Mages Are Too Op Chapter 218

Chapter 218 The Queen?

Chapter 218 The Queen?

Rolands expression was quite unpleasant and he was tempted to say "Youre insulting my character, how could I do that to a washboard."

But thinking about it, he still had to trouble her to take care of Mijil, so he didnt say anything.

"Your Spell Puppet is different from normal peoples. Is it your creation?" Veronica tossed her broadsword aside and two soldiers picked it up. She smiled as she continued, "You seem to be quite the genius."

"It was Kaka Bard who made it." Roland shrugged and said, "Im his friend, he taught it to me."

Since Roland had already agreed with Kaka that the latter would be the one to publish the spell derived from the Spell Puppet, he wouldnt argue about this.

Veronica sat down in the chair and gathered her long blonde ponytail to the left side of her chest, then fiddled it with her little finger, a gesture that added to her femininity even though she was still a young girl and very flat.

She looked directly into Rolands eyes. "But as far as I know, Kaka isnt that smart. Derivative magic is a profound technique that even the few Archmages havent figured out, and he can do it?"

"Hes just discreet."

"But I think youre using it rather skillfully." Veronica laughed softly. "Besides, Ive never seen Kaka use similar spells before."

"Maybe he wanted to surprise his acquaintances."

Veronica was naturally not too convinced. The young people in the few big families in the capital knew each other, and everyone was clear about what level Kaka was at.

To say that the eldest of the Bard family had created the derivative spells wouldnt sound too strange, but if it were Kaka just forget about it.

There were just some things that you were well aware of in your heart, and it wasnt good to talk about them so thoroughly and clearlyit wouldnt be good for either the speaker or the listener.

Veronica shook her head helplessly, then looked to Mijil not too far away. "You want me to take care of this little girl, no problem. But for how long? I cant take care of her forever."

"As short as ten days or as long as a month or two."

"Okay. I understand."

Roland bent down, stroked Mijils little head, and said amiably, "In the meantime, will you follow this sister princess? When Im done with things, Ill come to get you."

Although Mijil looked worried and scared, she was very sensible and nodded her head gently.

After handing Mijil over to Veronica, Roland was about to leave when the latter suddenly said, "By the way, the long saber you used just now, whats it called?"


"Meowdao?" Veronicas pronunciation wasnt quite right. She stood up and said, "It seems to me that it has a matching sword training method, can you teach it to me?"

Roland looked at the other with some surprise.

"Dont be so surprised, Im not saying I want it for free." Veronica thought for a moment and said, "I happen to have a spell in my collection, I dont know if youve learned it, but if you havent, it can be exchanged."

"What spell?"

"Stone to Mud, and its derivative spell Mud to Stone."

"Havent learned that." Roland revealed a rather intrigued expression.

"This kind of magic isnt very handyits usually used against cavalry," Veronica said with a smile. "This is a trophy I got from last years expedition. Many people dont use this kind of magic, and it consumes a lot of magic power, so its not actually very effective. It might be a bit insufficient in value to trade it for your sword arts, but I really dont have anything better."

This was really just a misplaced sense of ones own value.

The things one likes, of course, felt important, and the things one didnt like, even if they were great, would be discounted.

This was the mindset Veronica had right now.

When Roland used the miaodao just now, it was obviously quite methodical, and it could be seen that it was a fairly mature system of sword arts, so she was naturally excited to try it.

Roland, on the other hand, felt that it was too good a deal to trade the miaodao arts for a type of magic.

"Ill trade. Im willing to pay for any magic that I havent learned, and if you have any other magic books, Your Highness, you can trade them."

Roland now had over three hundred gold coins in his Backpack.

His current possessions were already comparable to a mid-level noble familya rich man could speak with confidence.

"I only have that one, magic book trophies are rare." Veronica was also quite happy.

Roland spent the next half a day at the manor, drawing models of miaodao stances before teaching Veronica how to stand and move with the saber.

Veronica learned quickly; after all, she was a Warrior and had a foundation to build on.

In just half a days time, she had become more proficient in the movements of the miaodao arts.

After Roland left the manor, Veronica said to the steward, "Help me build six of the same weapons according to the model on this piece of paper and send them over. Then send this little girl to the guest area and leave her in Ashes care. Dont neglect her, understand?"

The steward received his orders and left.

Veronica, on the other hand, drew her broadsword from the side and brandished a set of stances with this weapon instead of the miaodao for the time being.

After brandishing, she murmured, "Strength and agility in equal measure it seems like a battlefield sword art, but its also not bad in a solo fight. How does a Mage know how to use a sword art like this?"

Ill ask him about it the next time I see him.

Roland put the magic book in his Backpack and walked out of the princesss manor and then to Kakas manorand just in time to bump into Kakas second brother, Felwood, as he was leaving, his expression full of displeasure.

Before he left, he gave Roland a hateful stare but didnt say anything harsh. Instead, he just left in a carriage.

Two minutes later, Roland appeared in Kakas study.

When Kaka saw him and didnt find Mijil next to him, his expression suddenly became one of great surprise. "You really won against Veronica, without resorting to offensive spells?"

Roland sat down. "The princess held back."

"I dont believe it. How could I not know her personality?" Kaka shook his head, then he smiled lewdly. "I cant believe you didnt make that kind of request since you won against Veronica. Shes one of the most beautiful amongst the young noblewomen."

"Im not that horny." Roland sighed, then asked, "I saw your second brother just now, whats the situation?"

Kaka wore an extremely dissatisfied expression. "Hes forcing me to take up my post in the field right now, his attitude is very unfriendly. Obviously Big Brother is on my sidewhats his hurry? Its not like Im stealing the family fortune from him."

Roland laughed. He didnt want to pay too much attention to other peoples family affairs; he simply asked to make conversation. He thought about it, reclining in the chair, and asked, "Are you confident in the matter of the derivative magic being turned over to the Association?"

"Ive sent someone to inform the headquarters chairman, and he replied that a review meeting will be held tomorrow morning." With that said, Kakas expression grew visibly excited.

"I wish you success."

Roland was about to say more blessings, but he suddenly frowned.

A picture came from the magic spider of Antis finding a woman in a secret passage in the dark.