Mages Are Too Op Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Voluntary Pk

Chapter 183 Voluntary PK

The little fireball quickly expanded into a big fireball, before it turned into a gigantic blue one.

At first, it was as bright as a torch, but in the end, it was as dazzling as a searchlight.

Its light could be seen on the city wall even from one kilometer away.

Actually, the people of Moon Shadow realized something five seconds after Roland starting gathering his magic.

They were singing and enjoying a hotpot around the bonfire, when they sensed a concentration of enormous magic power not far away.

They stood up and looked at the part of the city wall where Roland was standing, only to see a small sun.

"Damn it. Whats this? Is it morning already? But didnt night just fall?" One of the players was obviously too drunk to react normally.

The other players were smarter. "Damn it! A Superior Fireball! Its definitely aimed at us! Run!"

After a moment, the players around the bonfire were all running as fast as possible toward the dark corners.

These people indeed had abundant battle experience. After all, as a major guild, they had a lot of group activities together.

If it were a common magic attack, they probably would have escaped by doing that.

After all, few spells could lock onto a target except the special mental ones.

So the players of the classes that highlighted agility always said that if they ran fast enough, magic wouldnt be able to catch up to them.

However, their common sense did not apply to this scenario.

Roland stepped forward and waved his right hand heavily, throwing the enormous fireball more than two meters in radius above his head.

It was a throwing movement, but it was more of his habit than something of actual significance.

Physical methods could barely influence magic elements. It was the mind that mattered.

He made the throwing movement unconsciously.

After all, it had only been half a year since he became a Mage, and he hadnt changed all the habits of an ordinary person yet.

The enormous fireball flew in an elegant parabola across four hundred meters, illuminating the ground below its path, before it hit the distinctive bonfire at the center of the base.

The bonfire flashed like a bolt of lightning, followed by the most deafening explosion.

Roland had covered his ears in advance, but his ears were still humming after the explosion. His body was slightly numb too.

Then, an enormous red shock wave that looked like a donut appeared on the ground and spread out like a tsunami. At the center of the explosion, a red mushroom cloud was rising.

The cottages in the base as well as the trees had already been leaning outwardly before the donut arrived.

The moment the donut hit them, they were set on fire and turned the same color as the donut.

Although the people of Moon Shadow ran fast, those who were behind were shocked by the thunderous explosion. They were too slow and weak to pass the exemption test against "enormous noise." Immediately, they were immobilized and swallowed by the high heat that followed them.

Some of the others were stronger or good at dealing with noise. They survived the sound attack in the first wave, but most of them couldnt run faster than the shock wave. They were caught and consumed by the shock wave after running for no more than thirty meters.

Some other people decided to hide behind rocks, only to be burnt up when the shock wave swept across them.

The dreadful heat did not disappear until it expanded by more than a hundred meters.

All the trees and houses within its reach had become fiery torches.

After only one spell, half of Moon Shadows base had become an ocean of fire.

The members of the guild who had been at the outskirts at the beginning and who ran fast, on the other hand, managed to escape from the blazing inferno.

When they finally felt safe, they turned around, only to see that half of their base had been enshrouded in flame, and at the center of the explosion was a pool of magma around twenty square meters wide.

Who did this?

Only half of the members of Moon Shadow survived. Most of them had been gathered around the bonfire, and Roland wiped out twenty of them in one attack.

Then, another twenty of them were burned to ashes by the heat.

Now, only fifty of them remained.

The survivors quickly congregated. It was human instinct to gather together in the presence of danger.

Where was the enemy? Who were they?

Everybody looked at the top of the city wall. They had all seen that the gigantic fireball was thrown from there.

However, because the fire was exuberant and bright and the city wall was relatively dark, they could see nothing but darkness on the wall even though there was a silver moon in the sky.

Everybody looked at each other in bewilderment. A long time later, to their surprise, someone walked out of the fire.

He was a Warrior. Though covered in ash and dust, he didnt seem hurt.

Those who were familiar with him shouted, "Ah Feng, hurry up! Youll get burned!"

"Its fine. Ive got 94 points of fire resistance, and Im wearing fire resistance boots. Even dragon breath is nothing to me!"

The Warrior couldnt have been cockier as he walked out of the fire, but then his eyes suddenly bulged because an arrow pierced into his throat.

He quickly plucked the arrow. His blood was spewing, but he seemed fine.

Warriors were highly vigorous. It was not fatal even if his throat was shot. For the Warriors of higher levels, they could survive for a long time even if their heart or head was shot.

When Ah Feng drew the arrow out, the hook on the arrow tore part of his flesh off, and his blood gushed out like a spring. He roared, but he couldnt make any sound because of the hole in his throat.

His blood seemed to be spilling even faster.

"Everybody, disperse. There are more enemies. Take out your equipment!"

They were a big guild, and they had basic battle common sense.

All of them retrieved their weapons from their Backpack and dispersed.

In the meantime, a dozen more arrows were shot from the darkness, wounding three of them and killing two.


A Warrior who had been on alert at the periphery charged into the darkness with a round shield and a crescent saber, only to be flung back in no more than a second.

A Warrior who was wearing heavy black armor and holding an iron tower shield ran out like a bull and stopped in front of the guild members, before he set up the tower shield before him with a huge noise.