Mages Are Too Op Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Self Acknowledgement

Chapter 213 Self-Acknowledgement

Roland pondered the problem in the tavern while waiting for the results of the magic spiders search. And in a small town a thousand miles away, Douglas was very depressed.

He climbed up woodenly from the altar of the Church of Life.

How many times was it now that he had resurrected?

The ninth, or tenth?

The black rocky statue of the Life Goddess stood tall behind him, and the bright and beautiful sun could be seen through the windows of the chapel, but he was in no mood at all to look outside.

The excitement of being new to the game three days ago was now worn away by endless frustration.

The game was a good game, a real virtual reality game-it was just too real.

Real enough to make one want to cry.

As a famous person born with a silver spoon in his mouth in Jiang City, he hadnt believed in virtual reality games. During the time when the virtual cabin was on sale, he was playing with cars, guns, and women, living blissfully, and even put the word out in front of his friends that Penguin Corporations virtual game was just false advertising and mostly just a more advanced VR game.

However, he was soon embarrassed.

It upset him, but then it also intrigued him immenselya real world!

He started to use his connections to buy a virtual cabin from Penguin Corporation but was told there were none left.

He then set his sights on other players, and in the end No one was actually willing to sell it, even when he bid up to over three million.

In this modern society, no one was stupid.

Who would be willing to sell a device that gave you twice as much time as others out of thin air, unless as a last resort due to an accident?

This was a disguised increase in life expectancy.

Penguin Corporation kept their players information very secure, and most smart players wouldnt just reveal that they had a virtual cabin. Even if it was known and they didnt want to sell it, there was nothing you could do about it.

His rich friends who acted recklessly all had criminal records.

He didnt want to follow in his friends footsteps.

After waiting for half a year, he finally got a virtual cabin from a judicial auction.

He spent over four million yuan and finally bought it.

Before entering the game, he even asked the veterans of the forums how a Mage should add points.

In reality, he just wanted to use this method to show that he had come to this game world, and as a rich man, he felt that he had the power to change the games landscape.

Whether it was his own ability and wisdom, or his ability to dump money.

The veterans all recommended him to use a balanced distribution, but he felt it was unnecessary and declined their advice, directly using the most extreme and special distribution method of full intelligence growth with an extra bit of resistance growth. It was said the only one with these kinds of stats in the entire game was the strongest Mage Roland; the other mages had all changed to the balanced-type method. If Roland can do it, I can do it too. If the others cant, thats because theyre trash.

With that in mind, Douglas entered the game and started with his choice of Language Proficiency, as well as Inferior Fireball.

The game was really realistic and he marveled at the power of the new technology as soon as he entered the game.

But the real game also gave him the most realistic experience it had to offer.


Language Proficiency spellcasting failures would directly result in a head explosion, and Inferior Fireball failures would result in a massive nosebleed and a violent death.

After three days into the game, he couldnt even understand what the NPCs were saying.

He even entered a prolonged state of weakness due to too many resurrections.

In a weakened state, even walking felt tiring, let alone casting spells.

Sitting at the edge of the altar, Douglas looked down disappointedly at his palms and lowered


Three days ago, his own lofty words on the forum seemed to have become a joke.

I think I can do it too.

What an overly confident thing to say. And one of the netizens who replied said it well.

"How do you know how ordinary you are if you dont try."

He really nailed it on the head.

Douglas connected to the forum again and read what other netizens had posted, but finally, he made up his mind, looked at the statue of the goddess, and said silently: Apply to log out of the current character.

Application received, please silently confirm.

A message box popped up in front of his eyes, and Douglas reconfirmed once more, while his vision gradually blurred back to the characters establishment screen.

The faces of the humans in the game were slightly altered to match ones true appearance, and there werent many options to change it.

The next step was to add the characters attributes in a balanced way. The specialty that was chosen by Roland was Magic Material Exemption. The Almightys choice should not be wrong.

There was also Magic Power Control, which couldnt be found and seemed to be a personal specialty.

He sighed deeply. He was born rich, but in this game, he really had no sense of superiority at all.

He then selected Magic Power Mastery from the list of specialties, which boosted his magic power control by twenty percent.

According to the guesses of the veterans on the forums, this should be the inferior version of Magic Power Control.

After the specialty was selected, he then clicked to start the game.

His vision blurred, then he appeared on the altar once again.

But then he noticed that the location where he was "born" was different from last time.

Last time it was a chapel, but there was a lot of space here.

And there were quite a few NPCs praying beside him, and they were all surprised to see Douglas suddenly appear on the altar.

Fortunately, the priest in charge of guiding the prayers was calm and had heard the rumors about the Golden Sons. This helped settle down the praying believers and avoid a commotion.

Douglas climbed down from the altar, moved his body, bent slightly to the priest in apology, and then slowly walked out of the church under the strange gazes of the Life Goddesss believers.

Arriving outside the church, there was a bright and lush green world in front of him.

The air was fresh, and compared to before, Douglas could feel that this body was physically stronger and mentally more activethe only downside being that it had slightly less control over the magical elements.

But it was quite comfortable.

The weather was good, his own spirit was good, and he had plenty of stamina. Douglas suddenly had a feeling that he would be successful in casting the spell this time.

He recalled the spell model and nodes of Inferior Fireball and then attempted to inject the magic power into the casting route.

As Douglas felt the magic power rapidly forming in the invisible lines in the air, his eyes grew wide and his breathing couldnt help but quicken.

Then a small flame appeared in the palm of his hand, swaying as if it were about to go out.

Douglas couldnt help but open his mouth wide and was about to laugh when the small flame went out.

Although it was extinguished, Douglas couldnt help but laugh aloud.

For the first time in three days, he finally managed to create a magic flame.

After laughing for a while, he wiped away the tears from his eyes and excitedly went to the forum to post a message.

Mages Balanced Addition Method Is Really Impressive, Roland Is Awesome!