.

He was born in a family of grand nobles from the capital, and he was a sorcerer himself. Yet, he chose to learn under Roland?

That was very interesting.

As a result, Rolands guidance was further endorsed.

Roland was famous to begin with. Having blown up a city gate and a castle gate with his fireballs, he was the well-acknowledged best Mage in Delpon even when Aldo was still in town, and he was even more so now that Aldo was gone.

However, the people in Delpon never really knew exactly how strong Roland was even though they knew he was strong.

After all, all spellcasters were strong to the small folk.

It was indeed impressive to blow up a city gate, but it didnt sound as awesome as the fiery meteors that could wipe out a country cast by legends or demigods.

So, people felt complicated about Roland.

They thought that he was good, but not as good as the celebrities from the tales.

However, Bards arrival gave them a direct frame of reference.

Even a noble from the capital wanted Rolands guidance. It meant that Roland was really good.

After that, a lot of nobles pulled strings and hoped to send their relatives into the Magic Tower.

Vivian, in particular, suffered plenty of "harassment." After all, she was the closest person to Roland, and she was a woman.

At this moment, Vivian said gloomily with her head on Rolands desk, "My father received a lot of requests, and some of them were not to be turned down. He could only lead them to me. Now, whenever I come home, I will be surrounded by people. How annoying."

"You can hide in my manor." Roland smiled and said, "I dont think anybody would dare to trespass on my manor."

Vivians eyes bulged and she immediately sat straight. She asked hopefully, "Can I?"

"Of course you can. I asked you to take care of the manor anyway," said Roland matter-of-factly.

"Okay, I dont have any problem now."

Vivian cleared the tableware and went downstairs happily.

Roland began to continue perfecting the models for the Spell Puppets. He was working devotedly when Vivian came and informed him of Hawks visit.

Then, Roland asked her to bring Hawk to him.

A few minutes later, Hawk sat down opposite Roland side and heaved a long sigh.

Roland asked in surprise, "Why are you sulking at my place instead of planning for the future of your guild?"

"A third of the people in my guild are gone," said Hawk, upset.

Roland raised his eyebrow in surprise. "What happened? Did other guilds lure them away?"

Hawk shook his head. "Its all F6s fault. Do you really not know?"

Roland was even more puzzled.

"You mustve seen the girl dragon video earlier, right?" Hawk said helplessly, "After that, people started saying that charm is strength too."

Roland got it. "So, thirty players in your guild deleted their characters and built new ones?"

Hawk nodded heavily.

"Theyve abandoned their hard work in the previous half-year so easily?" Roland didnt think it was smart.

Hawk looked at Roland speechlessly. "You havent seen more videos recently, have you?"

"No, I havent. I dont have a lot of time."

"Now, even more people have posted their videos. The classes with high charm, such as Bards and Warlocks, can easily pick up girls." Hawk couldnt have looked more awful. "You know that this game world is very big and the players are all scattered in the human world. So, the players with high charm simply go to small towns and villages, where they hit on girls with their pretty faces. Their careers are much easier. Some of them even studied psychology in reality and simply prompted the rich women that they conquered to offer resources to them. Theyre leveling up by lying in the bed every day. Im told that some female players have adopted the same approach and are making remarkable achievements."

Roland was rather shocked. "I have to admit that our compatriots are truly smart in certain aspects."

"You think thats all?" Hawk smiled bitterly. "A player found a temple for the God of Love at a border city of Hollevin. If you become a believer in the God of Love, you will receive a lot of power in enchantment. The higher your charm is, the more effective the power will be. Many players have grown interested in this religion. Fan Six Hundred Million is already searching for the temple."

Roland was not just shocked now; he felt that his face was cramping.

"That is to say, the number of Warriors is declining, and the number of Warlocks and Bards is rising, right?"

Hawk said regretfully, "Ye., I dont understand. We can achieve a lot of things with hard work, but why do they want to achieve the same with a pretty face? How many players who maxed their charm are really gorgeous in reality?"

Roland was of a mind to tell him that, apart from everybody else, Schuck was truly handsome in reality, and that he was even acknowledged by the game world.

Then, Hawk continued, "So, its completely F6s fault. If Schuck werent so handsome and he hadnt stolen the girl dragon of that poor Warrior, things wouldnt have escalated to such a point."

Roland didnt like the sound of that. He said angrily, "That Warrior couldnt have got the girl dragon even without Schucks interference. Didnt you say that she was already annoyed back then? If she were harassed for a few more days, she wouldve probably kicked that Warrior like she kicked Schucks horse."

Seeing the anger on Rolands face, Hawk knew that he had misspoken. He sighed and said, "Thirty people have deleted their characters in the past days, and more might do the same later. Dont they know how difficult it is to level up in this game? It will take them half a year to raise the level of their new characters to their current level, and those who never deleted characters will be far ahead of them by then."

"Its just a game. Dont be too bothered." Roland could only comfort Hawk insincerely.

Half of the hundred people in a guild were deleting their characters and creating new ones. It was definitely a great loss of combat ability and resources.

"Thats the end of my complaint." Hawk straightened up and said, "The chairman of Moon Shadow knows that I know you, so he asked me to give you a message."

Roland had a bad feeling. "I dont want to hear it."

"You shouldnt, but I have to forward his message to you," Hawk said gloomily. "The chairman of Moon Shadow hopes that Schuck can transfer the dragon knight contract to him. He would like to offer a thousand gold coins, or fifteen million yuan in reality."