Mages Are Too Op Chapter 209

Chapter 209 My Stupid Brother

Roland watched as the quest bar that turned red faded away and then disappeared.

He kind of understood now how the quest system worked. It seemed to be that if anything was found on the players side, it could be converted into a quest.

But there was a conversion rate, or at least Roland felt that his quest acquisition rate was far lower in Red Mountain Town than here.

Was it because there were fewer quests in the newbie village and more quests in the advanced maps?

Most importantly, the quest just now seemed to have gone wrong. The quest was intended to save the "pitiful" commoner.

But from what he had just heard, the commoner wasnt pitiful at all.

Or the quest was right, the civilian was actually pitiful, and what he had heard was just false information?


Roland gave the magic spider a new order to follow the black-robed man.

On the other hand, Roland headed back, but instead of going to the hotel, he went to Mijils house. He unlocked the door with his key and lightly entered the house before gently pushing open the bedroom door. The Guardian Puppet was still sitting crouched in the corner, and the magic spider was still hanging from the window.

Mijil was still sleeping.

Roland watched her for a moment and was about to leave when Mijil woke up.

She crawled up and screamed, "Daddy, dont sell me"

Mijils eyes were open wide and her face was filled with fear as she looked around and finally came to her senses with a depressed expression on her face.

Roland walked over to her and gently stroked her little head for a moment, consoling her. "Its okay, get up and eat breakfast."

Mijil nodded. She found the clothes her grandmother had prepared for her in the closet and changed into them, then followed Roland downstairs.

Roland took out the cakes that Vivian had made from his Backpack It was also fortunate that the system came with a spatial backpack, otherwise, these cakes would have rotted long ago.

Most children loved sweets, and Mijil was no exception.

After she ate a few bites, she was in a significantly better mood.

Roland hastily ate some dry food, then pointed to the blue guardian puppet that followed him down and said, "Mijil, this is the little friend I summoned to protect you, so dont be afraid."

Mijil had already seen it, but she saw that Roland didnt speak to her about it, so she didnt ask any questions.

It was a little heartbreaking to be so sensible at such a young age.

She nodded her head to show that she understood, then asked timidly, "Big brother, are you going out?" "Call me Roland from now on," Roland said gently. "Its true that theres something going on, and I might not be able to take care of you if I bring you with me. So will you just stay at home?"

Mijil nodded vigorously.

"Heres some food, and if Im not back by noon, you can eat it yourself first, then take a nap."

Mijil nodded slightly again. After giving some instructions, Roland left the house.

As she watched Roland leave and close the door, the room became dark again, even a little cold.

Mijil sat on a chair and folded her legs. She cupped hands on her knees and buried her head in her legs, then soft crying sounded in the room.

Roland arrived at Kakas manor and ended up being stopped at the door.

He found that the guards who stopped him were fresh faces, no longer the two he had seen yesterday.

"Kaka and I are friends, can you go give notice?" Roland said in a low voice as he looked at the two guards.

But the guard shook his head. "Sorry, but Kaka is not seeing visitors right now."


Rolands gaze passed over the two guards and saw that there was actually a group of soldiers standing in the distant garden.

And Kaka was right in the middle of this group of soldiers. Only his back could be seen, but his hair and magic robe were disheveled.

And then his growling voice was faintly heard: "Let go of me, or dont blame me for being rough with you."

He could vaguely be seen struggling, but that didnt seem to help.

Is he being forced?

Roland snapped his fingers and an extremely low-powered Ice Ring appeared close to the ground, staining the ground within a five-meter radius with a layer of white frost.

The two guards were frozen in place with a look of horror.

Roland smiled at them. "Dont worry, it will unravel itself in a few minutes."

Then he ignored the two guards and pushed straight through the door and walked in.

When he got close enough, someone from the group of soldiers, or private soldiers, who held Kaka, spotted him and immediately drew their sword, yelling at him, "Sir, stop. Please do not come any closer, or we will consider you an enemy." Roland lightly waved his hand, and the slightly enhanced Ice Ring struck again.

A ring of ice swept across the ground, and with him as the center, the grass about ten meters around him was frozen.

Everyones feet were frozen in the ice.

Including Kakas

When Kaka saw him, his formerly indignant expression began to ease, even showing joy. "Why do you look more and more wretched?" Roland asked as he stepped forward. Karka Bard was about to speak when the lead junior officer immediately snapped, "Master Mage, please, youd better think about how you conduct yourself. This is the Bards house, and this is internal Bard business, so please dont interfere recklessly."

"But Kaka is my friend," Roland said with a smile.

The officer snorted. "Since youre a Mage, you should know the Bard familys position in the Association of Mages headquarters. If you really annoy the Bard family, even if youre a Mage, youll have a hard time."

"Does this count as a fox masquerading as a tiger?" Roland laughed. The game world didnt have the idiomatic expression "a fox masquerading as a tiger," but Roland had Language Proficiency cast on him at this moment, so it translated into a colloquialism with similar meaning.

The officers face immediately turned red, and he began to use more force, his right leg starting to slowly pivot out of the ice layer, directly cracking a large chunk of ice next to him.

The small officer looked at Roland with a smug and fierce look and was about to set his sword to strike.

As a result, Roland stretched out his fingers and a cloud of intensely cold air was directly pulled from the atmosphere, wafting into the officers legs

The cold air struck too quickly and the officer couldnt move freely at the moment, so he had no chance to dodge and was directly hit by the cold air.

Then his legs were frozen again.

This time the ice around him increased by a huge amount, freezing all of his calves below his knees into the ice.

"You actually" The officer was shocked, struggled hard for a moment, and found it impossible to break free, so he shouted angrily at Roland, "Youre finished! Eldest Young Master wont let you go."

"So rampant?" Roland looked to Kaka. "What is his identity?" "Big Brothers trusted subordinate, and the future leader of the Bard is expected to be Big Brother, so he feels like hes half a master of the Bard family."Kaka shrugged helplessly as he pulled his legs out of the ice. As he was also a Mage, his magic resistance was quite a bit higher than the average professional, so the restrictions of the Ice Ring werent that effective on him.

"Yesterday it was your second brother, today its your big brother, youre really not welcomed by your family." Roland chuckled.

Kaka said indifferently, "How much affection can there be in a big family! Im used to it."

"You cant say thatIve always loved you, my stupid brother."

A voice sounded behind the two.

Roland and Kaka turned and saw a young, handsome man in red magic robes come in from outside.

Behind him, he was followed by four graceful and charming female Mages

A handsome man and some beautiful women, coupled with their firm strides and noble aura, looked extremely ostentatious.