Mages Are Too Op Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Unscrupulous

Such a large, heavy shield suggested that he was a Shield Warrior.

It was not easy to break through the defense of a Shield Warrior, particularly in narrow places When they held their enormous tower shields and cast the myriad of shield skills, even a powerful Mage could barely get past them.

However, this place was a broad road, and one Shield couldnt block all of it. The guild members could circumvent him.

They thought so and did so. Several players who were very agile rushed past the Warrior on both sides, only to scream and retreat.

The three agile players who passed from the right side of Raffel, the Shield Warrior, scrambled back with their heads contaminated by some white stuff.

They retreated while they screamed, "Ah! My eyes hurt! Thats too unscrupulous! You used quicklime!"

The players who attempted on the left side were beaten back. Their faces had been disfigured by sharp claws.

The players could endure the physical pain which was only one-tenth the normal, but they were still suffering a lot of mental pressure.

Li Lin roamed out of the darkness with a bag of quicklime in each hand. He chuckled creepily. With his bald head and the tattoos all over his body, he couldnt have looked scarier.

Berserkers usually didnt wear any armor, not even the leather kind. Their upper body was always naked.

Their abilities were based on their tattoos. If they put on any clothes, the abilities or attributes provided by the tattoos would be reduced by 30%.

"Who are you?"

Seeing that the road ahead had been blocked and it was impossible to pass, one of the prestigious members of Moon Shadow made a gesture, asking them to retreat and their own Shield Warriors to step forward.

Different from Raffel who was using an enormous tower shield, the three Shield Warriors of Moon Shadow were only using griffin shields, which didnt look half as intimidating.

Hiding behind the Shield Warriors, the temporary commander glared at Raffel and Li Lin. "Has Moon Shadow ever done anything to you?"

Li Lin said mockingly, "That, you would have to ask your trouble-making chairman."

The temporary commander was briefly stunned. "Youre F6?"

"You figured it out?" Li Lin chuckled. "It seems that you do know something."

Of course he figured it out. The temporary commander knew that Cedarnik had conflicts with Schuck on the forums. Besides, the enormous fireball just now was too classic. Among the players, only Roland, known as the best Mage, could cast it.

Considering that, it was not hard for him to conclude that the strangers were F6.

"Youre truly bold. A minor guild of only a few people dared to attack us."

"Whats wrong with a small guild? A small guild can still beat the sh*t out of you." Li Lin smiled delightedly.

"You only caught us by surprise. Well hunt you until youre reduced to level zero after today." The temporary commander spat on the ground angrily. "Lets attack together! I dont believe that we cant beat them when theyre so outnumbered! Break their defense!"

While roaring, the temporary commander looked back, and the fire set up by magic was already reaching him. If the guild members didnt leave, all of them would be burned to death here. None of them were Ah Feng, who specialized in fire resistance and had a pair of rare fire-resistant boots.

Speaking of Ah Feng The temporary commander looked down, only to see that Ah Feng seemed to be dying on the ground.

After all, he had a big hole on his throat, and blood was flowing out crazily. That loss of blood was too much even for a vigorous Warrior.

The people of Moon Shadow charged forward Raffel and Li Lin had blocked one side of the road, and on the other side, some kind of monster was lurking in the darkness.

But in any case, the people of Moon Shadow still outnumbered their enemy.

Under normal circumstances, a larger number was always an advantage, unless the other party was far stronger than themselves.

However, Li Lin didnt play normally at all.

Seeing that the players were coming at him, he hurled out the two bags of quicklime in his hands.

Both of the bags hit the heads of two players precisely.

There was no telling how the quicklime was packed, but the bags exploded the moment they hit a target, and the victims face was covered by the white powder. They couldnt see anything anymore, and their eyes were itchy and painful.

Their tears flowed out, which reacted with the quicklime and made it release heat.

The two players who were hit cried and scratched their eyes. Because the pain had been reduced, they could tolerate it, but it was still itchy, and it was torturous not to see anything.

They dug at their eyes for a long time, until they couldnt hold it anymore. One of them shouted, "Kill us! I dont want to suffer anymore! I want to be resurrected in the Temple of Life and return to kill those idiots! Ugh This feels terrible! Be quick!"

The temporary commander stepped forward and stabbed their throats. Soon, they stopped struggling

Li Lin squinted and threw out another two bags of quicklime!

Seeing the misery of the first two victims, the other guild members learned their lesson and hurried to retreat.

But one of them was still hit, in the chest instead of the face. However, some of the quicklime still splashed into his eyes after the bag broke.

The man was ruthless enough to stab into his own heart before the quicklime reacted.

The temporary commander roared, "Is there anyone capable of barrier techniques or spells of the wind class? Blow it back!"

"Almost all the spellcasters were around the hotpot just now. They were too slow and have been killed."

"Then well set up our defense until they return and reinforce us." The temporary commander shouted, "Shield Warriors stay in the front! Well retreat slowly."

At this point, forty of the guild members were forced to step back by only two men on the surface. On their two sides were houses, and they couldnt rush through them.

Two Rogue players jumped on the roof, trying to bypass the enemy, only to be shot by arrows from the darkness.

"Theyre intentionally trying to trap us here." The temporary commander felt a lot more at ease once he saw the three Shield Warriors. He continued, "Youre too shameless. Dont play dirty tricks like spraying quicklime if you think youre good."

"Youre too many. We cant defeat you without wisdom." While speaking, Li Lin slowly pressed forward.

The members of Moon Shadow slowly retreated, trying to buy themselves time.

Raffel slowly walked forward behind the tower shield, which rustled as it rubbed against the ground.

Neither of the parties were moving fast, but as they retreated, the members of Moon Shadow moved to the edge of the fire.Behind them were the burning houses and trees, as well as flowers that were about to die out on the ground.

They couldnt retreat anymore. The temporary commander could sense that his back was on fire. He said to the Shield Warriors, "Stay there. I think the reinforcements are coming."

However, at this point, Raffel, who had been holding his shield all this time, stored his shield into his Backpack.

Then, two dark cans appeared in his hands.

The temporary commands heart raced crazily as he recognized what Raffel was holding.

They were cans of oil!

Behind the guild members was a field of fire, and there were flames on the ground too.

Damn it! These people were too freaking shameless!