Mages Are Too Op Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Preparations

Although Kaka had quite a few shortcomings, like looking down on ordinary people and such

To Roland, he was still a pretty good friend.

"Can you tell me what you know about what happened?"

A little over ten days ago, Kaka had looked like he was confident in his victory, and the worst that could have happened then would have been nothing more than exile to a remote territory. Then, in the blink of an eye, he was hanged and burned at the stake?

The postman cleared his throat and said, "Im not sure of the details. I was only there for a day, but I heard that the Bards lost a lot of their interests and gave up Kaka, and thats what saved them."

Rolands fists unclenched slowly and his expression gradually returned to normal.

"Is there any other news worth mentioning?" "I got an epic-level quest." The postman thought it didnt seem appropriate to talk about it now, but after some thought, he said slowly, "Its about Kaka, do you want me to share it with you?"

Roland waved his hand. "I received it too, its called Kakas Revenge right?"

The postman nodded. "It seems that we can receive this quest whenever we come into contact with Kakas letter. Almighty Roland, will you complete this quest? If you will, will you take me with you?"

Roland looked at the opposite party, his expression a little strange.

It took a while before he slowly said, "No problem."

"This is the first time Ive received a real quest instead of a letter delivery quest." The postman laughed and said rather apologetically, "Besides, its also an epic-level quest, and Id like to get some experience and equipment anyway. Ive been wearing this outfit for half a year."

The postman did indeed look travel-worn and in dire straits, probably due to the fact that he was running through the wilds almost every


Roland laughed lightly and didnt say anything

Seeing Roland in this state, the postman got up and said, "Ill stay at an inn in this town, and if youre leaving, remember to call me."

Roland nodded in agreement.

When the postman left, it was quiet again in the study.

Roland stood quietly at the window, lost in thought. The setting sun outside the window was blood red, just like Rolands mood at this moment.

During dinner, Roland said to Vivian, "Im going to go to the capital again." "Going again?" Vivian, who was eating the cake, was a bit surprised. "Why, youve only been back here less than half a month."

"Kakas dead."

Vivian was stunned for a while before saying, "Thats so sudden."

"I have to find out whats going on."

"The Bard family is considered a great noble family in the capital, and even they couldnt protect Little Bard, so it wouldnt make much sense for you to go."

As Roland ate his cake, he said, "I am a Golden Son, and I have other companions."

"Just because you cant die doesnt mean you wont get hurt." Vivian looked seriously at Roland. "The capital is different from our city of Delponthe professionals there are stronger and more numerous. You have to be careful yourself."

Roland was a little surprised. "I thought you were trying to stop me."

"I know I cant stop you." Vivian shook her head and said, "Take White Amber with you this time. The magic pet is one half of a Mage, it can do a lot for you if its around."

Roland shook his head. "No, White Amber stays in the Magic Tower. Otherwise Ill be worried."

"Fine." Vivian sighed, feeling a bit depressed.

She thought Roland would be able to stay at the Magic Tower for a long while this time. She had worked up the courage to be more proactive, and then this happened. "When do you leave?"

Roland thought about it and said, "Theres no hurry. I guess Ill have to leave in ten days."

Vivian let out a sigh of relief.

It was still good to get along for a while.

Rolands reason for postponing his trip to the capital was simple: to learn Long-Distance Teleportation.

After dinner, he opened the model of this spell in the magic lab and felt a jarring headache as he looked at the densely packed nodes on it.

In the spellbook, there was already a pre-made magic power circulation route, outlined with a thin, light red line. It was reasonable to say that with this circulation roadmap, it should be quite easy. But this wasnt the case, because this route passed through more than three hundred nodes.

In contrast, the number of all the nodes in Language Proficiency, a more difficult spell to learn, was just over two hundred.

However, in Long-Distance Teleportation, there were more than three hundred nodes to pass through alone, and before that, one had to know where each node was, which meant that the spell model had to at least be memorized. Based on his previous learning experience, Roland felt that it might be a bit difficult for him to learn Long-Distance Teleportation in ten days.

But after actually attempting to learn it, he suddenly realized it didnt seem too difficult.

Did I get smarter?

Just as this thought came to his mind, he realized the real reason.

The Spatial Specialization specialty.

It reduced the difficulty of learning spatial magic and reduced the mental power and magic power exhaustion incurred when using spatial magic.

For the rest of the day, he invested all of his time and energy in learning the new spell.

He spent twenty-four hours in the magic lab, eating meals that Vivian had to bring over and not seeing anyone, including Hawk.

It took him four days to barely memorize the circulation routes of over three hundred nodes.

It took another four days to manage to run a complete simulation of over three hundred nodes at a time, and then he used mathematical models to infer and discover that one successful Long-Distance Teleportation could drain all of his magic power. This wasnt right. Long-Distance Teleportation could only be considered a level-four spell, it couldnt possibly consume that much. He had a full intelligence growth attribute allocation and a piece of equipment to increase his mana cap, and even though he was only at the Elite level now, the amount of mana he had should be about the same as an NPC Archmage, like Tobian the bear-like Mage, for example.

There was no reason why an Archmage would use Long-Distance Teleportation once and be drained of all mana.

So there was something wrong with this spell model.

It may have deliberately used routes that could successfully cast teleportation, but were more magically draining.

But this was just a guess, and it had to actually be cast successfully to determine if this guess was correct.

Leaving the Magic Tower, Roland went to the outskirts of the city and found an empty and uninhabited location.

Unlike other spells, the side effects of spatial magic were actually immense.

Teleportation was fine, as it was only low-level spatial magic and the distance of the leap was not much, at most a hundred or two hundred meters, causing very little spatial shock.

But Long-Distance Teleportation was different. Hundreds of kilometers, even thousands of kilometers of teleportation distance, caused a very, very strong spatial shockthe farther the distance, the stronger. If it was successfully cast, the spatial shock would calm instantly, but if it failed, the spatial shock set off would turn into a spatial tsunami, directly engulfing everything around it, dragging all matter within the area of influence into the void.

Therefore, Roland had to experiment in a deserted place, so in case of failure, the impact would be minimized.

After confirming that there were no sentient creatures within sight, Roland closed his eyes and concentrated.

Magic power gathered around him and soon condensed into tangible, blue streams of magic power that manifested around him one by one, turning into a magic cage and enveloping him.

Then Roland suddenly opened his eyes, and the streams of magic power around him faded away.

"This is" Roland frowned. "Directional Teleportation?"