Mages Are Too Op Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Ideas From Different Standpoints

Seeing Rolands willingness to copy it, Tobian nodded with satisfaction, his bald head seeming to shine even more.

He took down a book from the bookshelf and placed it in front of Roland and said, "This is Dimensional Anchor, you have the next two hours to copy it. Ill have the butler send up the paper and ink later."

Then, he picked up the staff again and caressed it gently, so delighted with it that he could hardly bear to put it down.

Roland opened the book It was a very, very large piece of sewn vellum, which looked like a book when folded together in a specific way.

Turning on the systems photo function, Roland photographed the Dimensional Anchor spell model from four angles.

Then he said to Tobian, "All right, sir, Ive got it down."

Tobian was shaking in fear and almost dropped the staff in his hands to the ground.

"These thousandsalmost ten thousand nodes, and youve memorized it all?"

Roland said with a smile, "We Golden Sons have a special method of recording."

"How enviable. Undying, and also quite capable of memorization." Tobian sighed; the staff in his hand didnt seem so appealing to him anymore. "Are all of you Golden Sons monsters?"

Roland smiled modestly.

Although the nobles were mutually disinclined to talk about the Golden Sons in public, these guys were different from ordinary commoners after all and had no fear of them.

If the circumstances were normal, they would have already bullied this group of Golden Sons like they oppressed the commoners.

But the problem was that the Golden Sons really werent easy to mess with.

Not to mention being undying, all of them were professionals, and their overall strength seemed to be stronger than the average professional.

What was even more disgusting was that these Golden Sons were very meddlesome, and as long as it was something they were uncomfortable with, they had to meddle with it.

There were fewer Golden Sons in the capital, and they werent quite as eye-catching. Only a few of them came a while ago and ran away after "duping" the nobles of a large sum of money, not even wanting their clothes.

It only caused some commotion and discussions.

But the nobles were not bad at gathering information, and they had heard intermittently that two mayors had already lost their lives at the hands of the Golden Sons.

Although in the end, the Golden Sons still abided by the unspoken rules and didnt steal the mayors heritage, neither the mayors nor the current heads of the noble families wanted to fall dead.

In addition, now that more and more information was coming in about the Golden Sons standing up for beggars and commoners, many noble families had an intuitive impression of them.

A group of peculiar aliens with outlooks comparable to golden dragons that were lawfully good.

Such a race was quite troublesome It was already troublesome enough that golden dragons often turned into humans and ran to the human world to punish evil and promote good.

Now there was another group, the Golden Sons.

Life for the nobles was getting rough.

Tobian lowered his staff, then said, "Where are those two nodes you just mentioned? Point them out to me again."

"Here." Roland immediately placed the spell model he had prepared on the table.

In fact, he had already understood, but going through with the acting, he naturally had to make a show of listening intently.

Tobian was indeed worthy of being a master Mage. He only looked at it twice before saying, "These two points are indeed a bit difficult, especially for a Mage like you who has just reached the Elite level. The key at this point is that the magic power delivery must be steady and fine, but at this point, the magic power delivery needs to be stronger. All nodes have different magic power requirementsyou have to get the feel of it."

"I understand." Roland nodded.

"By the way, can I have another look at this spell model?" Tobian then suddenly asked.

Roland said with a smile, "Of course, no problem. Its for you, Archmage."

"Thank you." Tobian stroked his bald head, feeling rather embarrassed, and then said, "My Magic Tower still has two empty floors, so why dont you stay here for the duration?"

"No, thanks." Roland waved his hand gently. "Im staying at Kaka Bards placeI know him well."

"Ah, the Bards boy, I hear hes been having some trouble lately. Did you come over to help him?"

Roland shrugged. "I didnt know about it until I came here, but I cant help much. Im just a Golden Son with no roots or power in this world. I can only be there to comfort him. But I heard that he has his own plans, so Im not sure."

"Oh, he can still survive in this desperate situation?" Tobian said with great interest. "Id like to see that."

Roland now looked out at the sky and said, "Mr. Tobian, thank you very much for your answer, coming to visit you was indeed the right choice. I would also like to listen to your teachings again, but now I have some important business to attend to, so I will take my leave for now."

After speaking, Roland stood up.

"Come back when you have time." Tobian nodded with a smile.

Then the butler standing outside came in and led Roland down the Magic Tower.

The westerly sun shone in from the window, shining brightly on Tobians bald head.

It was hot and uncomfortable.

In the past, Tobian would have immediately gone over to close the window. He didnt like his bald head being exposed to the sun, and he would usually wear a hood when he went out on a sunny day.

It just so happened that magic robes usually came with a hood, and when he put it on, his head was covered and his face was hidden in the shadow of the hood, giving him the more mysterious look of a Mage.

But right now, he was mesmerized by the Teleportation spell model before him.

Compared to a normal Teleportation spell model, this spell model had more nodes, and the connections and distances between the nodes were more in line with his perception.

In other words, if he cast spells according to this spell model, the many steps he used in the past could be omitted, so that he could teleport the same distance with less mental power.

Most importantly, since this spell model was very accurate, if he could correct his previous casting habits, he would be able to control the teleportation distance more precisely.

The phenomenon of trying to teleport to the top of a palm-sized rock, but teleporting too far, would not occur.

This allowed him to teleport to some very complex terrain, which was of great tactical value in the field.

Did Roland make this spell model drawing himself?

What a genius.

Wait Rolands name sounds familiar. He suddenly remembered something, flipping out the derivative spell model of Hand of Magic and looking at the name noted in the back.


And then, he thought about how Roland introduced himself earlier as the chairman of the Magic Tower of Delpon.

So its him!

"Perhaps, in the future, Ill have to suggest to the headquarters to restrict the access of the Golden Son Mages to spell models and not allow them to progress too quickly. Otherwise there will be no place for us to stand in the future."

He somewhat regretted giving Roland the Dimensional Anchor spell model.

Roland returned to Kakas manor and saw a few carriages at the entrance.

A group of people was in the flower garden surrounding Kaka and pointing at him.

Kaka wore an annoyed expression.

What had happened?