Mages Are Too Op Chapter 212

Chapter 212 The Gown Left Behind In The River

The obese middle-aged woman was kicked in the belly, but fortunately, she had an extreme amount of belly fat, and although the compound owners lower leg strength was quite something and she woke up screaming in pain, she actually suffered little damage.

"Who kicked" The obese woman cursed, rubbing her stomach, but when she looked up and saw it was her boss, she was shocked and immediately jumped off the bed.

Because she had been sleeping, she was barely dressed, but neither Roland nor the compounds boss had any thoughts of that aspect at all when they saw her, and they even felt a bit nauseous.

After all, there was really nothing aesthetically pleasing about layers of overlapping fat jumping up and down in front of your eyes. "Boss, what are you doing here?"

The womans expression was somewhat apprehensive and ingratiating.

"This esteemed Mage has something to ask you." The owner of the compound pointed at Roland.

The woman looked at Roland and immediately lowered her head again. It was a spellcaster that outranked even her boss, so she naturally didnt dare to have an awful attitude.

"This gown, where did you get it?" Roland held up the silk gown again and placed it in front of the woman. "I believe this is definitely not something you can afford."

When the obese woman saw the silk gown in Rolands hand, she immediately turned pale, jumped up, and threw herself at Roland, shouting, "That is mine, mine, give it back!"

However, just as she jumped up, she was pressed down by two blue Hands of Magic, unable to move.

The boss gulped as he watched the two huge blue translucent hands.

The fat woman, who was pressed to the ground, now finally came to her senses and remembered that she was facing a spellcaster. In the stories amongst commoners, spellcasters were terrifying, turning people into frogs or rats at every turn, then drying them out and grinding them into magic potions. They also heard that the effects of magic potions made from humans were much better than ordinary magic. In short the image of spellcasters among commoners was extremely frightening.

"Answer me, where did you get it?" Roland asked.

Roland didnt have much of a negative expression, not at all fierce, but this calm appearance was the calm before the storm in the eyes of the frightened woman.

She shuddered and stammered, "By the river behind the east street."

"Tell me in detail how you found this gown."

The fat woman was afraid that Roland would truly be infuriated and immediately recounted the process. It turned out to be yesterday morning, early in the morning, when she went to the river behind the street to wash her body after receiving some old men with little money.

It was dawn and there was no one by the river, but when she came to the river, she noticed that there seemed to be a bright light flickering on the grass on the bank, and then she walked over and found this gown.

Although she was a commoner, she was a woman and had an innate notion of whether a gown was good or not and whether it was worth anything.

She carefully folded the gown on the spot and put it inside her own clothes to cover it She was fat and tucking another folded light silk gown inside, no one could tell from the outside that she was hiding something.

Then in this way, she took the gown back to her little room.

She tried to wear it today, but found that she was too big to fit into it, and in a depressed mood, she threw it on a chair and went to bed first.

But she never imagined that it was accidentally discovered by Rolands magic spider.

"This thing doesnt belong to you, Ill take it with me first," Roland said bluntly. "I picked that up Sir, you cant do that." The obese woman made a final struggle. "Please give it back to me."

Roland was about to go, and when he heard her say that, he smiled back and said, "You should be glad that I was the one who found this gown. If it had been found by someone else, such as the city guard Antis, you would be in prison right now, being brutally tortured."

The obese woman was too frightened to cry out anymore. Roland said to the owner of the compound, "If you guys are smart, you better forget about this matter, or else the consequences"

The owner of the compound turned pale. Although he was rich, he was only a merchant. Even though there was a nobleman from a good family standing behind him, there was no way he would go against a Mage for him. Upon hearing this, he nodded vigorously.

Roland stored the gown in his Backpack and left the rather strange-smelling brothel compound.

As he walked, he dispelled the two magical spiders.

Now that the clues for the quest had been obtained, keeping them would only slowly deplete his magic power.

Walking down the street, Roland opened the quest system.

Secondary quest completed: Clues About the Queen.

Youve received 221 EXP.

Secondary quest received: Find the Next Clue.

Roland arrived at the citys river not far behind the brothel compound.

According to what the obese woman said earlier, this was where she found the silk gown.

Roland stood on the grass by the river and subconsciously held his nose. The entire area of the capital, including the suburban towns and villages, had around two million people living on this land.

And within the walls of the capital, there were nearly half a million people.

The wastewater from half a million people was discharged into this river that passed through the capital.

There were many clumps of yellow and white things floating on the surface of the river.

The river stank severely, and there were many untouchables who were now carrying their masters feces and pouring it into the river in a wooden manner.

There were also many poor people taking their morning baths by the river; they didnt seem to find it stinky.

After hanging around nearby for a while, Roland couldnt stand it any longer and threw down two magic spiders and ran away.

He was now glad that he had derived a scouting spell early on.

Otherwise, if he were to search around this river by himself, he would probably have to give up and delete the quest in less than half an hour.

Even if the quest was gone, he could trigger others, but to have him, a modern, clean-loving man, working in such a stinky environment was something he really couldnt stand.

Call him petulant or lacking in willpower, he wouldnt do it anyway.

It was not like it was a matter of life and death.

He retreated to the vicinity of the east main street, letting the two magic spiders search the area while he casually found a tavern and sat down.

The tavern had been quite noisy, but after he went in and sat down, it was much quieter.

After ordering a glass of fruit wine, Roland began to think about this queens business.There were still too few clueshe was certain that the queen had been captured by a Mage, and then found a gown related to her.

The appearance of the gown by the river represented many possibilities.

For example, the queen had appeared by the river, or something nefarious had happened there. It was also possible that this was a diversionary tactic by the murderer, deliberately dropping a piece of clothing to draw people toward the river, while he escaped with the queen from another place.

However, these were just guesses and not really accurate, but there was one thing that Roland was at least sure of.

The queen had a good figure.

The silk gown was narrow at the waist, and the silk at the bust had two clusters of silk that stretched outward in an arc This was a clear sign of it being pushed out.

Im so scrupulous, I really have the talent to be a detective.

Roland was a bit pleased with himself.