Mages Are Too Op Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Cause

The room fell into silence.

After a brief pause, Roland said casually, "Although Im not Schuck, as far as I know, it would be like slapping him in the face, throwing some cash to him and saying go take that money. Someone would be brutalized they he told Schuck that to his face."

Hawk opened his hands helplessly. "Im just a messenger. Dont be angry with me."

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "Who is this chairman of Moon Shadow?"

"Hes from a rich family based in a central city on the shoreline, and hes willing to pay in games." Hawk smiled. "Of course, hes good at making money too. Most importantly, hes kind of a tyrant, if you know what I mean."

"A tyrant?" Roland found it amusing. "All right, got it. You can go now and tell him that Schuck said no."

"Youre speaking for Schuck?" Hawk felt a headache coming on. "Besides, were friends anyway. Is it appropriate for you to just kick me away?"

"How can I entertain you as a friend after you forwarded that to me?" said Roland.

Hawk sighed and left.

They werent familiar with each other anyway and only became friends because of the dungeon quest and the battle at the dock.

However, Hawk estranged himself from Roland for the interests of his guild before they could get closer.

Now, the two of them were only acquaintances with a subtle relationship.

After Hawk left, Roland immediately pinged Schuck in the guild channel and said, "The chairman of Moon Shadow offers a thousand gold coins or fifteen million yuan for your dragon knight contract."

Schuck soon replied, "Whats his problem? As a Saint Samurai, I earn twenty gold coins each month, and I have subsidies for high/low temperature and equipment maintenance. I make at least thirty gold coins every month. Does he really think Ive never seen money?"

Roland said, "Hehe. He probably thought that the six people of F6 were all bumpkins."

"Seven!" Betta suddenly interjected.

At this point, the other members of F6 all typed ellipses in the guild channel to show that they were reading.

Roland said again, "Hawk said that that guy is some sort of tyrant."

Then, the guild channel became lively.

Li Lin: "Tyrant? I like playing with tyrants the most."

Raffel: "From the sound of that, were going to do what we did again, arent we?"

Brazil: "Thats great news. I happen to be bored."

Husseret: "Ill gather intelligence first. Ill send a rendezvous point to you after I confirm everything."

Roland: "Its settled then. Im otherwise occupied. Talk to you later."

At this point, Betta sent a long series of dots in the channel, as if he were speechless.

Exiting the guild channel, Roland went to the second floor and taught the magic apprentices the key points to Spell Puppet and its derivative spells.

Bard was among the listeners. He was rather stunned.

Leaving the derivative spells aside, Rolands perspective on magic was very unique and different from what he knew. He benefited a lot from it.

After a simple theoretical class, Roland was about to resume his magic experiments, when Serrari came to him.

To be honest, she was waiting for him outside of the Magic Tower.

When Roland went downstairs, he saw Serrari standing in the square charmingly.

Thanks to her fantastic figure and the unique aura of elves, she was dazzling even though she was only wearing a simple green dress.

At this moment, Serrari was protected by five human beings.

They were two females and three males. All of them seemed calm and different from ordinary humans. They were purer and cleaner.

Also, those humans somehow made Roland feel wary.

Druids in the shape of humans?

After a brief daze, Roland realized what was going on.

He then was amazed. He had no idea when those Druids arrived. No wonder the nobles kept their elven slaves top secret, or they really couldve been killed without seeing it coming at all.

"Mr. Roland, thank you for your protection." Serrari walked to Roland and smiled. "As per our agreement, these four spell models are yours."

She gave four parchments to Roland.

Roland was surprised. "Didnt we agree upon three?"

"I accidentally wrote one more."

While talking, she hugged Roland and continued, "Youre the most decent and trustworthy human Ive ever seen. Im going back to the Elf Forest. Lets hope that fate will let us meet again."

Serraris hug was warm and utterly unprovocative.

Naturally, Roland too was not as overwhelmed as a boy who would swoon over a hug of gratitude.

Just like Serrari said, she was very grateful to Roland. They didnt talk much in the past days, but Roland did offer her shelter until her people came for her.

Only when one was tricked many times would they know how precious promise keepers were.

Serrari was gone. Many young people in the town received the message and cried regretfully. Some even tried to stop Serrari and persuade her to stay in the city.

Of course, none of them really succeeded.

Roland returned to the Magic Tower with the elven models of natural spells and started examining them with fascination.

Spell models were generally made of nodes and lines, and magic arrays were congregations of squares. However, the elven models were made of circles and spheres!

Well they were indeed incomprehensible.

Roland had been prepared for that. Having picked up a lot of common knowledge about magic, he knew very well that the magic of elves and that of humans belonged to different systems.

He only asked Serrari to give him the models to try his luck.

Besides, just because he couldnt understand them now didnt mean he couldnt understand them in the future.

While he was examining the elven models, Vivian came to the lab with White Amber.

The moment it saw Roland, White Amber jumped off Vivian and climbed onto Rolands shoulder along his clothes, before it squatted there.

Vivian said jealously, "White Amber, Im your master. Why are you so intimate with him so quickly."

White Amber said in the brisk voice of a little girl, "I havent seen Master in a long time."

"Its only been half a day," argued Vivian unhappily.

Roland coughed and interrupted Vivian and White Ambers bickering. "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Vivian turned solemn and said, "A few noble lords want to talk to you about the territory separation in Delpon City."