Mages Are Too Op Chapter 204

Chapter 204 After Turning Around

Roland thought about it and wrote two sentences in a Tibetan poem style in Hollevin script.

The first two words from the two lines linked together formed the word "quest."

Then he pointed to the first two lines and said, "Do you understand the meaning of the two words that are connected?"

Originally Kaka had watched with interest as Roland finished writing the two sentences, but when Roland pointed to the first two words of each line, his expression turned odd. "I could just make out what the words were, but now theyre all turning into these weird flashing squares. And I cant remember what the first words of the first two lines of the sentence were. Strange!"

Then Kakas expression became a little wary. "You used an illusion on me?"

Roland shook his head, "It has nothing to do with me. Its a big shot among the Golden Sons who seems to have used special powers to censor keywords. And the detection source seems to be coming from our side, so it has nothing to do with you. You are only temporarily affected."

"I see." Kaka nodded, looking significantly better.

The two of them then chatted for a while, then Roland went to his room to rest, as it was almost night.

After Roland left, the first two words of the two lines of the sentence were no longer pixels. The water stains still remained on it, and Kaka looked at them and saw that they read "quest" in conjunction with each other.


The kind of quests one finds in a mercenary guild?

Is that why the Golden Sons are so nosy?

Theres a strange force that gives them quests, making them nosy, and then this force doesnt let them spread news like this?

Hehe, quite interesting.

The power behind the Golden Sons, even their own power, seems to be related to the gods.

It was only natural for Kaka to think so. It seemed to him that such great power could only be wielded by a god. Roland returned to the room where he had temporarily settled, then in the system photo album, he reopened the spell model of Dimensional Anchor.

The densely packed nodes gave him a headache.

It was more complex than any spell model Roland had ever seen before.

Many of the nodes were even leaning on each other.

These kinds of nodes that were close to each other also existed in the previous models he learned. However, there were usually only two or three aggregated together.

Roland called such nodes aggregated nodes.

The nodes of Dimensional Anchor, however, not only had many large nodes, but many were also four or five nodes gathered together.

This kind of composite node would greatly affect the difficulty of circulating the magic.

"Somewhat troublesome." Roland closed the album after reading it.

This magic was difficult and not something that could be mastered in a short period of time, so right now his focus was still on the Spell Puppets derivative spell.

He still had to figure out how to make the scout-type Spell Puppets not only have the ability to transmit images, but also have the ability to transmit sound.

Roland was working hard on it, and so was Kaka.

He was still digesting what Roland had taught him. The more he learned, the more he admired Roland.

Adding new nodes to an already perfect spell model in order to change the function of the spell

This was easy to say, but actually doing it would be much more difficult.

Would the new nodes cause damage to the original nodes? Would they affect the smoothness of circulating the spell? Would they change the original spells function and make it worse?

All these things had to be taken into account

Otherwise spells wouldnt have remained the same for thousands of years.

This was why Roland built mathematical models for the spell models.

Each nodes function and characteristics were recorded, and then it could be roughly deduced what the effect would be if a new node was derived nearby.

This was the reason why it was easier for Roland to change the form of the spell.

Of course, this was only one of the reasons.

The main reason was still his Magic Power Control. There were many players who knew mathematical modeling, and there were many capable people who were good at data analysis, but Roland was the only one who was ahead of all the Mages, and the main reason was this specialty.

And now Roland also felt more and more the power of this specialty.

When other players used magic, a fixed amount of MP was consumed.

They only waited to increase the damage ability of the same spell by raising their level, strengthening their equipment, and learning new specialties.

But Roland was different. He could infuse extra magic power into this spell to achieve the purpose of boosting the damage of the spell.

Normally, he could add as much as he wanted, and the one thing that could restrict him from raising the damage cap was the strength of his mental power, which controlled magic power and his own mana limit.

So in the future, if he chose a specialty, he would develop it in these two areas.

After more than four hours of deriving nodes, Roland felt a little dizzy.

After making a backup of the new spell model, Roland browsed the forums.

After more than half a year of training, most of the players now had a clear idea of what kind of path they should take in the game.

Players who liked to play at commerce, for example, were already running businesses, and while they were scattered all over the world, they could use the forums to exchange the current market price of items then post it on the forum. Soon after, the Commerce section was opened by the administrators in response to this, and they even established their own Cornucopia guild to progress together. Their ideal was to become great capitalists in this world, controlling the prices and flow of goods in a city, or even a country.

Of course, at the moment they were all still small merchants, relying on their Backpack to carry their goods, running between the wilderness and the city, dying from time to timethese "merchants" had the lowest average level.

Those who liked to dig up history, almost all of them were employed as Lorewalkers, collecting gossip and legends every day and compiling them.

And then there were those who liked to dig up other peoples graves, and under the cause of archeology, they robbed graves. The disparity between the rich and poor of this group of people was very seriousthe rich were extremely poor, while the poor were so poor that they chewed on bark everyday as food.

It was good that there was an Iron Stomach specialty, and after reaching a high level, one could even digest dirt so that they wouldnt starve to death

There was no need to mention those who liked adventure. Everyone knew what those people did.

What was really surprising was a group of casual players They became proficient in the instruments of this world and began to form groups to tour major cities, now gaining fame among the noble class.

Opera, pop music, pure music, and symphonies.

Eastern, Western Central Asian.

There was so much music, so many songs to draw from in reality. Their shows were never repeated, and already many noble debutantes, who brought their own servants and carriages, were tailing behind them to watch their shows, becoming fangirls. "Were going on a cultural invasion." That was their slogan.

After looking at it for a while, Roland found a thread in the general area. Newcomer Seeking Guidance, How Should I Add Points if I Want to Become a Powerful Mage?

Theres a newcomer?

Roland clicked into the thread curiously.