Mages Are Too Op Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Flaws Shared By Most Of The Princesses Of Hollevins Royal Family

Chapter 216 Flaws Shared by Most of the Princesses of Hollevins Royal Family

Roland wouldnt want to go to a place like that again-it was too dirty and smelly.

The two magic spiders were climbing on the walls by the side of the road and had been trailing Antis.

Roland, on the other hand, comforted Mijil, who would most likely have been captured if not for the presence of the defensive Spell Puppet earlier.

However, it was strange that Mijils father actually knew that his in-laws had left a house for Mijil.

In addition, Roland felt quite anonyed that it was clear that Mijils father was after his own daughter, but on second thought, this meant the middle-aged merchant didnt really think much of Roland.

He knew it was Roland who had taken Mijil-a Mage who had taken his daughter, a daughter he didnt want. He had to be grateful to Roland for that, according to sense and reason. However, he had hired Rogues to come and snatch Mijil.

It seemed as if there was no consideration for Rolands identity or profession at all.

Roland felt sorry for Mijil to have been born to such a father Roland didnt know that Mijil wasnt the middle-aged merchants biological daughter.

But it was good that her mother was not bad. As Roland thought about this, he took Mijils hand and led her to Kakas manor.

The guards switched back to the original two, and when they saw Roland, they opened the door without saying a word. Roland nodded to thank them, and there, at the door, he met the steward of this manor, who brought the two of them outside the door of Kakas study.

Knocking lightly on the door, Kakas voice came from inside. "Please come in."

Pushing the door in, Roland found Kaka bent over his desk studying spell models and asked, "Hows the learning going?"

"It feels almost done."

Kaka waved his hand and a blue shield-holding Spell Puppet appeared in front of him, almost identical to the one Roland had summoned, but much smaller.

This was due to Kakas lack of magic power.

Just summoning this Spell Puppet had almost left him without mana.

After catching his breath, he stood up and said, "I plan to turn in this spell model at the Associations headquarters tomorrow." "Dont you want to be more skilled at it before doing so?" Roland asked.

Kaka shook his head and smiled bitterly. "In five more days at the most, Ill be leaving the city, so I cant put it off any longer, and after turning it over to the headquarters, Its also going to take at least two days or so for the judging period. If it drags on, it will have to be issued."

In that case, it really couldnt wait any longer.

"Then Ill start by wishing you success."

Kaka smiled. "Thank you By the way, have you found any clues about the queen?"

"Just found a dress, a silk gown." Roland shrugged.

"Then it looks like the queens done for," Kaka said rather regretfully.

"Are you so sure?"

"Her clothes were stripped," Kaka said helplessly. "The queen is very pretty, and if I were alone with her, I would most likely get some ideas."

Roland was a little surprised. "Is she really so pretty-how does she compare to Princess Evelyn?"

"Each has her own charm, but the queens more elegant." Kaka showed a yearning look. "At a glance, shes the kind of woman that makes you lose yourself."

It seemed that Kaka liked mature women, and Princess Evelyn looked a little too immature.

Roland came to this conclusion as he sat and said, "Do you know a relatively safer place?" "Hmm? Are you in trouble?" "Its not me, its this little girl."

Roland stroked Mijils head and told him what happened. "I still have to investigate the queens affairs and cant quite focus on her. The Guild of Rogues is here and I have a feeling the Shadow Assassins Guild isnt far away, so"

When Mijil heard this, she looked at Roland with some concern.

Kaka contemplated for a moment, then said, "Theres no way I can help you. Youre an outsider and you dont know your way around, so I dont think there are many people you can trust. But if its somewhere safe, I do know of one, but it might be a bit of a problem."

Roland leaned forward. "Oh, how so?"

"Princess Evelyn is almost old enough to get married, thats why she went to live in the city of Isnas for a while," Kaka explained. "The royal family has three other princesses living in the city. One of them, Veronica, doesnt live in the palace and has her own manor and a private army."

Roland frowned. "And so?"

"Princess Veronica is a Warrior she doesnt think much of Magesshe thinks were too weak." Kaka chuckled. "But she is quite an interesting person. If a Mage asks her for help with a job, she would have the Mage duel her, and if the Mage wins without using offensive magic, shell be willing to help with anything." "Willing to help with anything?" "Right!" Kaka smiled in an obscene way that all men understood. "Including that sort of thing, let alone just fostering a little girl. But until now, no Mage has ever been able to beat her without using offensive magic. It is an impossible thing to begin with-how could a Mage fight a warrior hand-to-hand and win."

Roland nodded. "I can try."

"I think you can give it a try too." Kaka pointed at the blue puppet in front of him. "As long as you summon a few more of these puppets, you should have a bit of a chance of winning."

After thanking Kaka for his advice, Roland took Mijil and followed Kakas instructions to a manor.

Compared to Kakas manor, the manor in front of him was not only much larger but also had a much more diverse landscape of plants.

When the guards at the entrance saw Roland, their eyes became vigilant.

Roland walked over and said through the iron fence, "Please tell Princess Veronica that I have come to challenge her."

After a brief silence, these guards almost burst out in laughter as they looked at Rolands thin arms and legs.

Still, one of the men ran in, and before long he came out again, pulled open the iron fence, and led Roland and Mijil inside. Skirting a grove of trees that obscured his view, Roland reached the front courtyard and found a circle of soldiers already standing there, and a table and some chairs.

A young girl in white close-fitting plain clothes sat on a chair and looked at Roland with a smile.

Mijil was a little scared. Roland took her hand, walked over, nodded slightly and said, "Princess Veronica, its nice to meet you."

The young girl stood up. She had blonde hair, tied in a ponytail, and her eyes were a rare blood-red color, like a ruby, clear and transparent. She was extremely beautiful.

She looked Roland up and down, smiled, and asked, "Before the duel, I would like to ask, what is the prize you want?"

"Help me take care of this little girl for a while." Roland patted the little girls head.

The young woman looked surprised. "Thatsit?"

"Thats it."

"I thought you wanted to sleep with me like the other male Mages." With a very innocent expression, Princess Veronica said something that tickled the mind. "Even the Archmage Tobian dueled me, and his condition was that he wanted me to sleep with him for a few days. I ended up almost beating his nose off."

Only then did Roland begin to study Princess Veronica, and then he shook his head lightly.

Too flat-he didnt like it.

Veronica, for no apparent reason, developed a feeling of discomfort.

She wanted to break the nose of the man in front of her.