Mages Are Too Op Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Second Brother Isnt Stupid

About an hour later, Roland left the command center.

Antis had told him a lot of things about the queen. He didnt know if Antis kept anything from him, but he did feel that he had acquired plenty of useful information.

This queen was the daughter of a noble and a swordswoman who majored in agility. Though she was not strong, she was really a professional.

Because of that, the king took her as his queen, because healthier, stronger women were more likely to give birth to smarter, sturdier kids.

The queens name was Windy Charles, which was changed to Windy Hollevin after her marriage.

She was overall a regular noble lady, slightly vain but also caring.

Before she was kidnapped, she had a huge fight with another noble lady.

The queens identity was honorable enough, but the lady whom she fought with was a blood relative of the royal family backed by a major force.

In this society, the king, the lords, and the nobles were dependent on each other. Although the king was the most powerful on the surface, he still had to consider the attitudes and interests of other grand nobles as well as the members of the royal family.

Apart from the fight, Antis also told Roland about the hobbies and habits of the queen.

Roland was slightly surprised when he heard it. He asked Antis why he knew so much about the queens private life.

Antis, however, simply said that the queen was his distant relative and they used to play together as kids.

Well Was this big capital nothing more than a small pond for the grand nobles?

Roland was going back to Kaka Bards manor for a rest, when a carriage stopped in front of him.

Seeing the shield-shaped emblem on the carriage, Roland knew that it probably belonged to Felwood.

As he expected, when the curtain on the carriage was lifted, a familiar face appeared and said, "Mr. Roland, please wait."

Roland raised his eyebrow.

Felwood put the curtain down and got off the carriage. He stooped before Roland and said, "Its an honor to meet you here, Mr. Roland."

Felwood had been arrogant earlier, but not now. There was only delight on his face at this point.

"It seems that youve investigated me." Roland eyed Felwood in an unfriendly way.

Felwood nodded and said, "I apologize to you if it upsets you."

Its difficult to hate someone whos smiling at you. Feeling less angry at him, Roland asked, "How can I help you?"

"Im wondering if you would like to visit my manor as a guest."

Roland was stunned. Was it a gesture of friendliness?

He thought for a moment and shook his head. "No, I dont think so. Im going to Kakas manor."

"Thats really a shame." After a brief hesitation, Felwood said, "Mr. Roland, although things between me and Kaka havent been very good, I dont want it to stop us from becoming friends. Kaka is just Kaka. We can be friends with or without him."

"Are you saying that you want me to abandon Kaka and take your side?"

Felwood waved his hand and said, "Thats my intention, but I know you wouldnt do that, and I would be insulting you if I asked you to do so. I merely hope that you can drop by and have a chat with me in my manor when Kaka loses everything one day. I admire experts like you, and I believe we can be good friends."

This Felwood is really good!

Roland was quite impressed, but he had known Kaka before he knew this guy. Heaving a soft sigh, he said, "Lets talk about that later."

Hearing what Roland said, Felwood put on a smile. "I hope that we can talk about life and the future in my manor someday, sir."

Then, he bowed and bid Roland farewell politely.

The people in the capital were indeed more open-minded Although Felwood and he didnt start off great, Felwood had come to show his friendliness after figuring out who Roland was and Rolands value, trying to reduce the awkwardness between them.

Felwoods reaction suggested that he was smart and knew what was best for himself.

Back in Kakas manor, Roland met Kaka in his study.

Kaka was studying the derivative spell that Roland taught him, bummed.

He couldnt help but give the graph to Roland and ask, "Doesnt this node require too much magic power all at once? I cant do that."

"You can try a few more times. Its a level-zero trick anyway. You wouldnt be hurt even if the attempts fail." Roland smiled and said solemnly, "I met your second brother on the way here."

Kaka was stunned. "What did he say to you? Did he threaten you?"

"Not exactly."

Roland repeated what Felwood said and concluded, "Your second brother is not simple. He found out who I was in only half a day, and he has promptly given in. I dont think I can just beat him up next time I meet him."

Kaka smiled bitterly. "Neither of my brothers are easy to deal with."

"I think all three brothers are as good as each other."

Kaka smiled and changed the topic. "Did you make any progress with Antis?"

"Not exactly." Roland shook his head. "He did give me some general intelligence, some of which was detailed and related to the queens private life. But it cant help me find her."

"There are certain things that he cant say." Kaka thought for a moment and said, "He certainly didnt tell you anything about the six Archmages in the capital, did he?"

Roland nodded.

"We all know that one of them captured the queen, but none dare to investigate," Kaka said. "Mages are the noblest of all classes, and Antis is just a swordsman. Even though he is a noble, so what? The six Archmages are nobles too. Theyd be revered even if they werent. Antis dares not look into them. In fact, I dont think he wants you to investigate them either."

"You are a Mage too, but youre being kicked out of your family," observed Roland with a smile.

"Thats only because it was a Mage who kidnapped the queen. Theyre only venting their fury on me." Kaka felt that he was wronged.

Roland said with a smile, "What do you know about the six Archmages? Is there anything you can tell me?"

Kaka suddenly rose and walked to the window. He looked outside for a while before he closed the window and returned to Roland. He said in a low voice, "I can tell you the basic information of the six Archmages. Just dont tell people that you learned it from me."

"Speak." Roland was interested.

Then, Kaka spent half an hour telling Roland everything that he knew about the Archmages.

After hearing him out, Roland asked, "Who do you think has most likely captured the queen?"

"If I have to give a name, I think it was Tobian."


Kaka smiled. "The other Archmages are too old to be interested in women, but Tobian is only in his forties. As a professional, hes as strong as a twenty-year-old ordinary person. So, you know"

"But if its just about biological needs, he couldve just asked for a prostitute, no? Besides, as a powerful man, he must have a lot of female servants, right?"

Kaka shrugged. "Who knows? Its possible that he likes the exciting title of queen."