Mages Are Too Op Chapter 210

Chapter 210 Discovery

The big red magic robes were quite eye-catching, not to mention the four female Mages behind him.

Aldo couldnt even find a female Mage to have children with, so he had to work on his maidservants every day, hoping for a miracle like last time to grant him offspring. And this guy was followed by four of them The distribution of resources was so unbalanced.

The two of them looked at the visitors. Kakas face was gloomy and alert, while Roland was a bit curious.

Because this visitor was obviously Kakas big brother, and unlike the obvious hostility of Felwood, this young man even wore an expression of hatred.

"Lance," Kaka muttered. "Call me Big Brother." The young man, who was extremely ostentatious, stopped a few meters in front of Kaka and said, "I cant remember when our relationship was this bad."

Roland wrinkled his brow.

"You didnt send these people?" Kaka pointed at the soldiers frozen in the ice. "Theyre your direct subordinates. Youre going to kill me, and you wont allow me to treat you any worse?"

The expressions of these soldiers suddenly turned quite foul, but there was no sign of fear.

"They are indeed my soldiers," Lance said with a smile, "but there are others who can command them besides me. Father and Mother, for example."

Kaka froze, then looked at the officer. "Who the hell sent you?"

The officer looked at Kaka, then at Lance, and said helplessly, "Young masters, please give our two masters some face. I dont want to say, and I cant say."

Lance chuckled softly. "I understand. All right, you guys can get lost now."

These soldiers, still frozen by the ice, turned their attention to Roland after hearing this.

Roland snapped his fingers and undid the Ice


Then Lance turned his attention to Roland. "This must be Mr. Roland. Kaka has been under your care for the past few days. Please allow me to say thank you."

Roland waved his hand indifferently.

"Come in and talk." Kaka pulled open the door and said, "Mr. Roland, please come in as well."

The three of them went up to the second floor of the study and sat down around a table.

The four female Mages guarded the door.

"Ive been busy with a very important matter for the past few days, so I didnt have time to help you. And according to what I gathered, it should be some time before you go away to inherit the territory, but I didnt expect that you would be targeted."

Kaka was feeling depressed now and he shook his head. "I can understand Felwood sending someone to drive me away, he never liked me much. But why would Father"

At this time, Lance looked at Roland.

And Roland immediately understood that the two brothers had a private matter to discuss, and he stood up and said, "Oh right, I have some things to take care of, so Ill leave first."

Kaka was a bit puzzled, but looking at his big brother, he still nodded. "Mr. Roland, thank you for your trouble this time too."

With a smile, Roland left the room and the manor under the gazes of the four female Mages.

As he was walking toward the west main street, a middle-aged woman knocked on Mijils door.

Mijil, who had been sitting on a chair without moving, looked up, and somewhat delighted, she trotted to the door of the room, waited for a moment, and asked expectantly, "Is it big brother?"

"Mijil, its me, Mom."

After a brief moment of stunned silence, an astonishing brightness burst in Mijils eyes, and she immediately opened the door.

The middle-aged woman dashed in and hastily closed the door again, then grabbed Mijil and said sobbingly, "I knew you were here, my baby. Its so good that youre okay."

Feeling the warm, familiar embrace, Mijil began to cry as well. Mother and daughter cried for nearly half an hour before they slowly restrained their overflowing emotions.

Taking her daughters hand, the middle-aged woman was about to go upstairs when she suddenly saw a strange blue man standing in the shadows of the corner of the room, and was so startled that she covered her heart and almost screamed.

"Its okay, Mom. Its a magical creature left behind by big brother to protect me, it wont hurt us."

The middle-aged woman was relieved.

Since the Spell Puppet would inherit the summoners knowledge, it had recognized that this was Mijils mother, so naturally it wouldnt do anything. They went upstairs and the Spell Puppet followed them.

"Mom, are you taking me back?" Mijil asked expectantly.

The middle-aged woman shook her head. "No, your father still owes a lot of money, and even if the assassins dont take you away, the other creditors will do so."

"What am I supposed to do?"

"You will live here, with that benevolent Master Mage," the middle-aged woman said faintly. "Remember to keep your keys. The deed of this house is written in your name. Your father does not know and you must never let him know. Understand? Otherwise, you wont even have a place to settle in the future."

"What about you guys? And Big Brother and Second Brother, will they be taken away too?" Mijil asked in a quiet voice.

"It doesnt matter. In fact, your father has quite a bit of money stashed away and when hes forced to, hell take it out so no harm will come to me or your two brothers," the middle-aged woman said softly.

Mijils eyelids dropped and her head lowered. "Father never liked me."

The middle-aged woman smiled bitterly.

There was a reason for that. In fact, her husband was a pretty nice guy. But the problem was that Mijil wasnt his daughter.

More than six years ago, a minor nobleman had framed her husband for tax evasion, and it was she who had volunteered herself to serve him with her life, which finally made the minor nobleman give up on suppressing her husband.

This sort of thing was common in the noble class, far too common.

Her husband felt ashamed to face her, so he had actually been very good to her. It was just that Mijil was born nine months later, much to the husbands resentment.

Because she was the daughter of that minor nobleman, not his.

At that time, the husband had been frightened out of his wits by the minor nobleman and didnt dare to abort Mijil, so he had to let her have the baby.

Later on, as Mijil grew up, the minor noblemans power grew more and more.

Recently, however, the minor nobleman moved his family away, and Mijil was left without a source of protection.

The husband, on the other hand, had the idea to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of Mijil.He didnt dare to really hurt Mijil himself, so he had to resort to letting her take the fall for his transgressions.

The middle-aged woman held Mijil in her arms, talking softly and soothing her gently, and it wasnt long before the little girl was asleep in her arms.

The middle-aged woman carefully placed her on the bed and stood there red-eyed for a long time before she left the little house.

Using his magic spiders perspective, Roland was already aware of the middle-aged womans arrival, and he slowed down purposefully to allow the mother and daughter to spend more time together.

As he hesitated, searching for a tavern to drink something and browse the forums to kill some time

The magic spider hiding in the brothel compound sent a rather interesting image.

A rather sumptuous silk dress hung on the back of a chair in a small, dark house.

And the small house had a bed, on which someone appeared to be sleeping.