Mages Are Too Op Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Who Dares To Take Our Stuff?

Roland had always felt it was his duty to make it easier for new Mages to get started on the path of magic.

He intended to give the newcomer some advice, but it turned out that he didnt need to speak at all when he clicked in.

Answers had already been provided by enthusiastic players.

This was a lucky person who got the immersive cabin from a court auction.

It cost over four million.

Hed heard that Mages were powerful, that one big shot had wiped out half the guild and demolished the city gates all by himself, and then he had also especially found the video of this. As expected, he was impressed and filled with excitement.

He asked in the thread how to become a powerful mage like that big shot.

"If you think you have talent, then you can do full intelligence growth with 6 mental power. But Id still suggest you do 7, 5, 9, 7, 5 balanced type of attribute point allocation. Those who used it have said its good, it can save you from taking a lot of detours, and it was created by the big shot you speak of, even the data powerhouse ONeal praised it ceaselessly."

"Why cant I pick the 10, 6 point allocation? That big shot should have this kind of point allocation."

"Why? Because there are thousands of Mages and only one Roland."

"Maybe I can do it too."

"Hahaha, there are many people who think so, but it turns out theres still only one Roland."

"Upstairs, just let him try. How will you know how ordinary you are if you dont try!"

Seeing this, Roland closed the thread.

Because he felt a bit embarrassed.

Then, accidentally, he saw another thread.

We Have Established Ourselves on the Outskirts of Sicilia, Comrades Who Are Willing to Overthrow This Rotten World Please Come and Fight With Us.

Roland frowned and clicked into the thread.

The content of the post was all dry. Firstly, they talked about how they had cultivated fertile land in the outer forest of this commercial town and built a lot of cottages, repaired wheat fields, and established a clean water source. Now many NPCs have also been brought into the fold and were being taught what slavery is, what feudalism is, and what advanced productivity concepts are, and so on.

These NPCs were the sparks of the future.

And they needed more players to act as instructors and leaders to grow the organization. The responses at the bottom of the thread were pretty polarized. There were lots of supporters and lots of naysayers, about half and half.

"Thats pretty interesting, count me in." "Youre all crazy, its just a game, whats with starting a reform."

"One has to have some ideals. Theres always something one will go crazy for. I feel like its fun, Id like to join."

"Dont joke about this, a game is a game, dont get so worked up."

Roland read a few pages of replies. I remembered that this player posted something similar before. It hasnt even been three months, but he already built his own hidden base.

He takes action quickly.

It was just that Roland still didnt like their actions. Productivity and combat power was predominantly advantageous for the nobles as well as the major churches of this world, and there were gods, an existence like a nuclear bomb.

At Falkens funeral, Roland saw angels descending from the sky. It was clear that there were gods in this world. A reformation, but even the gods would be struck down. Would the latter stand idly by?

Even if they didnt personally come down and just sent a few demigods, there probably wouldnt be many people who could stop them.

Roland was now one of the best combat players himself, and he knew too well how useful high-end fighting ability could be in a battle, or battlefield.

He thought about it and didnt leave a message.

And then he went to look up other threads.

About three hours later, it was dawn.

Roland had breakfast with Kaka on the first floor, then he went to another Archmages Magic Tower to find an old Mage named Thor.

It turns out the old Mage wasnt there.

Roland shrugged and left this Magic Tower and returned to the streets, but was surprised to see a black-robed man dragging a little girl along the ground by her hair.

The little girl screamed awfully, and when it got a little louder, the black-robed man immediately turned back and punched her on the head, which Roland heard from a great distance away.

Soon, there was a strand of blood plasma flowing from the little girls head.

The black-robed man was dressed like an assassin who loved to operate in the shadows.

There were many pedestrians in the surrounding streets and many people stopped to watch, but no one went up to intervene.

Roland sighed and walked up to the black-robed man, blocking his way. This kind of matter was common in this world it was the norm, survival of the fittest.

Roland told himself many times that he couldnt care about too many things.

However, upon seeing this scene, he still couldnt help but come forward.

When the black-robed man saw Roland blocking his way, he was stunned and asked, "Sir, what do you mean by this?"

Roland sized up the other man for a moment. "What exactly do you mean by abusing this little girl?"

Huh? The black-robed man looked at Rolands attire and smiled. "Sir, youve got your eyes on this girl?"

"Thats not what I meant."

"That doesnt matter, its yours." The black-robed mans face was hidden in the shadows of his hood, but a sneer was evident at the corner of his mouth. "Just think of it as making a friend."

After this person finished speaking, he tugged at the little girls hair forcefully, throwing her directly in front of Roland. The girl rolled to Rolands feet, eyes closed and already unconscious.

There were bruises everywhere on this little girls body.

Rolands face gradually turned cold.

"A warmhearted master Mage? Thats rare." This black-robed man smiled, but then his expression grew stern. "Wait, youre a Golden Son?"

This black-robed man finally noticed that Rolands temperament and expression seemed to be very different from ordinary people.

"So what if I am?" Roland asked indifferently.

This black-robed man took a deep breath. "Im sorry. I have no intention of angering you, nor do I want to make an enemy of you."

This black-robed man slowly retreated, and after stepping a few meters away, he turned into a black shadow and slithered away on the ground like a snake.

This made him seem a little wretched.

Roland looked at the little girl on the ground. The blood plasma flowing from her head had begun to coagulate. He sighed, picked up the little girl, and walked toward the Church of Life.

The Church of Life was not far from the palace and occupied a large piece of land in the street.

The main body of the church building was about thirty meters tall, and the gates were fifteen meters tall.

Many commoners were kneeling under the church-they didnt dare nor could they approach the church.

The only people who could enter and exit the church were nobles and powerful professionals.

Roland carried the little girl inside, and immediately a priest in a white robe with green edges greeted him. He looked at Roland and then at the little girl, and kindly asked, "Do you need treatment?"

Roland nodded.

The male priest brushed the little girls hair aside, looked at the wound, and said, "Its not a serious injury, one silver coin will do."

Roland laid the little girl flat on the altar and took out a silver coin.

The male priest sprinkled a green light on the little girls forehead, then said, "Itll be about half an hour before she wakes up."Roland had to sit down on the bench next to him and wait quietly.

A shadow wandered against the corner of the street, entered an alley, and then wormed under the door of a certain room.

Inside was a large warehouse, and a dozen similarly dressed black-robed men were gathered there as well.

The serpentine shadow reverted to its human form, and he looked at the only sitting black-robed man and said, "Boss, the target has been taken."

"Who dares to rob the Shadow Assassins Guild?"

"A Golden Son."

"F**k, these damned off-world monsters are always ruining our business. How many times has it been this month?"

"Boss, I dont think we can be that high-profile anymore. Isnt it good to go back to being a rat again? The Golden Sons even dared to kill the mayor of a city. If we do something in broad daylight and they bump into us, they will definitely step in our way."