Mages Are Too Op Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Accident

Chapter 214 Accident

The two magic spiders were no bigger than ping pong balls and were transparent, making them hard to spot even in daylight.

They rummaged around by the river for valuable clues, avoiding people when they came across them or hiding in bushes or small holes that were easy to miss.

Finally, a spider found a sewer entrance not far from the river.

Covered by long weeds, the hole of the cave was barely visible. A magic spider accidentally found the place along the rivers sand wall.

This sewer was about 1.5 meters high and estimated to be about half a meter wide. There was no sewage coming out of it, so it was more of a secret passage than a sewer.

One magic spider was waiting, while the other immediately rushed over.

After reuniting, the two spiders climbed the rock wall at the same time and began to explore the interior of the sewer.

Roland sat in the tavern and perused the dark and mysterious images that came from time to time from the magic spiders, and he finally felt like he was "playing" the game.

It was like exploring during the newbie stage.

Roland thought that he could at least find something in this sewer, but to his surprise, the two magic spiders explored the entire sewer and didnt find anything strange.

Could he have guessed wrong? Roland found it unlikely.

He had the magic spiders search the area again, inch by inch, tirelessly.

The work was worth itin the end, one of the spiders found something of value.

A long blonde hair that looked like a females.

It was in the deepest part of the sewer.

There should be secret doors around here.

Roland had the two spiders search back and forth where they found the hair, but hours passed and still, they didnt find even the slightest peculiarity. There was nothing else to be found until the evening.

Roland gave the two magic spiders instructions to continue their search, while he himself got up and headed for the west main street.

After all, there was a little girl he needed to take care of.

Just when Roland was almost back to Mijils grandmothers house, he was suddenly stunned and his expression turned stern.

He began to run at full speed, almost as fast as the sprinting champions on Earth, but he still felt that he was too slow, and finally began to use Teleportation continuously. The pedestrians on the street, preparing to go home, saw a series of blinking dots and cried out in surprise.

Teleportation was really much faster than running

When Roland quickly returned to Mijiles grandmothers house, he saw several black-robed men blocking the doorway, and another black-robed man who tried to jump onto the second-floor balcony, only to be knocked off by a blue Spell Puppet.

Roland saw this and without saying a word, instantly teleported over and fired a direct 360-degree Ice Blade!

Since there was no chanting time and no accumulation of power, the range of this Ice Blade was not great.

Three of the six black-robed men jumped, mostly because they had Intuitive Reflex, a practical specialty of the agility class.

Three others had their hamstrings severed first, with gaping wounds in the bones of their feet, which hurt like hell.

And before the wound spurted blood, the ice layer brought by the Ice Blade directly froze their ankles.

The blood was directly blocked in their bodies.

The three black-robed men all screamed, but these three were ruthless enough to pull out many throwing weapons with both hands from beneath their robes and throw them at Roland at the same time.

The three black-robed men who jumped into the air did the same, each throwing at least five knives at Roland.

In an instant, there were at least thirty or more throwing weapons that were flying rapidly at Roland.

Normally, at such a distance, if there were no spells like magic boundaries or force field magic like anti-range arrow shields, Mages would most likely die.

And as of now, Roland hadnt been a Mage for too long and these defensive magics had not been learned at all. But a blue magic puppet appeared in front of him.

All the throwing weapons were blocked by the light shield held by this Spell Puppet and bounced to the side. "Stop, we have no intention of making an enemy of you." A black-robed man landed on the ice and shouted at Roland.

Roland naturally didnt believe that the six people would mutually throw so many long-range attack weapons at the same time if they didnt have killing intent

You think Im stupid?

Roland snorted and reached out his hand to point at the middle of the three who had managed to avoid the Ice Blade.

When this black-robed man saw Roland pointing at him, fear flashed in his hazel eyes, and his instinct was to dodge to the side.

He already knew that Roland could instantly fire powerful magic.

For normal Mages, in combat, it would be good if they could chant and cast spells without making mistakes due to nervousness, interference, and so on.

The Mage in front of him was completely different from the others.

The Ice Ring alone, which could slice a persons hamstrings, was enough to amaze and even frighten people. All the melee professions didnt have much confidence when they encountered such an instantaneous Ice Ring.

And this man had just sent out a peculiar, strange puppet with a magic shield.

A summoner? Not quite And now the other man pointed his hand at him.

Escape This black-robed man had just had this thought, but his head was clouded, and he was suddenly immensely sleepy. His eyes immediately narrowed into slits, and his entire body fell to the ground as he became weak.

Seeing the ground coming at him at a very fast speed, this black-robed man used his last bit of consciousness to move his right hand to shield his face. And then his entire body crashed right into the ground.

It was a good thing that his hands were covering his face, or he would have been disfigured.


This didnt work too well on people, so Roland just tried it, not expecting that it would actually succeed in one shot.

After knocking out one person, Roland only pointed his hand at the other two black-robed men who werent restricted by the Ice Ring

The other two tried to run as well. The one on the right was knocked out by Roland and fell asleep while sprinting, falling straight to the ground at a great speed, and then grazing forward quickly on the floor for five meters before stopping. There was a faint bloodstain underneath him, so he probably had a damaged face-disfigured for sure.

The other man was actually not hit by Hypnosis, but he was directly pinned to the ground by a huge blue Hand of Magic.

In less than six seconds, Roland was able to subdue all six of the black-robed people.

The three black-robed men, who were frozen in place, took out their throwing weapons again and tried to struggle a bit.

But Roland hid behind the puppets light shield and formed a large blue fireball with a radius of about half a meter in his right hand, then squinted and smiled, looking at the other side.

These three saw the situation and obediently threw down their weapons. They could feel that the big fireball would directly burn them to ashes.

Hypnosis, Roland had never liked because it didnt work very well.

When he was level two, he experimented with Hypnosis on the children in Red Earth Town and found that the success rate was less than 30%.

But he never thought that it would work so well against these assassins now.

It actually put two people to sleep in a row.

It seemed that the assassins mental magic resistance was really low, but of course, that had a lot to do with the fact that he had leveled up.

Then he looked at the three black-robed men who were frozen in place, and although he was smiling, his tone was quite cold. "You Assassins Guild members wont even spare a child?"

"Were not from the Assassins Guild."