Mages Are Too Op Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Antis Frustration

Antis expression immediately became strange, and he was silent for a moment before saying, "Follow me."

It was still that small house under the city gate, but this time there was an extra postman next to it.

Antis seemed to know the postman as well and nodded in greeting upon seeing him.

Sitting down inconveniently in his full body armor, Antis leaned back against the uneven wall, clasped his hands to his chest, and said slowly, "I knew youd come back when Little Bard screamed those words before he died because the only friend he had was you."

Roland stared into the other mans eyes and asked, "I thought you were a friend of his too."

"Just an acquaintance, not a friend."

"Youre still distantly related."

Upon hearing this, Antis laughed; not at Roland, but with a self-deprecating smile. "A distant relative is nothing; real family members are honey-mouthed and dagger-hearted. I didnt take advantage of the opportunity to strike him while he was down for my own gain, and thats more than kind enough."

It sounded very cold, unreasonable even, but in fact, it was quite fair.

Roland did develop the idea that Antis was already kind enough.

"How much do you know about why Kaka died?" Roland asked indifferently.

Antis delicate fingers pressed lightly against his pretty face as he pondered what to say and what not to say.

After a while, he looked up and said, "Little Bards death was the result of a struggle between the royal family and the Association of Mages. Thats all I can say; youll have to look into the details yourself. After all, Im also on the royal familys side, and there are some things that cant be said from my standpoint, at least not by me."

After speaking, Antis put his helmet back on, covering his sweet, charming face.

Then he walked outside and was about to leave the room when Rolands deep voice came from behind him.

"Thank you."

Antis paused for a moment before he slowly walked out.

The room quieted again, as the postman breathed and said in an incredulous tone, "It feels like a big show. The royal family, the Association of Mages, the queen, Little Bard, the outcast and thats just what we see on the surface. Its not even clear how many other families are involved privately. Just thinking about it, it gives the impression of a joint and coordinated palace drama."

"You think too highly of them." Roland got up and said disdainfully, "Its just a few families fighting over a bone and biting at each other like dogs."

The postman shrugged indifferently, not arguing.

He was well aware that Roland was in an extremely bad mood right now.

It sounded very much like Roland was in an incompetent rage and on a ranting tirade.

But he knew quite well that the man in front of him was the strongest of the Mage players. A single fireball could break down the gates of the city, and as a player, having the characteristic of immortality, it wasnt difficult for one person to stir up a sudden storm in the capital.

Now the postman had already made preparations for a live broadcast. He also often hung about in the forum, and the first two players who livestreamed Roland bombing the city gates each received more than 100,000 yuan in tips. This made him quite envious.

Now it was finally his turn.

Although he told Roland that he was to complete the epic quest, it was a small matter compared to the income from the livestream. Besides, now that he didnt have a letter delivery quest for the time being, it shouldnt be too much to follow Roland and gain popularity and some money.

Roland walked out of the room.

The postman followed, asking as he walked, "Now whats next?"

"Meeting up with friends."

Friends? The other members of F6?

The postmans eyes lit up. It had always been a secret how many F6 members there were: some said six, some said seven, and now the ones standing in the open were Roland, the strongest mage, and Schuck, the Red Dragon Knight.

The identities of the others were still a mystery, except the fact that there seemed to be a Rogue, a Berserker, and a Hunter?

Livestreaming now, there should be many watching to figure out their identities.

They walked down a few commercial streets to a tavern.

The plaque on the door of the tavern was a stallion, so the tavern was called the Wild Horse Tavern.

There were many red-faced drinkers inside. Most of them were professionals or people related to mercenaries.

In fact, there werent that many professionals in Hollevin at all. Many of the men just had the strength to learn some fighting skills, so they said they were professionals, such as swordsmen, battle axe fighters, and the like and reported to the Mercenary Guild.

The Mercenary Guild accepted everyone as long as one could cut down beasts and complete their tasksthey didnt bother with whether you were a professional or not. They were only responsible for issuing missions. Your life was your own burden, and if you thought yourself capable, go for it.

This was why the mercenary business was a mixed bag, with real professionals and a huge number of ordinary people.

Due to the extremely high mortality rate in this industry, most mercenaries lived in the moment.

When they had money, they gorged on meat, drank large bowls of wine, and got drunk with women in their arms.

When they didnt have money, theyd get down to business, carrying their longswords and axes and fighting hard for a living.

If they died, theyd be a set of white bones in a deserted suburb, but when they lived, they would continue with their previous life until the money was gone again.

Then it would be another cycle.

It sounded very romantic to look down on life and death, but in reality, this was a bunch of pitiful people.

They were insecure, they couldnt see a future, and they had to paralyze themselves in this way.

Over ninety-five percent of mercenaries didnt live to be fifty.

In this tavern, except for a few who were low-level professionals, the rest were ordinary people disguised as professionals.

They saw Roland in a magic robe and immediately calmed down.

Spellcasters were also known as "robed ones" among the physical professional mercenaries, and excluding the difference in social status, if there was a robed one in a team, then they would definitely be the core to be protected.

The spoils of war were picked first by the robed one, and when dividing the benefits, it was also the robed one who took more.

They knew very well that as long as there was a robed one in the team, the completion rate of the mission and the survival rate would skyrocket. After all, this was a world of magic, and many matters related to magic could only be settled by the robed ones.

This was why the robed ones had always been the hot cake of the adventuring teams.

But even so, robed ones rarely went out on adventures, rarely appearing in mercenary adventuring teams.

But now a robed one actually appeared in the Wild Horse Tavern. This tavern was the humble home of the Mercenary Guild, and many mercenary squads that were about to go on a mission liked to get drunk here before they left.

This was quite a rare sighting.

Did this robed one want to find a team to train his skills?

Immediately, someone was tempted to get up and try to invite the young robed one.

The chances were slim, but what if it worked?

However, after Roland entered the tavern, he didnt stop but went straight up to the second floor.

Sighs sounded, and then the tavern became noisy again.

Roland knocked on a door on the second floor.

A familiar voice came from inside. "Come in."

Roland pushed through the door and immediately saw a few of his friends.

But he looked around the room and asked, somewhat surprised, "Wheres Schuck?"

"The little dragoness doesnt like places with too many people, she thinks it stinks." It was Li Lin who spoke, shrugging his shoulders and saying helplessly, "So Schuck stayed with her outside the city. If we start making a move, hell fly right in on the red dragon for air support."