Mages Are Too Op Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Goods Acquired

The gown was lavender, and the silk was embroidered with many decorative patterns, and at the waist of the gown, there were fragmented crystalline gemstones, intertwined and twisted with silver threads to create a shimmering water drop ornament.

Silk was very expensive The way it was made was something that humans didnt know, only the elves did.

The elves and humans didnt trade much and silk itself was very difficult to make-even among the elves, silk was considered a high-grade fabric.

This was why most of the time silk dresses were usually one of the symbols of female members of the royal family.

And most of the female members of the royal family werent yet qualified to wear it.

Roland directed the magic spider to crawl through the ceiling, then followed the wall to approach a small bed and found that there was indeed someone sleeping in the bed, but it definitely wasnt the queen.

Because the woman sleeping in the bed wore heavy makeup and was obese, and most importantly, she was at least fifty years old. And the queen was said to be a beauty, just under thirty.

Where did that gown come from?

Roland didnt believe that such a silk gown, which was obviously a slim-fit style, would be worn by an old woman.

He immediately changed direction and turned toward the east main street quest point.

Arriving directly at the entrance of the brothel compound, Roland took a deep breath.

Although he had had s**ual relationships before, this was the first time he came to such a place.

Whether it was in reality, or in the game.

The johns that came in and out of the doorway didnt greet each other when they saw each other, they just showed a peculiar and amusing smile, as if everything could be understood if left unsaid.

Closer to the door, the more Roland could smell a strong fragrance.

This fragrance was very much like some sort of incense that seemed to be used to mask certain smells, such as the smell of photina[1].

Roland had just arrived at the door, causing many johns to be surprised.

Why would a distinguished Master Mage come here? Wouldnt it be easy for him to find a woman?

With a beckon of the hand, even noble ladies were very willing to have some negative distance friendship with them. Several prostitutes standing at the door to receive customers, seeing Roland approaching, seemed to be even more nervous, wanting to go forward but not daring to do so. They felt that their bodies were dirty, and if they went up rashly, they might displease the Master Mage and he would turn them into frogs in anger. But as Roland got closer and closer, a braver prostitute eventually stepped forward.

Her expression was stiff and tense. "Master Mage, may I ask if you are here as a guest?"

This brothel compound seemed to be quite famous in the capital. There was a lot of traffic, and now the people near the entrance had almost stopped moving-they were slowly backing away to make room for Roland.

Most of the people who came here were ordinary peoplenot professionals. Only those who had nothing better to do would get in the way of a Master Mage.

Many heads even peeked out the windows on the front-facing floors, all seemingly quite interested in the matter of a Master Mages visit to the brothel.

Being stared at by at least a hundred pairs of eyes, and all of them looking at Roland in a familiar and even approving way This made him feel some pressure.

Who the hell is acquainted with you johns?

Roland was extremely upset, but he calmly said, "I have something I need to look for."

Many people smiled knowingly when they heard this.

Because of the game characters constant 16-year-old appearance, Roland still looked like a child now. Its the first time youve come to a brothel to learn the experience I understand, I understand!

The surrounding people all nodded their heads inwardly, identifying with Roland even more.

Finding another subtle change in the eyes of the surrounding crowd, Roland felt quite annoyed.

It was good that the prostitute who was talking to him didnt dare to show such an expression, and she also said respectfully, "What are you looking for, Master Mage? Just tell us, as long as we have it, well help you find it."

"No, Ill do it myself."

Roland bypassed the prostitute in front of him and went straight through the door.

The prostitute wanted to shout, but didnt dare tell him to stop. She just followed quickly.

When Roland entered the compound, he saw a soft red carpet on the floor, and two or three magic crystal lamps, pale yellow in color, which increased the illumination to a certain extent. However, the interior was still very dim and set an ambiguous and sensual mood.

The compound covered a large area; there were men and women walking around everywhere. Roland sensed the location of the magic spider and then headed for the stairs.

When he went up to the second floor, the prostitute who was following behind him finally couldnt help but ask, "Master Mage, what exactly are you looking for?"

Roland ignored her.

He was about to go up to the third floor when a man hurriedly walked over.

He looked rather gentlemanly in his black flashy suit and a black cap.

He walked quickly, straight up to Roland, and asked, "Master Mage, if you need anything, just tell me. The ordinary women here are not good enough for you, so if you want, I can call out some of the best beauties in this compound to serve you."

This was the boss on the surface of the brothel compound.

Roland smiled slightly. "Dont worry, I know what Im looking for."

The owner gave a look at the prostitute to make her leave, then said, "Sir, please allow me to accompany you." Roland nodded.

He knew exactly what the other party was thinking, and it was nothing more than the fear of him messing things up around here. Following the Mage, if the other party really wanted to stir up trouble, he might not be able to stop it, but at least there was the possibility of communication. That was what the boss had in mind.

Roland went up the stairs to the fourth floor, then went to the right, found a small room, and said, "Open it for me."

"This is a room for a lowly staff." The boss had a confused look on his face. "Shes not very good-looking."

"If you dont open it, Ill have to do it myself."

Roland grabbed an apple-sized fireball in his right hand.

Looking at the magic radiating heat, the boss gulped and immediately opened the door with his key.It was a very dark room, and the woman on the bed was still sleeping. Roland snapped his fingers and four light balls came out, then he quickly walked in, taking the silk gown in his hands.

The boss came in as well, and when he saw the silk gown, his face turned green and rather unsightly.

He knew only too well what a silk gown meant. It could be said that all the female workers in the compound together were not worth as much as this gown. Thinking back to the recent case of the missing queen, the bosss legs began to go soft and inevitably began to tremble.

Roland put the long skirt into his Backpack, and then said with a smile, "Its too bad I didnt find what I was looking for. Isnt that right, boss?"

After being startled for two seconds, the boss nodded frantically. "Yes, yes, yes."

"But may I ask the lady some questions?"

Looking at the damned fat woman who was still sleeping on the bed at this moment, the boss kicked her in anger and said, "Hurry and get up, you idiotic woman."

[1] Photinia serratifolia; a flower that smells like semen