Mages Are Too Op Chapter 182

Chapter 182 In Position

"Schuck must be aware of some information we dont know, which made him a Saint Samurai. To keep his advantage, I dont think he would reveal how he became a Saint Samurai."

Listening to his deputys report, Cedarnik pondered for a moment and said, "Hire some people to post on the forum that the chairman of F6 is selfish and unwilling to share with other players how to be promoted to be a Saint Samurai when he knows it. He doesnt deserve to be the leader of the best guild, and hes nothing more than a pretty boy. Just try to ruin his reputation."

His deputy smiled and said, "Everybody has actually been angry at Schucks handsomeness. As long as we direct them, we can throw him into a swamp. Chances are that he can never turn things around in the game, and he would have to build a new character and start all over."

Cedarnik laughed hard in contentment after hearing that.

At this point, Roland was still staying in the house with his friends. They were either talking or browsing the forums.

Husseret was not here. He was out for scouting.

A plan had been made. They only had to patiently wait for the best timing.

At this point, however, Raffel suddenly shouted, "Something is not right. Many people are smearing Schuck on the forums."

The rest of them were stunned. They dropped whatever they were doing and logged into the forums.

It was true Half of the posts on the first page in the general discussion section were slander against Schuck, claiming that he was a girl-stealer, a selfish man who was reluctant to share his knowledge, and an unapproachable man because he didnt allow anyone else to join F6.

Some posts even claimed that he was gay.

"This is obviously an organized attack." Roland chuckled.

Li Lin bashed the table and yelled, "Damn it. Who did this exactly?"

Everybody looked at Roland.

Roland thought for a moment and said, "Schuck is too handsome. A lot of guys hate him. Just think about it: have any of our male peers been friendly to Schuck in the past twenty years since we knew each other?"

The four of them thought for a moment and all shook their heads.

There were about twenty boys of their age in their neighborhood when they were little, but only they could hang around with Schuck.

Many girls, on the other hand, were more interested in playing with him.

They played cute to him or even tried to drag him to play toys with them. Schuck was so annoyed that he was cold to the girls of his age for quite a while.

"Most of these people are trolls." Roland thought for a moment and said, "Search the threads about Schuck and find the earliest ones."

Raffel searched quickly and soon found the dozens of threads that were posted earliest.

Roland checked each of them and smiled. "All of them are made by new accounts. Its indeed trolling."

"Can you tell who did it?"

"Probably Moon Shadow." Roland smiled. "Cedarnik, the chairman of Moon Shadow, is the only person who is in conflict with Schuck for now. Also, hes rich and could easily hire an army to attack him."

"What if it isnt him?"

Roland chuckled creepily. "It has to be him We cant let go of him after he threatened to identify Schuck with a hackers help. Those rich boys are very bold; he probably hired a hacker, except that the hacker couldnt break through the firewall of Penguin Corporation."

Then, Roland said unhurriedly, "So, never be too honest. We would be fools if we try to defeat the enemy with honor when theyre playing dirty tricks on us. We should use the same tricks too."

All the rest of them laughed in agreement.

They were old friends and knew each other very well.

At this moment, Husseret pushed the door open and walked in.

Slapping his clothes to get rid of the dust, he sat down in an empty chair and said gloomily with his back hunched, "A minor noble is holding a dinner party tonight. Cedarnik and his assistants will attend. Should we ambush him on the way?"

Roland asked in surprise, "Why would we ambush him? Well just go straight to their base. Havent you investigated it before? Moon Shadow doesnt have good fighters. Cedarnik is himself the best one. If he leaves with his two good assistants, how many people in Moon Shadows base are capable of resisting


"Theyre level three on average. Cedarnik, his deputy and one of his trusted subordinates are level five, but all of them are going to the party."

Roland smiled. "Well launch an attack at their base. When they return in a hurry, well ambush them halfway."

"Good idea." Husseret nodded and said, "Ill talk to the city garrison and my friends in the Temple of Life first."

"Also Those are what you asked me to buy."

Husseret took out what Roland asked him to buy from his Backpack.

They were cans of oils, bags of quicklime, and countless caltrops.

Raffel claimed the oil, Li Lin took the quicklime, and Brazil got all of the caltrops.

Husseret disappeared from the room again.

Soon, it was night.

Roland and his friends, who had been staying in the house, began to take action.

Roland went to the bottom of the northwest city wall, where some soldiers were patrolling and Husseret was waiting for him.

Husseret gave the captain of the soldiers some silver coins, and the captain waved his hand at Roland.

Following them, Roland ascended the city wall until he reached the middle part on the northern city wall.

Observing from his high position, he saw the base of Moon Shadow on the ground four hundred meters ahead of him.

A dozen low, shabby houses were built in a circle. At the center of the circle was a big, bright bonfire. Even though he was far away, he could see thirty people chatting and laughing around the bonfire.

Vaguely, he could even hear loud but terrifying singing

"My love for you wouldnt change even after Im dead"

"Its terrible, isnt it?" The captain said at Rolands side, angry. "Those idiotic Golden Sons sing rather than sleeping every night. Its so awful that its like a bald merman sawing wood right next to your ears. Its disgusting."

"So you want them to disappear?"

"No, you want them to disappear." The captain shook his head. "I dont know anything. My patrol is over."

Smiling, he left with his soldiers after saying that.

Then, the city wall fell into silence. There werent even the chirps of insects or birds. The moon was bright in the sky, spraying cold light all over the ground. The wind was blowing too.

Roland somehow recalled what he read in a wuxia book once:

The brighter a moon is, the more you want to kill someone; the quieter a night is, the easier it is to kill someone.

Back then, Roland was too little to know what it meant.

However, now that he was placed in the same environment, he suddenly understood the quote and thought that whoever wrote that mustve been a pervert or a serial killer.

New messages popped up in the guild channel.

Li Lin: "In position."

Raffel: "In position."

Brazil: "In position."

Husseret: "Traps in the Temple of Life have been set up."

Roland turned off the guild channel. Staring at the silver moon in the sky, he straightened his right arm and opened his hand.

A flame took shape above his right hand, before it quickly warped into a fireball.