Mages Are Too Op Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Phase One Targets Have Been Exceeded

Veronicas expression was foul as if she had eaten three pounds of crap.

Originally, she wanted to exchange insights on miaodao arts with Roland, but now she was so angry that she was in no mood for anything. She said with a stiff face, "You mean if its not to deter pursuers, youd be interested if I was genuinely inviting you? Are you lusting after my body?"

"Im not interested in either." Roland shrugged.

"Hmph, take the girl and go." Veronica waved her hand, turned, and walked away. Her good mood upon attending a banquet was gone.

She walked out of the manor and got in the carriage.

Meanwhile, Mijil was brought out.

When the little girl saw Roland, she immediately ran up and hugged Rolands thigh, looking very happy.

Actually, she was not happy in the princesss manor. She had no problem eating and sleeping, but those servants werent nice to herthey were very cold. There was no physical abuse, but most of the time, it was the coldness that was the most horrible abuse for a small child, and sometimes even if you beat them, they wouldnt feel too scared.

Roland took Mijil to the horse market, rented a carriage, and also hired a coachman to take the little girl with him to Delpon.

Although it was a long way to go, since they could build houses in the wild using Mud to Stone, and there was a lot of food in his Backpackthe food wouldnt get cold inside their journey was like a relaxing outing.

It really would have been a pretty enjoyable excursion if it werent for road-blocking bandits that appeared twice on the way.

When these bandits first jumped out, they were frozen in place by Roland with an Ice Blade, then a direct Fireball incinerated them such that not even ashes were left.

Whenever Mijil saw Roland using magic, her eyes always became sparkly and filled with admiration.

About thirteen days later, Roland returned to Delpon.

Vivian was waiting at the city gate with his magic pet, White Amber.

As soon as Rolands carriage arrived at the city gate, White Amber rushed into the carriage and lay down in Rolands arms, snuggling against him. The magic pet was essentially of the same mind as its master, Even if the relationship wasnt excellent at first, the relationship between the pet and its master would eventually become more and more harmonious with the passage of time.

Vivian could know that Roland had returned because White Amber had told her.

Vivian then also walked up to the carriage. She looked at Roland with bright eyes, but then saw a little girl sitting next to Roland and froze for a moment. "You got another student?"

"Yes, shes quite you understand. Shell be a member of our Magic Tower from now on." Roland patted the little ones head.

Mijil looked at Vivian a little timidly. She was a little worried that this older sister might not like her.

However, Vivian went straight to the little girl, picked her up, and sat her down on her own legs while she herself sat next to Roland.

As the carriage moved and shook, Rolands body came into slight contact with hers, and she felt very content and cozy. A man and a woman sitting side by side and holding a child-it was just like a family of three.

Vivian blushed a little at the thought.

The carriage soon returned to the Magic Tower, and as soon as Roland got off the carriage, he saw a group of magic apprentices waiting to greet him outside the door.

They even held a ceremony.

Roland was helpless at the sight and immediately fiercely drove all these people back inside the Magic Tower so that those who needed to study could study and those who needed to rest could rest.

Then he went back to his study and looked at the place, neat and clean. It was obvious that Vivian had been tidying up.

"Thank you," Roland couldnt help but say to Vivian.

"This is my duty."

Looking at Vivian, who was holding Mijil and blushing slightly, Roland was startled, and he suddenly remembered the key he had in his Backpack.

Although that key was no longer needed now that Vivian lived in the manor most of the time, the meaning it represented hadnt changed. Should I respond to the invitation?

Its a bit of a dilemma.

Although Roland had been experimenting with magic for the past few days, and his concentration was high, the thought would occasionally pop up when he was resting.

Vivian was beautiful, had a good personality, her gift[1] was big and white, and she loved to do housework. From a male perspective, such a woman would be perfect for a wife.

Just like Night Tide Sands.


Roland was suddenly shocked-why did he suddenly think of Night Tide Sands?

Just when Roland felt baffled and couldnt figure it out, Hawk came to the magic tower to look for him.

Hawks physique seemed to be getting sturdier and sturdier. He opened the door and said, "How many gold coins do you have now? Well buy all of them at market price. They are still going up right now, its already at 18,000 yuan per gold coin. Just sell it to us at that price."

"I have about four hundred of them available to sell right now." Roland thought about it and said, "Ill have to keep some for myself for later."

"Its still too little, cant you sell it all to us?" Roland gasped. "Why do you guys want so many gold coins?"

"The guild leader has decided to continue building docks in other cities with rivers, with the intention of building a network of water transportation logistics. Our guild intends to specially develop the water transportation business in the future, starting with a monopoly in Hollevin."

"Good spirit." Roland shook his head admiringly.

"Its nothing," Hawk said somewhat worriedly. "Garland has already started working on forming a large commercial organization and has absorbed many NPC merchant groups into it. Now, they already have some influence in the south." "You large guilds, you guys are really something."

"There are also many small and medium-sized guilds that are starting to develop what theyre good at," Hawk said indifferently. "If youre one step ahead, youll always be one step ahead-no one wants to fall behind."

"Theyre all burning money to gain market share, so thats why the gold price is being ramped?"

Hawk nodded.

"Still four hundred gold. I really have use for the rest." Roland threw up his hands.

He then took the gold coins out of his Backpack and placed them all on the table.

The four hundred gold coins were piled extremely high, golden and heavy, almost collapsing the desk.

Hawk just casually looked at them and put them away. "When todays game time is over, Ill immediately go out and ask the guild leader to transfer the money to you."

Roland nodded indifferently. It wasnt the first or second time he worked with Silver Wings. The other partys reputation was quite good, and this was still credible.

Moreover, if the other party dared to deny the debt Roland wasnt afraid. The worst-case scenario was to blow up the other partys heart and soulthe docks.

After Hawk left, Roland continued his magic experiments.

When todays game time was over, Roland climbed out of the virtual cabin, and instead of going to the saber arts club today, he rested at home.

At around nine oclock, Rolands phone received a message.

With 7.2 million yuan credited to his bank account, he went to online banking and checked to make sure it was correct.

By all rights, he should be thrilled to have such a sum of money, but for some reason, his emotions didnt fluctuate much.

Of course, he was still happy.

Then he found his parents and showed them the balance on his mobile banking app.

Rolands parents were silent for a long, long time.