Mages Are Too Op Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Gifts Left Behind

Indeed, as a Dragon Knight, Schucks most logical method of attack was airstrike.

There werent many Mages who could fly, and even if they could, only an idiot with his brain caught in a door would engage in aerial combat with a dragon in the air.

And this dragon had a Saint Samurai riding on its back.

One had to know that Saint Samurai were an all-rounder class, capable of buffs, melee, and long-range damage-dealing, as well as healing spells.

Because of the dragon knight contract, the combined abilities of the human and the dragon were greater than individual skill.

Since the little dragoness didnt want to come in, so be it. It was fine if Schuck came.

Roland walked into the room and sat down, while the postman greeted sensibly, "Hello, brothers."

The members of F6 were regular readers of the forum. The postman was also a celebrity and they were all happy to see him. Brazil, in particular, jumped up and shook the postmans hand vigorously. "Oh damn, so its the brother postman, come come come, I most admire your perseverance. Im Brazil, a small Hunter, come along to drink and brag."

The postman was rather flattered.

Generally, small groups like this were more exclusive.

Rarely would there be such warm hospitality.

The others leaned in and struck up a conversation with the postman, especially Betta.

He was the youngest and was especially impressed with people of great determination.

About thirty percent of peoples enthusiasm was nothing more than polite courtesy. Only Betta was genuine.

Soon, the postman became acquainted with the F6 crowd.

While they were chatting, Husseret leaned in close to Roland and asked, "What happened, for you to call us all in such a hurry?"

In fact, the five of them were working on a rather troublesome quest that was in progress, and when they saw Rolands message, they didnt say anything and just interrupted the quest to come over.

Roland shared the quest Kakas Revenge.

Husseret looked at the golden words on the quest bar and was shocked. "Damn, an epic quest."

The other F6 guys also shifted their attention simultaneously.

They didnt know that Kaka and Roland were close.

An epic quest was not easy to find, and they were about to cheer and celebrate when they noticed Rolands expression wasnt quite right.

Facing the inquisitive gazes of his close friends, Roland slowly told them how it all happened.

The room was quiet after he finished speaking.

After a long while, Husseret stood up. "Im going to find out for you what caused Kaka to be hanged."

"Sorry to trouble you."

"Why are you being so polite, old friend?"

Husseret was a Rogue, naturally good at snooping around, and there was a Guild of Rogues in the capital, he was considered a mid-level person, there was still no problem in pulling out some news and information from the guild.

After Husseret went out, and after staying seated for a while, Roland also stood up, saying, "You guys drink first, Im going for a walk outside."

Betta and Li Lin and the others knew that Roland needed to be alone, so they didnt say much.

Walking down the street, the capital was still very lively.

In a population of two million, one or two people less had no effect at all. Kakas death might just cause a small commotion, providing the people of this city a little bit of a bedtime chat.

Roland had been walking aimlessly through the streets, but as he walked, he came to Kakas manor.

The ones in charge of guarding the gate were actually the same two guards, and they wore somewhat frightened expressions when they saw Roland.

After all, they also knew that Roland and Kaka were friends.

And now that Kaka was dead, they were afraid that Roland would take out his anger on them.

Roland walked over to the terrified pair of guards and asked, "Did someone help erect Kakas tomb after he died?"

"Yes, sir."

"Where is it?"

"The north corner of the citys western cemetery, its the newest one with the large tombstone."

Leaving the manor, Roland arrived in front of the gate of the citys west cemetery.

The environment here was very secluded. A huge grey stone wall enclosed the cemetery, and it was only accessible through a black iron gate.

The hunchbacked graveyard keeper sat in front of the iron gate, and when he heard the sound of footsteps, he didnt look up, only said in an indifferent tone, "You have to pay to enter the cemetery, three copper coins per person."

Roland didnt have any bronze coins, so he bent down and placed a silver coin in front of the graveyard keeper.

Seeing that it was actually a silver coin, the graveyard keeper looked up in surprise, and upon seeing Roland dressed in a magic robe, he gulped and immediately sat up straight, not daring to move. Only when Roland entered the cemetery and walked away did he reach out abruptly with his pale, gray, dark hand to quickly store the silver coin in his clothes.

Then he grinned slightly.

The cemetery was large, with mossy, grayish-black tombstones that had a harsh sheen.

A large tombstone at the north corner had the most glaring reflective luster.

Roland stood in front of this tombstone.

The top read "The Tomb of Kaka Bard," while the right side had his epitaph written on it.

"This was a young man who lived a very confusing life, unable to distinguish between friend and foe or good and bad. But he was still a good boy."

At this epitaph Roland frowned slightly.

It was noon. The direct sunlight hitting the earth was so hot that it made one feel as if they were in a fireplace, and the chirping of insects came from the surrounding trees.

The quiet cemetery seemed to be a small neighboring space separated from the rest of the world.

Roland was somewhat despondent. Just in the blink of an eye, a person who was alive and kicking in his memories was lying under a layer of mud. He had now truly realized what the saying "affairs of the world are inconstant" meant.

There were footsteps behind him. Roland turned back and saw a fat man slowly walking toward him.

It was Kakas second brother, Felwood.

"Isnt this epitaph interesting?" Felwood walked up to Roland, the two of them side by side. His voice was gentle, no longer arrogant and harsh like it had been some time ago. "I wrote it up."

"You wrote it?" Roland was surprised, then realized something. "Did you erect this tomb?"

"Kaka cant be placed in the family cemetery because he has offended both the royal family and the Association of Mages. If he were placed in the family cemetery, it would put the Bards on the back footwere in a treacherous environment as it is." Felwoods eyes, which seemed tiny because of his obesity, flashed with a trace of anger. "But I cant let my little brothers corpse dry out in the wilderness, so I had to find a plot of land for him here in the cemetery. In order to differentiate him from the commoners, I built his tomb big."

Roland didnt speak; he didnt know what to say.

Felwood stepped forward and gently touched the tombstone as if this would allow him to touch his brother. "When I heard you were back, I figured you might be here, and sure enough My brother said before he died that someone would avenge his death is it you?"

Roland remained silent.

"It doesnt matter if its you or not, the man is gone anyway." Felwoods little green eyes looked very seriously at Roland. "I dont know what you came back to the capital for, and I dont want to know, but there is a gift left for you in Kakas manor that Kaka cried and begged me to tell you about the day before he was hanged. Take this key and go receive your gift."

A bronze key was thrown into Rolands hand.

Felwood turned to leave.