Mages Are Too Op Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Blades Out

Roland was not much of a leader. He was not very interested in the daily lives and futures of the people in Delpon.

Although he had only been a Mage for half a year, he had contracted the occupational diseases of Mages.

For example, he didnt like managing things, and he didnt like socializing.

Was partying, hunting, dating, or other social activities half as enjoyable as magic models?

Were girls as beautiful as the patterns of magic?

They were nothing worth mentioning.

The only people he thought to be important were the players he knew and the magic apprentices in his Magic Tower.

Among them, Vivian was the closest to him, so whoever asked Vivian to forward the request must be related to her family.

For Vivians sake, Roland had to meet those people in any case.

Following Vivian, Roland came to another manor that was not far away from his own.

He was welcomed by the butler with flawless manners. Then, he met the person who invited him on the balcony on the second floor.

She was an old woman that Roland met before, and her name was Christine.

She offered Roland a seat and asked the servants to serve cakes and beverages. Then she said with a smile, "Its not easy to invite you, Mr. Roland. I wouldnt get to see you if Vivian werent my remote relative."

Roland chuckled and said, "I dont think so. Whenever you want to see me, madam, you can just let someone inform me."

"Try the flower water. Im told that elves like to drink that." Christine pointed her wrinkled finger at the cup before Roland.

Roland tried it and said, "It tastes not bad at all."

Christine said with a smile, "I know that time is precious for Mages, so Ill cut to the chase. I want to know what the Golden Sons are up to exactly."

Huh? Roland stared at Christine, with obvious confusion in his eyes.

"The sheriff named Link has been clearing the streets and ensuring the safety of the neighborhoods, which is reasonable." The old woman turned grave. "But he began to intervene in many other matters."

Roland had another mouthful of the tea. It did taste good, but he found it odd that they called it "flower water." He asked, "What is he meddling in?"

"Not any particular trade. Its just that hes going so far in ensuring street safety that he practically cant tell right from wrong now."

Roland smiled and said, "Thats impossible. I know a thing or two about Link. He wont wrong anybody."

The old woman stared at Roland without blinking.

Roland looked back at her with a smile.

After a long time, Christine said slowly, "You too think that Link is doing the right thing?"

"I simply believe that he wouldnt torture random people for no good reason." Roland sipped the tea and said, "Of course, its the masses who will judge whether or not he has done the right thing, not you or me."

Roland certainly didnt trust everything that the nobles said.

Besides, it was only her side of the story. He wouldnt suspect his compatriot just because of what she said.

"It seems that youre well-informed although you stay in the Magic Tower all the time, Mr. Roland." Christine looked at Roland with a vague smile and continued, "All right, since we both know the situation well, lets just talk openly. Its fine that Link wants to ensure public safety, but please stop him from beating our dogs."

"Our dogs?" Roland sat straight. "It seems that youre collectively imposing pressure on me."

Christine shook her head. "Were not. This is just a request. We hope that you could save some dignity for us."

Roland sighed. "Sorry, but I cant promise you anything. Link is the sheriff, and Im only a mage who has no power."

Christine found the spellcaster extremely cunning although he seemed young. This guy seemed blunt but actually revealed nothing useful. He was like an old fox.

"Mr. Roland, its impossible for you to raise big fish if the water is too clear."

Roland smiled. "But Link wants the water to be clear so that people can drink it. He does not intend to raise fish. If people drink dirty water, they will have health problems."

"But there wont be any big fish in the water," said the old woman coldly.

Roland raised his eyebrow. "Why do you have to keep fish in the water? Cant you just drink it? Even though there are no fish, the water can still sustain people by irrigating the farmland. Besides, even if you raise fish, do the ordinary people get to eat them? The fish will all end up in the stomach of ferocious beasts."

Christine turned even colder. "So, youre not going to talk sense into Link, Mr. Roland?"

"As I said, I have no power, and I dont want to persuade him to do anything. Actually, I think hes doing the right thing." Roland stood up and said to the old woman, "I too hope that the water in Delpon can be clear."

"You wouldnt change your mind even if Vivian begged you?" asked the old woman.

After a brief shock, Roland laughed. "You really think you can make her do that? Besides you think youre qualified to negotiate with me with all the estates and properties you received from the mayor, but dont forget how the mayors thousand soldiers disappeared! When the old mayor was here, you dared not do anything; but now that hes gone, youre bold enough to threaten the people who made the old mayor disappear? Is it really smart?"

The old woman suddenly felt chilled as Roland stared at her with disdain.

She slowly closed her eyes. "Got it. However many wolves are gathered, they cant beat a lion. However, maybe we can reach a different agreement. For example, if you can restrict Link, each of us will give away some interests to you, and you will earn a lot more than you do right now. As far as I know, things havent been going very well between you and Link."

Roland was silent.

He could tell that this was the old womans real intention or fatal attack, and that what she said earlier was just a prelude.

The blades of the nobles were out now.

They intended to turn the players against each other, like what Little John tried a few months back.

However, they did it at a better time.

They even figured out that Roland and Hawks group had disagreements.

Noticing Rolands silence, the old woman smiled gloatingly. "Other than that, we can make you a shadow mayor of Delpon, and we will be your loyal allies and partners."