Mages Are Too Op Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Who Says A Shield Cant Attack?

In reality, Veronica was quite pretty, with a white, soft, oval face and willowy eyebrows. She was a little prettier than her sister, Princess Evelyn, but the problem was that she was so skinny that it detracted from her overall image.

Vivian, who had the better figure, was not as good-looking as Veronica, but if the two of them were put in front of Roland and he had to pick one, he would definitely choose Vivian over Princess Veronica.

“Looks like you’re a man with a more normal orientation.” Upset as she was, Veronica still acknowledged Roland more; at least Roland wasn’t the kind of beast that rutted when he looked at a woman’s face. “So we’ll start now?”

Veronica beckoned, and the guard beside her handed a broadsword to her.

The broadsword was longer and wider than a normal longsword, and slightly heavier. It could be used as a two-handed sword or a one-handed sword, quite flexible in its usage, hence its popularity with most melee professionals.

After all, they weren’t players; they didn’t have Backpacks, so they couldn’t carry dozens of weapons on them and switch or choose different options depending on the combat scenario.

This was why a weapon that could adapt to most combat scenarios was so important.

Planting her broadsword on the ground, Veronica received another small round shield from the soldier and pinned it to her left arm.

This small round shield wasn’t large, a little over twenty centimeters in width, and barely interfered with the user’s ability to hold the weapon with both hands, or to dual-wield weapons, and it could serve as a shield for limited blocking at critical moments.

She was an agile warrior Most female warriors were agile.

Of course, there were many voluptuous commanders as well.

After equipping her weapon, Veronica smiled at Roland and said, “Don’t worry, my broadsword hasn’t been sharpened, and I’ll keep my hand on itit shouldn’t kill anyone, at most, it will break a few bones Are you ready?”

Roland signaled for Mijil to stand next to him, then he stepped back onto the grass and snapped his fingers, and a blue Spell Puppet holding a shield of light appeared in front of him.

“I’m ready.”

“What a strange Spell Puppet. Looks like a guard.” Veronica lowered her body slightly. The broadsword hadn’t been sharpened and she used it to slightly brace her body. This way it looked as if she didn’t have a point of support to exert power, but a professional couldn’t be evaluated with common sense. This was a sign that she was about to charge.

“It’s just a Spell Puppet”

Just as Roland spoke, Veronica’s eyes lit up and she charged forward.

She was extremely fast and extravagantly supple yet with the elegant beauty of power, like a golden cheetah on the hunt.

In just a blink of an eye, Veronica rushed in front of the Spell Puppet.

Roland had thought that the other party would just hit the Spell Puppet, and he had even conjured Hand of Magic, ready to give her a hard time when she hit the Spell Puppet.

However, Veronica suddenly twisted, and her entire body shifted two meters to the right without any warning signs. She suddenly appeared on Roland’s left side, bypassing the guard-type Spell Puppet.

Z-Charge, a high-level Warrior specialty.

This specialty still hadn’t been learned by any players up until now.

It wasn’t that the player Warriors weren’t smart enough, but no one taught it.

Got you!

Looking at Roland, who was less than two meters in front of her, Veronica had a smile on her face, but there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

She thought that this peer who didn’t covet her for her beauty could show her a different result.

Unexpectedly, it was still just like the others who lost after two or three moves.

Are all magicians really not good at melee combat?

Next, she just had to push her broadsword forward to win the duel.

The man has a nice personality, so I won’t break his bones.

While thinking this, Veronica suddenly felt a chill on the back of her neck and hurriedly lowered her head. A sharp wind passed over her head.

There were cries of surprise from the guards standing on the sidelines at this moment.

Veronica didn’t know what was happening, but her Warrior instincts made her not think much about it. When her instincts drove her, she not only didn’t retreat but also didn’t look at what had just attacked her. She just lowered her head and charged at Roland, while thrusting forward with her broadsword.

It was just that she was one step too slow because she lowered her head.

The guard-type puppet that had been bypassed was once again in front of Roland.

And her broadsword stabbed right into the puppet’s light shield.

After the clashing sound, the puppet took a slight step back, almost crashing into Roland.

Veronica took a big step sideways with her right leg, and with a twist, she completed a spin sideways. The broadsword in her hand also spun around and slashed at Roland’s left shoulder with the force of the spin.

The way agile warriors attacked and moved was just so elegant.

It would have been impossible for a heavily armored warrior to make such a nimble move.

At the same time, through a surprised glimpse, as she spun, Veronica saw that what had just attacked her was a white magic doll, carrying a very long, curved blade in its hand.

What the hell kind of weapon is that first time I’ve ever seen one.

On the other hand, the white puppet was now warmed up and would probably be ready to strike again in the next half-second.

So Veronica had to be able to complete the Cleave in half a second and get ready to respond to the attack from behind.

The broadsword drew a circle, the tip shining in the sunlight.

This time Veronica spun and shifted, once again bypassing the guard puppet and slashing her broadsword at Roland’s right shoulder.

At this time, there was also suddenly a blue miaodao in Roland’s hand, transformed from Hand of Magic.

The miaodao blocked the broadsword, and after the sound of the clash, Roland borrowed the momentum to take three steps back.

Veronica didn’t rush to chase after him, but turned around abruptly and used the small shield on her left hand to block the white puppet’s miaodao attack.

She was about to counterattack when she heard the wind assailing her back and the broadsword on her right hand suddenly moved toward the back of her shoulder, blocking Roland’s forward-stepping slash.

Roland was not as strong as the offensive puppet, and Veronica’s body merely wobbled, but he himself was instead bounced backward with his blade by the counter-shock force of the block.

At this time Veronica turned her head fiercely and smiled lightly at Roland, her pretty, innocent face full of pride.

“No more moves, right? It’s my turn next Ah!”

Veronica suddenly let out a cry of pain and her entire body was knocked four or five meters away, falling to the ground.

She rolled to her feet, then realized that it was the blue shield-bearing puppet that had knocked her off her feet.

A group of soldiers rushed over, shouting, and protected Veronica, all the while glaring at Roland.

Veronica was stunned, then looked at Roland and smiled somewhat happily. “I lost. I didn’t expect that your blue puppet could actually attack.”

Roland breathed a sigh of relief and snapped his fingers, dispersing the two Spell Puppets.

Veronica walked up to Roland. “I’ll fulfill my conditions and help you take care of this little girl Are you sure you really don’t need me to do anything else?”

“No need.” Roland shook his head.

“Good.” Veronica nodded and smiled widely. “Because if you wanted me to sleep with you as other men do, I would have torn up the verbal contract, maybe even killed you. You’re a good man, you got away with it.”

Roland tsked, a little annoyed.