Mages Are Too Op Chapter 203

Chapter 203 Advanced Pixelation Technology

The two guards who stood at the door both had expressions of enjoyment as if they were watching a show, but when Roland came over, they immediately opened the door.

Roland stopped next to them and asked, "What happened?"

The two guards seemed to despise their master, but they didnt dare to have a similar attitude towards Roland. One of them immediately replied, "Someone was sent over from the main family to urge him to leave this manor quickly, as the Third Young Master is no longer qualified to live here."

Roland sighed and walked in.

Surrounding Kaka Bard were all noble-looking people, men, women, and children alike.

As soon as Roland approached, he heard an old woman shouting, "Kaka, now that this manor is no longer yours, why are you still staying here? Have you no shame?"

"Then at least let me clear out the manor first. Dont think I dont know what youre up to." Kaka looked increasingly annoyed.

A middle-aged man shouted, "Everything in this manor belongs to the Bard family, and you have no right to take it."

"Why dont I have the righteverything in here was bought with my own money. My last name is still Bard, my father just told me to go live outside, he didnt say anything about taking away my last name." Kaka looked angrily at the middle-aged man. "Zaun, if you have the guts, go talk to Father about taking my last name away."

"Fine, you think I dont dare?" the middle-aged man barked, enraged. "I, Zaun, always do what I say, go wherever I want to gojust you wait."

This middle-aged man very impolitely pointed his finger at Kaka and then turned around to leave, but just as he turned around, he saw Roland.

He was already in a bad mood, and when he saw an outsider there, he cursed. "Whats wrong with the guards, whats with all these nobodies"

He swallowed his words halfway through his scolding.

Roland was dressed in a magic robe, so he was clearly not an ordinary person.

Although Kaka was also a mage, it was clear to everyone in the family that Kakas status as a Mage was a bit awkward.

Someone who relied heavily on their familys resources to become an official Mage didnt really have much fighting ability, and when it came to a real fight, they were probably just a little bit stronger than a magic apprentice.

This Mage in front of him, however, had an unknown origin.

The Bard family was originally a family of spellcasters, and this middle-aged man was also an official Mage, but of course, he was the kind that used his plentiful resources to reach such a status. Like Kaka, his own fighting ability was not strong, but he was still able to mentally perceive the opponents magic power.

Prodding a little was harmless. He immediately found that the other party was actually at least an Elite-level Mage who had incredibly high magic power.

Then, he immediately changed the expression on his face and smiled obsequiously. "Sir, are you here to look for Kaka? Theres no need, hes about to be banished."

Seeing that Roland was here, Kaka was slightly relieved.

Oftentimes, when people lose their power and authority, it would feel different if they had a friend who could back them up a little.

Roland was that kind of friend.

Roland smiled at this middle-aged man. "Im here to look for Kaka."

The middle-aged man wore a strange expression.

Usually, only friends would call each other by their first name; otherwise, they would call each other by their last name.

For someone like Kaka in the noble class, he was generally known as Little Bard.

His father was called Old Bard, and his elder brother was called Big Bard.

So Roland calling him Kaka, in itself, had shown which side he was on.

The middle-aged man looked at Roland, then at Kaka, forced a smile, and said to the people around him, "Lets go."

The group of people didnt say anything and immediately left.

Just before leaving the manor, the middle-aged man stared at Roland viciously.

Roland sensed this and looked back.

The man was so frightened that he immediately turned his head around.

"Ive made an embarrassment of myself." Kaka sighed and leaned on the stone pillar at the entrance of the room, looking very lost. "How troublesome."

Roland frowned. "Didnt you say that there was still some time before you left to take up your post? Why are they here so soon to force your hand?"

"Second Brothers people." Kaka looked at the sky and said, "Lets go inside and talk."

They went up to the third floor and sat down in the study.

Kaka reclined in the chair and pressed his hand to his brow.

It was a while before he spoke up. "I guess hes a little anxious because youre here and youve made my second brother think I might still have a chance of turning the tables."

"Looks like its my fault?"

"No, if you hadnt come, I might have been in a more difficult position." Kaka added with a smile, "The only thing I can depend on right now is the fact that youre my friend."

"Dont worry." Roland smiled. "Ill be staying here until you get honored at the Associations headquarters."

"Thanks," Kaka said sincerely, breathed a sigh of relief, and asked, "How was your visit to Tobians Magic Tower?"

Roland stayed silent for a moment, then said, "From the looks of it, Tobian is indeed a man with great physical needs. Theres a saying where we come from that the more powerful a man is in that area, the less hair he has on his head, but the more body hair. And with Tobian being completely bald and having as much body hair as a gorilla, theoretically, he fits our suspicions."

Kaka found it quite amusing. "Theres actually a saying for that?"

"Thats just what we say over there, I dont know if it applies to you here."

Kaka leaned in. "So, you think its Tobian too?"

"Its just more likely." Roland shook his head. "I wont see him as a murderer until theres actual proof."

Kaka blinked, then lowered his voice and asked, "Youre so concerned about the queens capture, did you get a beeping or something like that?"

Roland was stunned and asked in surprise, "What beeping?"

"Our family has been investigating you. Our distant relatives in remote areas have gotten several Golden Sons drunk and inquired as to why they are so nosy." Kaka had a strange look on his face. "They gave it all up, but when it comes to keywords, theres this weird beeping sound that comes out of their mouths. We dont know what that beeping is, so weve been guessing."

Roland was stunned for a moment, then said with an odd expression, "Did you say quest?"

Kaka clapped his hands heavily and said excitedly, "Yes, thats right, your words just now were the very harsh beeping sound."

Rolands expression immediately turned strange.

The systematic level shielding effect was a bit powerful.

He thought about it, stretched out his fingers and dipped it into the wine from the glass beside him, and then wrote the word "quest" in Hollevin on the tabletop.

As a result, Kaka was stunned when he read it. "What kind of magic is this one little square overlapping and flashing around and turning into a big square? Its kind of dizzying to watch."

Heh this pretty da*n interesting.

To use systematic censoring technology in a realistic world, theres some serious power behind the scenes.