Mages Are Too Op Chapter 179

Chapter 179 Arriving At Destination

Chapter 179 Arriving at Destination

After breakfast, Roland began to practice the basic moves of the saber arts under the shed. His friends came soon.

They greeted Roland first, before they were gathered by Qi Shaoqiu to practice standing in a line. Standing was the foundation for almost all traditional martial arts, including the miaodao technique.

Roland couldnt help but laugh when he saw his friends legs were shaking as they practiced.

He had experienced these miseries before when he practiced boxing. He had to be stretched out first, practice standing later, before he finally got to study the moves.

After half an hour of standing, his friends legs were as soft as noodles. They almost collapsed when Qi Shaoqiu told them to take a rest.

Schuck, in particular, was the worst of all, probably because he was too busy in bed last night. He almost fell on the ground. Li Lin and Brazil had to drag him to a bench nearby.

"Arent you melee classes?" Carrying a long wood miaodao, Roland walked to them and smiled. "Why is your performance even worse than mine?"

All the five of them raised their middle fingers at Roland, but they were too exhausted to show their disdain.

Qi Shaoqiu joined them and said, "Its their first training session. Theyre not bad at all. Better than most."

His friends finally looked better now.

Roland sat down and chit-chatted with them.

After a brief rest, his friends continued practicing the basics, such as squatting movement, horizontal movement, etc.

Roland, on the other hand, began to practice with Qi Shaoqiu.

For a moment, the two of them were engaged in a heated fight under the shed. Their actions were powerful and noisy. Rolands friends were attracted to the noise and were quite amazed.

They had all learned basic melee techniques and been through many battles in the game. Naturally, they could appreciate the battle experience and skills that Roland and Qi Shaoqiu demonstrated.

"It seems that the owner of this saber arts club knows what hes doing." Schuck smiled exhaustedly.

The rest of them couldnt agree more.

At noon, F6 dispersed and everybody went home.

At home, Roland began to look for files after lunch.

There was still half a year to go before the day when most people offered tribute to their ancestors, but Roland felt that he could find similar things in places like temples.

So, he tried to see if there were any famous religious places near him.

However, he realized that neither Buddhists nor Daoists were popular in the local area. It was needless to mention external religions.

The only famous place was the Matsu memorial in his neighboring province, but it would take him four hours to get there.

He probably wouldnt be able to make it back by night if he were to go for the Matsu memorial.

Roland didnt like that.

He felt that he lost one billion when he was late for two hours to log in the game last time. If he missed it for a whole night, he would feel that half of his life had been wasted.

More importantly, even if he found the energy ball again, should he absorb it or not?

If he didnt absorb it, it would be too wasteful; but if he did, what if he passed out again in another province?

Thinking about that, he gave up the idea of an excursion.

Then, he went to his bed and meditated there.

As he gradually calmed himself down, he sensed the cool wind wandering inside his body.

The calmer he was, the more clearly he could sense it.

While he couldnt make use of the cool wind yet, he felt very comfortable just by detectingit.

Gradually, he couldnt sense anything except the flow of the cool wind in his body.

After a long time, the wind gradually stopped moving, and Roland exited the state where he was comfortable and didnt want to think at all. He turned his head back, only to be shocked.

The orange setting sun had left a red square spot on the ground through the window.

Roland rose and looked out of the window, before he checked the clock.

It was 18:36.

He remembered that he started the meditation around 13:00. It meant that he had been sitting on the bed for five and a half hours.

He patted his feet They were not numb.

Had he really gotten the hang of it?

Just because of the energy ball the size of a finger?

Roland felt complicated as he sat on the bed, both happy and lost.

What should he do next now that he was already a beginner?

For example, how should he build up the aura in him, and what could it do?

Could he do anything special with the aura, like flying or unleashing it as an attack?

Thinking for a moment, Roland browsed the notes that Night Tide Sands left for him and frowned.

Then, he called Night Tide Sands.

The phone was picked up very quickly.

"Hey, Roland? Is there anything I can help you with?"

Night Tide Sands sounded rather delighted.

Roland didnt quite realize that, because it was the first time he called her after he got her number. He simply said, "What should I do next to improve my Nourishment of Life now that Im a beginner? Thats not stated in your notes."

"I dont know either." For some reason, Night Tide Sands sounded softer over the phone than face to face. "Theyre all the notes passed on in my family. However, Im told that anyone who finds the real offspring of General Qi might get more of the notes."

"Do you know where the offspring of the Qi family are?"

"Im told somewhere in the northeast."

Shoot! From the southwest to the northeast of the country? That seemed too far.

"Well talk later. Thank you." Roland was about to hang up the phone.

However, Night Tide Sands said earnestly, "Wait, lets go to the Red Star Sports Equipment Store tomorrow. We need to prepare gear for your friends."

"Okay, not a problem. See you tomorrow."

Night Tide Sands voice sounded even softer. "Okay."

After he hung up the phone, Roland had dinner downstairs and spent three hours on the forums, before he entered the game again.

He rested in the manor for a day and took a carriage to Isnas.

Vivian waved goodbye at him from the city gate and didnt go back until Rolands carriage disappeared over the horizon after half an hour.

For most people in this world, a carriage was the most convenient and comfortable way to travel long-distance.

However, for a moderner like Roland, it was suffering.

The carriage was too slow Also, it was bumpy due to the lack of tires. His butt was falling apart after only two days, and he had to ask the coachman to slow down, and as a result, the journey was even longer.

Thankfully, he could still log into the forum and watch videos, which made him feel better

He came across two groups of bandits on his way. All of them were blown up by his Inferior Fireball.

He didnt think that he needed to show mercy to such outlaws.

The coachman was horrified to see how violent Roland was. His legs were shaking when he talked to Roland.

After thirteen days, Roland finally arrived in Isnas.

This was a special city, well-known for the princesses who lived here.

All the princesses of the royal family would live a couple of years in this city before they married.

Looking at the high and ancient city wall, Roland said in the guild channel, "Im at the city gate. What about you?"